The Confident Self Program (TCS)

The Confident Self Program provides you with 6 e-Learning journeys to supercharge your inner being.

Do you need to get in touch with your inner self?
Are you seeking more purpose and confidence?

Form a connected and authentic relationship with yourself, for others and the world around you.

With a rapid growth in consciousness, we now understand that being mindful, centered, clear on purpose and having that inner strength to really be “you” is more important than ever. Dedicating time to understand your life lessons, your purpose, your shadows or patterns and who you are is the most valuable thing you can do for yourself. Is there anything more powerful than personal development?


This is a 6-week, 6-module self-development e-course program for people seeking a deeper connection to the power of their own blueprint or spirit

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Give "You" the time and energy to find your deep inner confident SELF

This program suits a range of people from business executives to mothers to youths to people with sickness and disease. It’s what we consider FOUNDATIONAL conscious & metaphysical development that is at the forefront of energy work. The aim is to teach people who and what they are at a deep level so they show up every day with confidence and strength.

☄ Start the new year with a fresh mindset 

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Do you have some of these challenges?

    • Lack of clarity around who you are and your purpose

    • Struggling with low sense of worth

    • Unable to stop incessant thoughts and over-analysing

    • Allowing others to dictate or control your decisions or path

    • Finding it hard to articulate your value at work or what it is you really want

    • Experiencing difficult relationships with others - lover, family or friends?

    • Managing negative emotions and recurring patterns in life that seem to keep playing out? lover, family or friends


Take a look inside the 6-Week Modules

Each theory is applied directly to your personal life and situation so it is 100% customised to your experience. There is no doubt that you will experience change and growth with such an interactive based program.

Module 1

The 5 Keys to a Confident Self

Module 2

Know Who You Are

Module 3

Love Who You Are

Module 4

Know Your Purpose

Module 5

Let Go of Duality

Module 6

Holding Your Shape

 The 5 Keys to Conscious Confidence

Outcomes: Clarity of what builds your confidence and a stronger sense of self- both on the inner world and the outer world

Know Thyself

Outcomes: Identity-based work, better relationship to self, understanding of your core values

Love Thyself & Integrate the Shadows

Outcomes: Identification of key hurdles in life, tools to let go of self-judgement, clarity around your gifts

Life Purpose Understanding

Outcomes: Clarity around life purpose, closer connection to your Spirit, opening of the heart centre

Absence of Conflict 7 Duality – within Self and Others

Outcomes: Dissolving of your internal conflicts (splits within self) and a deep letting go of others that have wounded you or whom drain your power

Holding Your Shape

Outcomes: Tips and mind based tools to stay on track!

What you will need:

>> Internet Connection and your Device or computer.

>> Video / Media Player software to watch audio and video clips.

>> Access to nature or somewhere peaceful you can meditate in.

>> Minimum of 2 hours time for each module to complete the exercises.


There are also a series of tools to work through some big life questions such as “ What is my purpose here? ” and “How do I work through some of my shadows/challenges ”, so that I can be the best version of myself. 

After completing the 6 online modules, you will have learned to:

☀ Master your inner voice and get a clear sense of self and value

☀ Tap into your intuition and life experiences to get clear on your life purpose.

☀ Learn to communicate authentically and powerfully as YOU

☀ Let go of any internal conflicts so you are free to be “yourself” all of the time.

☀ Understand how to be confident and happy within yourself



This program utilises the “best of the best” learning collected over years studying personal transformation, healing and consulting, to provide you with the intuitive and spiritual tools to take your happiness, confidence and hence identity to a whole new level.

Debbie Pask

The Confident Self Program was developed by Debbie Pask, who after doing over 10,000 sessions with people all over the world, developed a short-cut way to establish your value, get a clear sense of self and grow you inner confidence.

"This program utilises the “best of the best” learning collected over years studying personal transformation, healing and consulting. I have been applying these ancient and modern-day tools in client sessions with fantastic results. Now they are bundled into a super-charged foundation online study program."

For the past 15 years, I've done thousands of personal coaching and healing sessions with people of different backgrounds. These individuals include stressed out top corporate executives to clients who have faced trauma or negative relationships in their lives. Over the years, I found recurring issues which stop people from achieving their personal, professional and spiritual goals and The Confident Self Program aims to address these challenges"

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Halfway through this course I was so energized I went out and got started on what I’d been stalling for so long to do!”

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “I cannot overstate how great the results in following the simple steps in this course have been”

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “The community! Just... wow!”

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