Are you too Masculine or Yang? Take the 15 min quiz!


I admit that I am a woman who finds it VERY easy to be in “yang” mode. What is yang you say? Yang is the masculine energy, it’s logical, task-oriented, action heavy, active, harder, and more driven externalised energy. It loves lists, plans, organisation, and planning. It’s all about “giving”. It’s usually rushed…

Yin, on the other hand, is feminine energy. It is creative, intuitive, relaxed, reflective, quiet, open, softer, and earthy energy. It’s all about the “receiving”. To the guys reading this – you need to be balanced with yin & yang too so take the quiz to see if you need a bit more creative power to add to the muscle!

It’s great to have a balance of both in equal measures, but most women I know have a massive supply of YANG – giving to children, partners, work, housework, planning, and finances! Ahhhh. When does it stop and take a rest? If you are overtly yang, you lose your ability to tap into that beautiful God or Goddess within and find peace and relaxation.


Circle the appropriate response (A, B, C or D) and then add up your score with the numbers below them.
A= Rarely  B = Sometimes  C = Often  D = Always

1. Do you live your life by “to do” lists and always revise and review what tasks you need to accomplish?
A       B     C     D
1        2      3     4

2. Do you make time weekly for creative pursuits – whether that be art, dancing, singing, painting, gardening, designing, crafts, writing, cooking up special dishes, renovating, art galleries? etc.
A       B      C      D
4        3        2      1

3. Do you connect regularly with nature and really feel the energy and healing properties of trees, animals and flowers?
A       B       C      D
4       3        2       1

4. Do you allow others or ask others to give support and help to you?
A        B      C       D
4        3       2       1

5. Do you put aside time to be quiet and reflective within – such as meditating, sitting in a park, creative visualizing or daydreaming?
A        B       C       D
4        3         2       1

6. Do you feel patient, calm, and serene whilst interacting in public?
A        B       C      D
4        3        2       1

7. Do you get frustrated in queues and traffic thinking about your time getting wasted?
A        B       C      D
1         2        3      4

8. Do you have cycles in your working life where you drop back the intensity a bit and take it easy to recoup your strength and energy?
A       B        C      D
4       3         2       1

9.  Do you over-give time and energy to others so that you run yourself down?
A        B       C        D
1         2       3         4

10. Do you put yourself and your time and energy first in all relationships (whether lovers, friend, children)?
A        B       C      D
4        3        2       1

11. How often do you creatively express yourself in the world?
A       B       C       D
4       3        2       1

12. Are you always shouting your friends' or colleagues' coffees or lunches?
A       B      C      D
1        2       3      4

13. Do you always go out of your way to thank people for support such as buying gifts, thank you cards, or trying to “repay” the favour?
A       B      C      D
1        2      3       4

14. How often do you treat yourself to a pampering session – massage, facial, healing, weekend away, pedicure, etc.?
A        B       C       D
4         3       2        1

15. Do you have relationships with people that seem to “take” from you and never give?
A        B      C      D
1         2       3      4

16.  When a conflict arises in your life, do you ever look within to see why you are attracting this experience in your life?
A        B       C      D
4        3        2       1

17.  Do your friends and colleagues ever describe you as an “earth mother” or Goddess or if you are male – an emotionally open and nurturing type of guy?
A       B      C      D
4       3       2       1

18.  Do you take a day off work or life when you are going through a difficult or rough patch?
A       B      C      D 4       3       2      1

19. Do you listen to your body and ask it what’s wrong when you have an ache or pain or illness?
A       B      C       D
4       3       2       1

20.  Do you go straight to the doctor for medicine as soon as your body becomes ill or sick because there’s no time to slow down?
A       B       C      D
1        2        3      4

For all of your questions, take note of the answer (A, B, C, or D) and use the number system to work out your total score. Then read the range you fall in.

20 – 40 You have a great balance of yin energy and understand what it means to nurture yourself. Well done! Look at the above questions and any scores that are 3 or 4 – you could try working on that area of your life to ensure you have complete balance. If you only had 1 or 2 scores (hence in 20’s) – well done Earth God/Goddess!
Keep going with your strategy and you have my 100% approval.

40 – 60 You are probably a bit too yang in your energy and need to do a little work to address this imbalance. Think through your day-to-day habits and mental thoughts. Is there room for a bit of flow and relaxation? What might you tweak to make all the difference? Work out what “hard” structures you might have in place and try pulling a few down. It might seem a little challenging at first but look at those questions you scored a 3 or 4 on and work out what habits you can create to bring them back to a 2 or 1. These might include more fun, friend connections, pampering to self, and taking on a creative (right brain activity) like painting or music.

60 – 80 You’re a yang expert!! You probably don’t understand your feminine side and are too busy working away to notice what that even means! You probably don’t know how to relax and have some fun. You need a good reboot of yin – which means you have some big work to do to balance the scales. Forget working on some life habits and tweaking your schedule – you need to lose yourself in the yin aspects of life for a good few months to come back to balance and wellbeing.

Try doing some Sacral Chakra activities (contact me for a list of them to get you into a better balance. They will most likely feel foreign to you. Good! That means you need them.


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