The True Meaning of Mother’s Day


What does Mother’s Day really mean? Gifts and lunches out are wonderful, but there is way more to it…. If you are celebrating Mother’s Day, it means you have reached the “Double Goddess” stage. Well done!

There are three main energetic phases in a woman’s life:

1. Goddess (young girl no children)

2. Double Goddess (Mother)

3. Triple Goddess (Grandmother/wise sage).


The Double Goddess energy means that you have reached a place where unconditional love and patience is required for the beautiful soul you have given birth to. It also means a whole lot more… Your feminine energy is enhanced and your intuitive female skills are on full alert for the protection of those around you. It means you are switched on to a new way of thinking, feeling and reacting. Whilst it is important for you to honour that achievement with wonderful gifts and treats from your family, the material gifting on Mother’s Day is just the tip of the iceberg. It is simply impossible to recognize through a gift and card the HUGE energetic impact and role a Mother has in the life of her family.

In Buddhist philosophy the theory is that when you are contributing towards the happiness of another – that is true and real happiness. That true fulfillment is when you are assisting another on their path. The BIG question! How can a Mother REALLY and properly celebrate Mother’s Day to the extent that it is warranted? Mum’s; try these probing questions and you will see how wonderful and how impactful you are on the lives of those around you. This will give you a gift like none other.

Q1. What do you (as a Mum) inspire in those around you? E.g. what gift do you regularly impart to your loved one/s?

Q2. Choose 3 – 5 people in your life that you regularly nurture with your Double Goddess Energy. You might choose your children, lover, sister, brother or friend. Think about what these people would say about you and how they would describe you? What have you done over this last year that has helped push them in the direction of their life path or confidence?

Q3. Your child’s Spirit selected you as the parent they needed and contracted themselves to you in this lifetime. That means that their soul needed your gifts, your insight and your lessons to fulfill their life journey. Have a think about why they needed you and why they chose you? It’s obvious once you think about it. Remember that the harmony and the conflict that you may have with your children are both catalysts for a wonderful change. So if you have tricky children, remember they need this “difficulty” to learn a valuable life lesson.

If you can reflect on these questions, you will indeed have a rich Mother’s Day that truly highlights your contribution and the gifts you bring into the world. After all, mankind is most truly fulfilled when he or she is making others happy and considering this is a large part of your job description – you are fulfilling this every day. Allow these thoughts to the surface when you are sitting at lunch having a glass of wine and smiling secretly to yourself at the amazing Double Goddess you are. Happy Mother’s Day in May!

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