Time to Take Your Power Back

by James Pask

As this year gets a role on, all I can feel is a mix of excitement at how far we have come but also wonder and amazement at our unexpressed potential. I feel that individually and collectively we have a vast reservoir of untapped talent, love, empathy, and power.

There are so many messages out there asking you to awaken – it’s on YouTube videos, Facebook posts, books, and documentaries saying each year is a time for a change. But as each year passes by and the issues in our own lives and that of the world still bear down on us, we wonder if it’s ever going to happen. Will there ever be a time when governments and corporations put people, animals, and the planet ahead of greed, power, and profits?

I know as the year flew by without the big change we were all hoping for, a lot of people have lost hope. But the time to awaken to who and what we really are has come already … no more dancing around the edges, we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the good guys, we are Gods/Goddesses IN AMNESIA. We are part of all that is, was, or ever will be.

Infinite creation or source energy having an experience in a physical body.

Previously, we have given our power away to things outside of ourselves, both physically to governments and corporations and metaphysically to “so-called” more enlightened beings or gurus...how is that working out for us?

It’s time to awaken to who and what we are and play our roles individually and collectively to make the changes in our lives and in the world. It is time to honour your “god/goddess self” and that of others around you, to take our power back from governments and corporations and so-called enlightened beings and to realize we are it, the good guys, the calvary, the backup…time to save ourselves and this beautiful planet that graciously gave us this space to learn, grow, evolve and rediscover who and what we are.

You have chosen to be here at this time and on this planet. We have all the resources needed to make these positive changes for ourselves and the world around us.

How can you start this process?

1. Start praying to your own spirit, god/goddess-self within you and ask it for guidance or help

2. Meditate each day – in whatever way suits you best

3. Have crystals on or around you, these gems have been with our earth mother for a very long time and will aid you on your journey in many ways

4. Use essential oils in your life, the lifeblood of planets to help you heal and awaken your senses…

5. Invoke your power and make changes to the world by investing every dollar in companies and products that are doing good things for the world (use an app called buycott to help you know who and what you are really purchasing)

6. Get out in nature as much as possible, even in your busy day at the office if you can only manage a few mins to get outside and touch a tree, do it and have a moments of serenity

7. Keep working on yourself and healing you, every time you do, you help heal the world

8. Connect with like-minded, conscious individuals and discuss and share ideas etc.

9. Free your body, mind, and spirit from a lot of foodless foods and lifeless drinks, toxic products, and tainted news and get informed. For in truth, comes freedom and empowerment

10. Be the change you wish to see in the world, lead by example and dare to be different and authentic to yourself

I honour you and see you as what you are …spirit. I will help you on your journey any way I can and I will be bringing out tools, meditations, self-healing techniques, and online study this year to help us all on our journey within…..incension!!!

In peace and love, 


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