Spirituality: If You Are Not Into Church or Hippy Love


Loads of clients tell me they feel that sense of disconnection and loneliness in life, even though living in a busy city. They have a great job, great friends and family, and big social outlets. So why is there a sense of uneasiness and emptiness that permeates through us when we stop for a second to reflect on life?

I have an inkling of what this might be…

In the old days, most of us had a connection to the church or some sort of religion. Some people still feel this connection and therefore have a sense of spiritual faith and connection to a greater spiritual code or field. If their families are involved, it adds a greater connection.

However, what about those people (like me) who aren’t connected to a church or religion?

I don’t feel that a church is a healthy way of expressing my spirituality for where I am at. I have no problem if others choose this way. Yet for me, it doesn’t match. And also what if I am not into the overtly hippy love movement of “everything is awesome” – let’s dance naked under the moon every month and not earn money? Let’s face it… I want the trip to Africa and Europe. So, where do I go?

How do I connect into a peaceful space and spiritual presence?

How do I find deeper and more spiritual answers to my life problems when I feel lost? 

I think that is the missing link for people in the modern world. We don’t belong in a church and we cannot get our big life questions answered in a corporate office building or down at the pub.

Doesn’t wine solve everything??

There is a way of connecting to your spirituality that is empowering and connecting…

And you must take time to cultivate it. You must give it attention and awareness. It’s called being a conscious person who has a direct line of contact with your inner voice (your Spirit) and other conscious beings on a similar path who ‘get’ you. The beauty of this spiritual faith is that you get to make up the rules depending on your own values and needs. Nobody knows you better than you.

What I think are some of the core components of spirituality or spiritual faith:

1. Nobody (no GOD) has the power over you. Your own Spirit is your power. You are amazing so own it...

2. Awareness. You need to practice the art of listening to yourself and noticing the invisible energy threads around you. What is going on beyond language?

3. Connection. You are one part of a massive source field connected to everything. Life is therefore a mirror reflecting back to you what your vibration is.

4. Everything is ALIVE – plants, animals, trees, and people. Respect everything equally and know that everything lives and breathes even if they are denser in energy (such as a rock).

5. Intuition and instinct are your superpowers – cultivate them to be a super-star.

6. Ceremony and ritual are paramount in dealing with life issues – burn your crappy life stuff around a fire so you let go and symbolize release. Go check out what indigenous tribes did to let go. They didn’t drown their sorrow in alcohol or drugs…

7. Be prepared to spend some of your time off work putting energy dollars in the bank. Where you might meditate or learn about your spiritual source or self to know thyself better. It takes effort.

8. Look deeply at your shadows and blocks to resolve them and see the magic you find there.

9. Ask that beautiful question of “Why am I here, in this time and place?” and don’t stop looking til you find the answer.

10. Practice these basic concepts and you will find that you attract other like-minded souls who feel the same and suddenly, you make your own church with your own connections.

This amazing inner faith will hold you when you feel lonely or stuck.  Try it. I promise you will fall deeply in love.

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