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Mindfulness is a state of being curious, engaged and in the present moment with your thoughts. We are in a very unique time where, through technology and mobile devices, we can access data and information at any time of day 24/7. This is amazing in many ways and can also be destructive in many ways.

Why is it destructive?

Being so plugged in all of the time means we stay continually in beta brain wave state which is a busy and logical state which fatigues the mind should there be no rest. We want to aim for an alpha state of mind in between these beta states, which is a more present and mindful state of mind, which rests the brain and opens up our observation and our creative mindset. We can then get the right amount of perspective we need to live a more balanced and healthy life.  


A typical mindfulness retreat is designed to give you a lovely experience of being connected and present to your surroundings. This usually means no mobile phones, computers, or televisions corrupting your headspace, and activities are designed to get you into your body and out of the logical planning brain. Some mindfulness retreats are simply meditative and require long bouts of silence and solo time. I find this can be challenging for many busy people as their brains are used to be plugged in and wired for action. Other mindfulness retreats (like the ones we run at Rezinate) in the space and silence, alongside creative and spiritual activities to engage your mind creatively and get the peaceful vibes flowing without sitting in a tortured silent state for too long! We plan our retreats to be a dedicated time for reflecting inward and finding out what really matters most to you – through wisdom sessions, sound healing, and fires with planned events. We teach people how to tune into their inner voice away from the clutter of everyday life and busy schedules through specific techniques that can be applied outside of the retreat space.

Our mindfulness retreats lean more toward the active side of things so that we can make most of our time away, but still inject that sense of peace and stillness within. We have designed the perfect balance of stillness and alone time with powerful short talks on how to transform and inject fun and inspiration into the days with visits to sacred waterholes and personalized healing sessions so you feel your individual challenges are addressed.  

We call these mindfulness retreats ‘HEALING HOLIDAYS'


  • Peaceful and rested mindset and approach to life.

  • Time to get away and reflect without interruption.

  • Allows you space to deal with a big life challenge.

  • Reset after a difficult or stressful period in your life.

  • Fosters self-love and inner rejuvenation.

We have a customized 4-day sequence starting with unwinding, then moving into shadow work (releasing our baggage and darker thoughts), followed by grounding and earthing to get you out of your head and into your body, then into ‘recreation’ where you dream up and set a new contract with yourself. Finally, we end with the 90-Day Wellness Plan to take back your dreams and ideas into everyday life by translating them into a personal plan for you. This mix of inner reflection and tangible outer action has been a huge success and people say that leave with clarity and loads of energy. Some of our clients have changed jobs, written books, and repaired relationships from our 4-day signature retreat.  


"A chance to get back to nature and rejuvenate whilst being supported to improve your life. Fabulous. Fabulous. A beautiful mix of personal recharge, inner journey work, and great fun people."

- Mark B, Sydney

"Rezinate created a wonderfully safe and supportive environment for me to develop the tools necessary to further understand myself and find my purpose, James and Debbie worked together perfectly and explain guide and unlock a greater understanding of myself both spiritually and practically. I am already looking at how I can ensure I don't lose touch with what I experienced and how I can make time to keep practicing ways to stay grounded. .. I have committed myself to a 90-day Action Plan and will be staying accountable with some of the beautiful friends I have connected with who are doing the same."

- Julia Cartwright


Many other meditations or mindfulness retreats offer a series of body treatments alongside meditation sessions (silent or other) and nature connection. We have a customized 4-day retreat that starts with music under the stars, short wisdom talks to release any burdens, grounding and earthing activities at sacred water holes to get you out of your head and into your body, followed by dreaming exercises where you find out what matters most to you a and setting your own unique 90-day wellness plan to ensure you translate any goals into everyday life. This mix of inner reflection and tangible outer action has been a huge success and people say that leave with a sense of calm, rejuvenation and inspired new energy. Some of our clients have transitioned jobs, relationships, written books, and started new businesses from our 4-day spiritual retreat. Created by Debbie and James Pask (retreat facilitators and owners of Rezinate), this mindfulness retreat will really transform your world as it taps into Debbie and James’ vast experience and training in the fields of energy psychology, energy healing, personal and performance coaching, meditation teaching, metaphysical shamanic teachings and more. With a combined 40 years of experience, you will definitely get the mindfulness kick you are looking for with so much more.    


  • Healed and whole.

  • Ready to face any life challenges you have.

  • Calm and still, establishing what we call point zero.

  • Nourished and connected to your body.

  • Clear on your life path and goals for the next 12 months.

  • Lighter and more energized – mentally and emotionally.

  • Connected after spending quality time with like-minded souls.

  • Reconnection to the love of nature, spiritual connection, and peacefulness.  

This retreat has it all! With light, Debbie & James Pask    

debbie and james pask



Facilitated by Debbie and James Pask. You will feel more clarity, more space, and rejuvenation and a solid plan to take with you. The post-retreat Action and Wellness Plan will mean you don't get lost after you leave. If you think this kind of Mindfulness Retreat is for you, please get in touch! Email us at

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