Earthing: A New Way to Heal


Take paper and pen with you to a natural earthy landscape such as the beach, park, mountains, or anywhere you can touch the earth directly with your skin.

The therapeutic benefits of Earthing (standing barefoot on soil) are amazing.

When you feel anchored into the Earth, think about all of the things in your life that are toxic or simply not suited to you anymore.

A question I like to ask is this:

What brings you IN power (energetically juices you)?
What brings you OUT of power (energetically toxifies you)?

Divide your page into two columns and literally name all of the things that you want to bring in versus out.

Things that bring me IN POWER are exercise, meditation, swimming in the ocean, my great friends (Bec, Claudia and Avril), jigsaw puzzles, horse riding, oracle cards and Reiki healings.

What is your list?
Get clear on this and choose also to write down things to let go of.

For me, that includes judgment, eating food with sugar in it, working too hard and certain people that energetically drain me.

When you have finished your list, burn the things you need to let go of and stretch your body at the same time – feel the creaks in your body release and allow that excess energy to go into the Earth for healing.

When you engage your senses with the Earth you emotionally & physically digest and let go of toxins. 

Know that you always get to choose the experiences that come into your life and honour all lessons you have learned. Your life is but a mirror of your feelings and thoughts.

How long has it been since you connected to your TRUE NATURE?

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