Clarity is Power


This is one of my favourite sayings. But what is clarity really?

Clarity is not just knowing your decisions, it is knowing that your decision rezinates directly with your SOUL. Aha.

So the question is:

Do you know your soul?

Do you know who YOU are?

The clearer you can get on who you are, what brings you into power and what your purpose is in the world – the easier decisions become.

Your life decisions simply fall into two categories. This decision HONOURS me. Or. This decision DOESN'T honour me.

Once you get clear, you fall into power and it feels pretty fantastic. So the million-dollar question is this: 

How do you get clear on who you are so ALL your decisions simply fall out easily and for your best good?

Below are 4 simple steps I use in my coaching sessions to help people know thyself a bit better.

Steps to understanding who you are: 

  1. Make a list of all your positive characteristics. i.e. when you are feeling confident, inflow and centred – what qualities do you show?
    Are you relaxed, calm, enthusiastic, passionate, kind, honest, loving, adventurous, fun, cheeky, analytical etc. Make sure you list at least 20!
    Yes, you are allowed to admire yourself for a few seconds and fess up to how good you are.

  2. Choose 5 words that describe how you best like to communicate to the world. What is your unique style? Are you open, direct, aware, considerate, passionate, gentle, soft, engaging or loud? This should describe how you prefer to speak with people. Don’t think I am “xx” way at work and “xx” way at home.
    They should be the same! What is your natural style?

  3. Write down 10 things/ people that put you IN POWER. That means they energise you and you feel good doing it. This could be yoga, swimming, sunshine, good sleep, pets/animals, a good friend, family members (or not!), certain foods, adventures, activities, cooking, gardening, painting or simply eating out at a great restaurant!

  4. Write down 10 things that put you OUT of POWER  i.e. things/people that drain you. This could include poor sleep, sugar, that annoying neighbour or family member, old friends that don’t honour you anymore, admin tasks, taxes and accounting, conflict with others, your workplace or certain people at work.

What you are looking for is to understand what YOU are about, how YOU like to communicate and what are the things YOU love doing vs. things that drain you. 

HOT TIP: Do more of the IN POWER stuff. It will bring you back into your centre and help you get clarity. Then, decisions come to a lot easier. Hence, clarity is power. 

Got anything to add to this?

Love to hear your thoughts,
Debbie Pask



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