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How do we best explain Yin and Yang outside of the Chinese medicine association?

Yin and Yang. Night and Day. Feminine and Masculine. Reflection and Action. Inner and Outer. Shadow and Light. Intuition and Logic.

Most people think Yin and Yang relate to the body and health, which they do of course, but there is so much more to this ancient concept.

The earliest reference to Yin and Yang is in the I Ching3 (Book of Changes) in approximately 700 BC China and mankind has been working with the concept for many thousands of years. In Stephen Karcher’s book on the ‘I Ching’, he summarises pretty articulately about how to work with the Yin and Yang.

He says that certain times and situations call on you to be great/strong (Yang) and to direct your will and act. Great Yang people do this consistently and thus acquire good influence and personal power. Yet other times and situations require that you adapt and let go (Yin) – choosing not to impose your will and to just sit and be with the situation.

The key to mastering your life is to find that intricate oscillation between Yin and Yang, reflection and action.

What is the definition of Yin and Yang?

Yin is more about sitting within and finding your inner sanctuary. Yin energy reflects inwardly to the body and senses emotions and feelings. It is sensitive and intuitive. Yin is very nurturing and is closely associated with feminine energy. Women who are very Yin-oriented can sometimes find Yang energy too dominant. On the other hand, men can find it difficult to approach someone with high Yin energy – as it feels ‘weaker’ or shadowy (challenging) to them and harder to interpret. Bold outward action is more comfortable for high Yang energy people. Yin energy does not feel practical or tangible or purposeful. Yin energy is highly creative and utilised best in problem-solving, design and culture. In life, however, both approaches are necessary and if you can understand and lead with both, you are in good stead.

Yang is masculine; it’s more logical and rational and projects energy outwards. It is about extending outside of the body and it likes to act/do. This can feel dominating at times for someone with strong Yin energy.  Men often project themselves in a Yang style as it feels natural. It’s a driving, forceful and action-oriented energy.  People with high Yang energy (and that can be either sex by the way) can sometimes fail to properly interpret more subtle or emotive messages that are expressed from high Yin people. They are not used to looking beneath the surface of any communication and body language. These high Yang people usually project their energy and body outwards, sometimes totally bypassing the deeper softer messages being conveyed.

As a result of being outwards, the energy is always turned up and giving or projecting forward. Yang people always have a ‘to do’ list or a set of goals to achieve and can often crush people in their way.

Let’s have a look at the key aspects of Yin and Yang in a simple comparative table, so that you truly understand the difference. Don’t make the mistake of thinking men are all Yang and women are Yin. I know many Yang-oriented women who suppress their feminine instincts by trying to exist in the masculine world of business for example. I also know Yin-oriented men who cannot finish any projects to save their life! If both sexes can understand how positive and powerful it is to have both qualities in balance, life in general would be so much easier.

Read this list below from left to right so you can see the corresponding and opposite quality of Yin and Yang.

divine feminine aspects (silver)

divine masculine aspects (gold)





Receiving energy

Giving energy













Death (of old)

Rebirth (of new)








Goals/Project plans













Spending time in ‘Yin’ mode is the key to filling up with energy and finding that deep place of Zenfulness. When you are Zenful, life flows, creativity and vision manifest and your time is more productive and effective. Whilst Yang can feel energising, it ultimately will take energy from you if you over-drive it. Most burnouts can be pinned back to over-spinning Yang activities and failing to give value to mindfulness.

Why do you need this strategy of Yin and Yang balance?

  • You NEED to stay balanced and energised, otherwise you will suck the life out of your wellbeing. Yang is action and Yin is recovery.
  • You create real leverage when you start playing the Yin and Yang game.
  • Opportunities flow effortlessly and everything around you becomes abundant when you understand the flow of energy inwards (Yin). Yin is receiving and Yang is giving. Getting into Yin mode brings opportunities to you.
  • Yin keeps you connected to the passionate and fun side of life.

Mastery of Yin and Yang occurs when you are so tuned in, that you easily flip between the two spaces within minutes and can consciously be aware of that tipping point of change.

In work life balance, Yin and Yang is very important to achieve equilibrium in your life. Please see the table below which outlines the flow and will help you understand and achieve that balance.


On conclusion, ask yourself, how connected to the Yin are you? What about the Yang? Do you translate your ideas into actions easily? Do you have a good balance of Yin and Yang? Your answers above should have given you some clues.

If you would like to read more about Yin and Yang there is an entire chapter on this work life balance concept in my book Zenful Business’ 

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