How To Master Work-Life Balance?



It seems the more ambitious you are in business, the messier your personal life can get. True statement? Yes, it is. If you fail to have a serious strategy in place to master the art of work-life balance. There is nothing wrong with being a passionate executive or business owner. In fact, I am one of them and often review my strategies to make sure I am on track with personal well-being and work-life balance. And even if you are not work-focused, if you are working to make money in any form, these ideas still apply to you.

My top tips for shifting your mindset around work-life balance so you stay healthy

You are the creative hub at the center of your world. That means work is a creative expression of you. Your friends and social connections are also a creative expression of you. So are you children, your partner, the way your dress, your hobbies, and your health. Remember to stay in the center of your world and not let any of those external things above GROW BIGGER THAN YOU. You are always bigger than your work, so if you are spending all day and night there or it is chewing up your spare time in thoughts, stress, worry or tightness - then it has become your master. Time to change the power balance.

Remember to spend time between an ‘intuitive or creative’ state and a ‘logical’ state at work.

The reason we often find it hard to find our work-life balance is not just because our job might consume our time and hours – it is because we are addicted to ONE type of output state – deliver, deliver, and over-deliver. The ‘logical’ state. We run on achievements, ticking our task list off and smashing through the churn. To have any kind of flow state – we need to balance those high energy outputs with creative thinking time, intuitive dream states and more of a connecting social feeling. Doing is a great option. We need to do what performance athletes do and take recovery times in between high output frenzy states. This allows us to recoup energy, and give us the fuel and power to sprint our race tomorrow. We become more productive this way. Those intuitive states allow us to feel a whole lot more balanced. Our work-life balance evens out when we apply this concept.

Add Meaning, Heart, and Purpose to your working life.

If you don’t have a heart connected purpose to what you are doing, then you are definitely losing the race... When we connect properly our ideas and vision – with the heart and blueprint we have within us, it seems our energy increases and we aren’t then just investing time in a ‘JOB’ but more in a life purpose or deeper life contribution. This not only revives the heart but we feel more fulfilled in several areas of life and hence we are not out of balance with our career or work. Our work-life balance remains intact, at least somewhat. You can see these mindset shifts create a better work-life balance mentality overall. Have a think about your individual situation and see what you can do about creating a better work-life balance state.

Watch the video below, the one I mention about transitioning from work to home life is a common issue people tell me they have.


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