2022 – Numerology and Energy Thoughts


Setting up Your Year Ahead
Every year has a different flavour to it and of course, as you are an individual, you will have your own unique experience.

So, what is the flavour of 2022 in terms of numerology (all numbers representing energy and experience)?

Well, you can probably see there are a lot of 2’s in the date. 2 stands for the feminine, psychic powers, partnership, sensitivity, creativity and more. Unlike the number 1 which is more directed and masculine, the 2 arrives at its destiny with no force and no control. There is an ease and a flow.

Now, the ZERO always represents a hidden surprise, kind of like the joker card in tarot. However since we have had 0’s since the year 2000, it’s a longer term trend.

What I am most interested in is the 222 = 6. The number 6 stands for group, maternal/ paternal energy, leadership, trusted circle and more. So we are heading into a time when we need to choose our TRIBE, the people and community that we feel can most nurture and mother us. Of course, we must be independent too and perhaps it is time for you to step into leadership of a group yourself?

After all, we have just come out of a 5 year – which does man change, chaos, overdoing it and mass communication. Interestingly for me, I see the mass communication by our media companies to be destructive and fearmongering which is not actually very nurturing. Of course, the numbers can be expressed as positive or negative.

So, the 6. What to do and how to navigate? Here are some ideas:

  • Find your RIGHT tribe and group and feel connected and supported.

  • Lead a circle or take ownership of something where you can make an impact.

  • Ensure you are supporting your children, pets or dependents the best you can as they need you in this changing time.

  • Examine your ethics and your morals and how you want to live life and lead (self and others)

  • Where can you be more nurturing to self and self govern?

  • What are you tolerating in a system, organisation or family that you SHOULD NOT? It’s time to take a stand.
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Choose 3 concepts that you want to experience over the year, e.g. experiences such as Travel, Love, Community, Growth, Freedom, Expression, More Fun, Collaborations etc.


Your values are the things that are SO important to you that without them, life isn’t happy. So they might include concepts such as freedom, or they might be music or the ocean or risk taking. Make sure you reconfirm what the top 7 are to you in 2022 and make a strong commitment to live by them. Check any goals you might have and see if they conflict with your values and the idea is to move towards these VALUES every day. Hint; that means reviewing what or who is dragging you away from them!


These are NOT goals you have for the year ahead. These are habits, ideas, behaviours that you choose to resolve immediately now (they don’t take a whole year). Once you resolve, there is no working towards it, it’s a clear and crazy intense promise to do it differently. E.g. I resolve to stop smoking, or I resolve to have healthy relationships or I resolve to stop feeding family drama.

Tell some people close to you and ensure they hold you accountable to your word. Okay, light warrior. It’s time to make your commitments. Get a pen and paper and start today. It’s 2022 – a new flavour and a new start. Your canvas is blank so paint away!

Debbie Pask :-)

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