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"Hey, I am Debbie Pask, and I have made it my life passion to work with people through big life transitions, building confidence and finding their own personal flow and inner wisdom.

My coaching session is a mix of Mindset Coaching, Performance Coaching, and Intuitive Coaching, ensuring your HEAD (thinking and strategic mind), your HEART (feeling and spirit mind) and your HANDS (action) are all aligned and working together for increased self-confidence, spiritual health, and a peaceful mind."


"A good coach can change a game. A great coach change a life.”

– John Wooden


We live in a time of expanding consciousness and we know now, more than ever, that there is more to us than just the MIND and BODY. We have a powerful SPIRIT or ENERGY that runs through us, affecting our consciousness, mindset, intuitive performance, and metaphysical well-being.

We have the tools that can photograph this internal electricity, which can help us harness it and use it for spirit energy and mental clarity. Considering our very DNA is changing as the sun gets closer to the Earth, there are a number of ways we can act to for exceptional performance and to find a deeper understanding of our life path.



  • Build your personal brand and values and open up your consciousness.
  • Find out what brings you to balance, your ‘point zero’, and a positive mindset.
  • Understand your personal gifts (intuitive thinking and inner wisdom) and shadows (inner critic and over-thinking).
  • Learn how to be authentic in the world through spiritual transformation and mindfulness training.


  • Work on your ‘Personal Blueprint’ provided by your coach and translate that into a career.
  • Clarify your personal vision with a personal coach. You can also clarify your professional development with business coaching (with Debbie Pask).
  • Find out what makes your heart thrive, sparks your spiritual energy, and boosts your self-confidence.
  • Know what impact the transformation can have on your life.


  • Identify your personal mindfulness strategies for consciousness awareness and mind/heart/spirit/body balance.
  • Learn the ‘art of Yin and Yang balance’ and how to maintain a peaceful mindset.
  • Optimise your overall performance and productive flow.
  • Work through big life challenges  with a coach who enables you to develop your metaphysical intelligence to silence your inner critic, remove mental blocks, and enhance mental clarity.

"A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you always knew you could be."

–Tom Landry

  • Rezinate

    “Debbie is a gifted spiritual healer. She has an immense passion and insight when delivering workshops and healings. She is warm, giving and loving and has an amazing gift for making the world a better place.”

    Counselor and Psychotherapist

  • Rezinate

    “A beautiful, intuitive, supportive spirit is Debbie Pask but what turned me on to her was the fact that she has a deep understanding through her own life experience of the highest highs of the corporate environment to goddess, in the spiritual realm. Whilst her courses assist you in finding your own inner guidance.”

  • Rezinate

    “Beautiful space and incredible healing abilities. Such a great experience, thank you.”


  • Rezinate

    “Had a fabulous healing with Debbie, as was holding onto some past events & not feeling balanced.
    I’m feeling clearer more focused on myself and my direction. Love the home work Debbie gives you and information in the healing. It all really makes sense and easy to shift.
    Thank you. I’ll be back for more 🍒”


  • Rezinate

    “I went to see Debbie from Rezinate after being recommended by my partner. Having recently started a new business and finally doing something in line with my life purpose, I needed some clarity on where I should be spending my time and energy as I was experiencing a lot of overwhelm and struggling to keep on top of things. I come into a lot of coaches in my line of work but I instantly felt there was something different about Debbie. She is a great understander of people and business and gave me some practical solutions which were very easy to apply. I additionally received a healing which was quite an experience in itself. I still feel great, several months later, energized and on target.

    Thanks Debbie, you rock!”


  • Rezinate

    “I am in the process of setting up my own business and I felt confused, and I was floundering. I did not know where to start. Debbie completely understood what my challenges were, helped me identify my ideal clients, how I am best to support them and how I would market myself to them. After my session with Debbie I felt clear on what I needed to do.

    Most importantly Debbie just understood me and what I needed. I am looking forward to more sessions in the future because what I walked away with from that one session, I can only describe as phenomenal. Debbie is a rare find.

    I truly cannot thank you enough. You really helped me immensely and I plan to book in again soon.”

  • Rezinate

    “I recently had an in person healing session with Debbie. It was a beautiful, gentle and insightful experience. I felt held and supported throughout the session and was able to relax deeply which facilitated ongoing healing.”

  • Rezinate

    “I have spent over a year now working with Rezinate.
    Debbie is both my business and personal coach and has helped me align my mind and spirit with my life purpose. I have received incredible business metaphysics and mindset advice in our private sessions as well as throughout Debbie’s ‘Spiritual Business Masterminds’ course. Every healing session has bought massive change and personal growth with more focus, direction and flow. ”



These powerful personal and business coaching packages
are designed for people to find a deep balance of inner strength and a clear sense of self.



Big Life Transition or Challenge

A Package of 3 Coaching Sessions with Debbie to work through a major life difficulty.

Some of life’s biggest challenges and transitions include:

  • relationship breakups
  • personal illness or the illness of someone you love
  • losing your job or major career transitions
  • moving to a new house, city, or country
  • getting married
  • having children
  • the death of a loved one

You can book weekly sessions with Debbie as a personal coach for support through these challenges. She’ll provide you with the reflection tools you need to really transform how you think, feel, and what actions you take daily.

The package includes the sessions with Debbie, as well as a weekly activity to alleviate stress, increase mindfulness, and stop overthinking every little thing.

Debbie will also email some bonus tools to get you over the hump.

COST for the package is $699 


Life Purpose or Career Transition

A package of 3 Coaching Sessions over 6 weeks or longer with Debbie to work through your personal blueprint, your X-factor, and career transitions or business ideas.

These coaching sessions will give you the clarity you need to apply your heart’s passion, alongside your natural skills and work experience to forge a new path. You will be provided with a life purpose process chart, personal brand, blueprint and marketing tools, plus an action plan, including intuitive development, to really master your next steps on your life path and career.

Fortnightly sessions provide the support and reflection you need to step into your purpose.

COST for the package is $647


Building Confidence and a Strong Sense of Self

A package of 3 Coaching Sessions to establish who and what you are in this reality – consciousness awareness.

Knowing what you stand for, how you think, what matters most to you, and what hinders you is powerful information. Get to know your personal essence deeply through Debbie’s identity and personal brand tools for career and personal spiritual development.

The sessions will help you to hold your shape, to stay centered, to overcome insecurity, and to know how to come home when you are stressed or pressured by other people.

COST for the package is $647

Spiritual Coaching Course Training


Advance Your Metaphysical Skills | Learn Timeless Wisdom and Deliver Better Healing Sessions