5 Ways to Reconnect with our Harmonious Frequencies

Reconnect with your frequencies

The majority of our days are spent doing things that create a disharmonious vibration within us. It’s unnatural energy that, unfortunately, can have detrimental effects on our own energy fields. We are stressed out at work, constantly plugging into technology, checking emails, replying to text messages, updating social media, chatting on Skype, buried under Snapchat and Twitter and Facebook and thinking about what we’re going to watch on TV when we get home. Our brains are constantly inundated with advertisements from every direction and it feels like there’s no getting away from this. The clothes we wear are advertisements. We sit on the train or in rush hour traffic while technology buzzes around us. And then we worry: What will we eat for dinner? Do we have groceries in the refrigerator? Did we pick up the dry cleaning and how will we possibly get everything done this evening?

It sounds heavy, right?

It sounds overwhelming.

But here’s the thing, we don’t have to drown in this. We absolutely do not have to collapse under the chaos. There are so many amazing options. And that’s exactly what RECONNECTION means. It is coming back to what’s true, real, and important. It is returning to the things that have kept human beings balanced mentally, physically, and emotionally for millennia.

It is so important because being connected allows us to make heartfelt and intuitive decisions. It allows us to make decisions from the heart space instead of the headspace. 

Being connected tunes you into what is important to you so that you can live life ON PURPOSE, instead of just going through the day-to-day grind. Being connected empowers you to feel the WHY of your life, and every single one of us needs to be able to tap into that. We all need to be in tune with the WHY behind the decisions we are making in life. Otherwise, what are we doing here?

So RECONNECT. Take the time to prioritize this in your life. Make it a daily ritual. Make it a weekly commitment.

Here are some ways you can reconnect:

  1. Spend time in nature. Go for a walk on the beach, swim in the sea, watch the sunrise or simply kick your shoes off and plant your bare feet in the dirt. The earth is our true Mother and she gives us everything. Spend time in nature and allow yourself to just sit in its brilliance. This alone will do wonders for you.

  2. Connect with the loving relationships in your life. Invest in the relationships that really light you up, the ones that make you smile and laugh and feel deeply. These are the ones that connect you to healthy energy. Call someone just to talk. Go out for a walk with someone without a specific destination in mind. Enjoy a long hug. Make love. Write a note. Do anything that opens up that connection and allows you to really feel it.

  3. Find stillness. Sit in silence. Ask nothing of yourself and be completely ok with it. This practice allows you to connect to your spirit and is a very powerful practice. As your mind starts to wander and your thoughts drift, don’t criticize yourself. Instead, just return to the moment and keep going.

  4. Eat natural foods. Find vibrant, whole, and healthy food to nourish your body. Ask yourself, before you eat something if it is fueling your body in the way you deserve to be fueled.

  5. Get enough sleep. So many people are living their life with low energy, and a lot of that is due to sleep deprivation. Everyone needs a different amount of sleep to operate at their best, so figure out what yours is and be consistent with it. All of these things will bring you into balance, and when you are in balance, harmonious vibrations travel through you. This creates a healthier internal world, and that energy moves out into the external world around us. As those vibrations move beyond our own selves, they will start to attract things of that same vibration back to us.

So it’s so important to RECONNECT. Without it, you cannot achieve what you want to achieve. You cannot be who you want to be. You have a tremendously powerful life force energy within you. Nourish it, prioritize it, focus on it and RECONNECT with it. This is where an amazing life filled with love begins.

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Jennifer Carrico

This is so true! I can't wait to put it into practice!
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Rezinate Light

Let us know how it goes! :D

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