Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing


It is based on the ancient Aboriginal knowledge of Dreamtime healing and universal laws. We discover that any issue in your life (or what’s affecting you) might have been triggered in this life, but the very first cause comes from either a past life or your genetic line with the Aboriginal Dreamtime understanding. Ever arrived somewhere new and found it intensely familiar? Or wondered why recurrent themes play out in your life? We unconsciously carry forward ‘memories’ of our experiences, attitudes, and relationships, both pleasant and traumatic, from previous lifetimes to the present ones. These “memories” can also come down the genetic line from your ancestors. Just like genetic disease can be passed down the family tree, science has now proven (what the Aboriginals have known for thousands of years) that emotional trauma can also be passed down (called epigenetics) and be affecting you in your life today. Wherever or whenever this trauma or effect comes from, it forms its own consciousness (it's neither wrong or right, it just is), and if it is created in traumatic or negative circumstances, that energy will be captured in that dimension of time (Cellular memory, etc).

This energy consciousness will now try and survive by attracting more of the same energy (which will be more similar negative experiences to how and when it was created) therefore attracting more negative experiences into your life today and your future lifetimes, until you clear it.

“Have you ever wondered why the same kind of negative patterns or experiences keep repeating in your life no matter how hard you try”?

A man by his very act of thinking, through his Dreamtime and through his created thoughts, manifests an internal universe into a created reality. The universe allows man to create anything he wants to experience, it does not judge, it does not blame, it does not create guilt, but it does have laws. The laws of LORE are that man is responsible for his thought, word, deed, and action and whatever you create, you in return must experience that yourself in a lifetime – and only by you experiencing that will you ever understand the experience as the giver and receiver, which in turn keeps the balance. For example, someone who has spent a lifetime being angry towards someone will have the opportunity in another lifetime to experience being the victim of such negative behavior. We keep reincarnating to learn specific lessons, such as patience, non-violence, and charity. All of our actions create consequences that must be eventually dealt with.

As the universe is based on balance, there will always be an equal opposite. Western man internalizes his thoughts, his feelings, and his dreams, whereas the original Australian Aboriginal would externalize his thoughts, his feelings, and his dreams, through his dance and through his songs. Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing allows your spirit to go back to the cause of the imbalance or effect and learn the lessons and release/externalize any trauma so the need to keep learning the karmic lesson is done and you can move on.

The Australian Aboriginal recognized that every living thing is alive, a tree, water, rocks, animals, or an area/land, and all living things have a life force; known as a spirit, (this is different from the soul) and can be stuck in cycles of trauma from its past, just as the Soul can be stuck in the genetic cellular memory trauma of the ancestors, beliefs, programs and experiences through time and both can be communicated with, but only your spirit knows, how, where, when and why any created reality was created and can assist you to access and enfold space-time upon those dimensions of time.

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