Numerology for 2023

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So every year, the year adds up to be a specific number in numerology, and that gives us the flavour of what the year ahead holds. 2023 adds up to the number seven. Let's unpack what the number seven means in terms of how you can experience 2023 and what to think about in terms of numerology.

Let's break down the idea of 7.  7 stands for Spirituality. It stands for truth, ethics, integrity, trust, and faith. It's all about being in a spiritual circle somewhat, and as well as holding a resonance of deep integrity. So, the question would be, how can you become more into your own integrity in 2023? That is really the theme of the year.

There's actually two little themes. The first one is INTEGRITY, and the second one is CREATIVITY.

Let's talk about integrity first. 

How can you be more in integrity in 2023?

Well, let's discuss four questions that you could ask yourself (to reflect on) to get more in your own authenticity and integrity:

QUESTION 1 What are you tolerating in your life that you shouldn't be? Jobs, situations, habits, where you're living. It's about a little bit of an audit on your life around where you're out of alignment with what matters to you and what's important.

QUESTION 2 Who are you out of integrity with, or who are you tolerating that you shouldn't be? That's more around relationships, connections, friends, family, lovers, work colleagues. Who are you hanging around that you shouldn't be? And let's start cleaning up what's out of integrity with who and what you are and what you stand for. It doesn't mean that you dump all your friends, it just means that you get clear and you prioritise your time with the people that are aligned and matter to you the most. So that means no obligations and no people-pleasing.

QUESTION 3 Where are you glossing over in life that you're making excuses? So it might be your exercise, or it might be your beliefs, or it might be your habits, or it might be you're pretending that something's not worrying you when it is. So it might be where are you needing to reach a little deeper into your faith, into yourself, into your truth and really establish at a deeper layer what is your truth and where do you need to sort of go deeper and deep dive that you may have been avoiding in your life.

QUESTION 4 Name one big BHAG, which is B-H-A-G, 'big hairy audacious goal' that you're going to 1000% commit to in 2023. So set something that's really powerful and really strong, and really deep dive and be switched in and tuned in to what's really going to be a game changer for you 2023, which brings me to my second part.

We discuss secondly being Creativity. 

So 2023 is the year. We have the double two which is intuitive and all about partnership and collaboration, but I'm really focusing and feeling drawn to focusing on the three which is the last digit of the year, and that stands for, in numerology, the number of creativity, the number of really daring to take some risks and to tune in to your X factor. 

The second part of this would be to work out where you can be the most creative. Whereabouts in life? Work, home, family, relationships, fitness. Where can you be more creative and more real to your natural gifts and talents to get more traction? So trying to ply your natural talents and gifts and creativity to those areas of your life and see where you can stretch yourself to have more fun, more enjoyment, and be a bit more dynamic, outside of the box.

That's the 2023 questions to ask yourself and thoughts to consider as you enter this lovely new year.

Good luck.

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Elaine Ghali

A big fat juicy, thank you for the Numerology for 2023, the overview, and the questions to embrace. My personal year is also a 7 so I am taking the information to heart and intend to dig deep, live well and act wisely. Thank you, Deb and James. May your 2023 unfold in surprising and delightful ways that bring growth, joy, and adventure. 

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