Rezinate Medicine Wheel for Therapy and Counselling

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How can an ancient tool such as the Medicine Wheel be useful in today’s world? Here’s some great ideas and ways of seeking transformation and change that might not be your normal “go to”.
The Medicine Wheel is a very versatile tool that can be used to create powerful insight, healing, and change. When it comes to counselling or therapy with people, whether it's group or one-on-one, the medicine wheel is a fantastic way to embody the lessons and the cycles of life. Here’s how it works.

The Medicine Wheel has the four directions:

  • EAST, new beginnings
  • NORTH, difficulty and challenge;
  • WEST, healing and facing fear;
  • SOUTH, integrating lessons to start again in a healthy way.

The Medicine Wheel is a fantastic way to track your cycles of challenges in certain life areas, whether it be relationships, whether it be health, work, career by seeing which direction you are in and therefore what action is best to take. And it helps you to track these cycles in a way so that you can understand where and how to move forward.

For example, if are you starting a new job in the East, or are you struggling with a relationship in the North?, or has your health taken a hit, and you are now sitting in the West to get healing and face your fears and your shadows? It's a really good example of how it can show you where you're at in the cycle and what the best strategy for that cycle would be. It would be no use starting new things in life if you're sitting in the West and deeply processing fear or shadow. The West is a time for healing and repair and reflection and deeply facing that which is hidden and shadowy. It's not a time to recklessly start new things under the vulnerability and energy resonance of pain. So the Medicine Wheel will show you where you are in the cycle (feeling and intuition). It will show you what the best strategy is for you at that given time.

It also promises something HUGE. You cannot stay stuck in the wheel, inevitably it will move you forward so trust that flow of life.

Whilst the Medicine Wheel gives you understanding and insights, it is more than that. The Medicine Wheel is a physical journey into the metaphysical world. So, it's a metaphor for the spirit, but you do it in a physical way, which means that you embody it more on this earthly plane. You have a somatic body experience, which allows you to sit in the direction, feel it, let it run through your body and hence heal. You work with the relevant element, whether that's fire, water, earth, air, and you really sit with that energy and feel it all the way through you. This means that you get the physical embodiment alongside the metaphysical and mind-based insights.

So whether you are working with someone one-on-one, and you guide them into a Medicine journey, or whether you are doing groups where they've all got similar issues or different, and everyone's doing the group journey; even though their individual journeys will be very related to them personally, doing it with a group, just adds energy and beauty to the group. It's a fantastic tool in counselling and therapy for those above mentioned reasons. It shortcuts the logical stress brain. It's a fantastic tool in running group facilitation, whether that be meditation, stress management, or any type of therapeutic need that your group of clients or individual client might have.

The Medicine Wheel has been around for a very, very long time in different formats but all with the same promise. It has its own unique power and energy through centuries of being used in time and is consciously creating a healing container (circle) for anyone who enters it. Therefore, it is a well-worn and powerful tool to embody and employ into any therapeutic-based business and the more creative the facilitator is with the journey, the better it gets.

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