10 Ways to be Conscious

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 Are you living a conscious life? What does it mean to be conscious in today’s world? Here are 10 ways to start your journey of consciousnessEnjoy!

  1. AWARENESS: Your life is a mirror. Everything that happens is a reflection of what is going on inside. You manifest your reality so when a life challenge arises, you must look at the part you play in bringing that about.

  2. COMPASSION: It's the opposite of judgment. Hold everything with love and care- just don't take on anyone else's crap. It's very different to sympathy or empathy which deals with right or wrong, good or bad, or someone's perspective. You can only really look with one set of eyes... yours. Make them compassionate.

  3. NO TOLERANCE TO CRUELTY: That means factory farming, emotional abuse, ruining the earth we live on, and the biggest of all... cruelty to the SELF through judgment, guilt, and driving yourself too hard.

  4. ASKING PEOPLE QUESTIONS: Connection is a two-way thing. Giving and receiving equally and taking time to ask questions about others is important. I have been to many social events where someone is quite willing (all night) to talk about themselves and only themselves. That is not a conscious person.

  5. LIFE PURPOSE: Finding the unique reasons as to why you are here is the most interesting thing you can do. We are all here for a reason so finding that out is the key to awakening your inner Spirit.

  6. CONNECTION TO NATURE: This expands our intuition and energy like nothing else. Truly being aware of the sights, sounds (just stop for a moment in the rainforest and listen to it come alive) and smells of Mother Earth is a seriously delicious experience. We realize how connected everything is once we do this basic practice. (Check the Your True Nature Retreat)

  7. SELF-DEVELOPMENT: Reflecting and doing work on yourself is a habit that should never end. You are never too old to learn new things and expand yourself. Whether it's physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual development; make this a lifetime habit.

  8. SOVEREIGNTY: Never doubt that you are the master of your own self. Nothing and nobody is more powerful than you or has the right to dominate your path. Know your rights - legally, emotionally, physically, financially, and more. Your ego may feel small but your Spirit is not.

  9. FIND WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY: It is a conscious person who seeks out ways to find their own personal happiness. Define what happiness means to you and chase it 'til you can run no more. Happiness to me is the sunshine, beach, free time, nature, meditation, animals, cool music and not working so hard. Free time is my happiness.

  10. MATERIALISM: It's time to let that go. I don't suggest living on the street but really... do we need that second flat-screen TV, that Gucci handbag or those designed label dresses to make us fulfilled? 

Energy is the new currency; not things. People over products. I'm not saying don't ever indulge, but if you are chasing money over anything else to buy these things, you need a serious course correction. 

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