The March Equinox by James Pask

by James Pask 

As many of you might know, the March Equinox happened in Sydney at 10 pm Wednesday, March 20th. Equinoxes, along with 
solstices, has been celebrated in cultures all over the world for as long as we have written history. Astronomically, the March Equinox marks the moment at which the Earth’s axis tilts neither away from nor toward the sun, resulting in nearly equal periods of daylight and darkness across the globe. This particular Equinox is a very special time indeed. It is a time when Mother Earth, who is a planetary embodiment of the Devine Feminine energy, is really going to awaken and transform both herself and for us human beings living on this planet at this time. This is a beautiful ending of a cycle of the divine feminine being oppressed and controlled, and more masculine-dominated energy being in place and in control for the last few thousand years. It is the beginning of a magnificent cycle of the divine feminine energy awakening within Mother Earth and within each and every one of us.  

This is a time when the feminine will become free under universal lore of oppression, control, suppression, being held back, and making the sacrifice. It is a turning point for the feminine to step up and regain their rightful place. This is an amazing time to ride the wave of this new energy and to embrace your feminine side, your right brain, intuitive, creative side. To live from your heart and connect with your Spirit (the part of you that is eternal, infinite consciousness, the source of all that is) You will find many people going through a big clear out in their lives, clearing out people, possessions, and energies that no longer serve you. This is a time when Mother Earth is birthing new humanity and we are birthing a new phase in our evolutionary process, the humanity of love, compassion, and truth. At the same time, there is also another energy trying to hijack or stop this birthing process because they have a vested interest in humanity staying exactly as it is, and not going through this evolutionary process.

This process is the raising of human consciousness, discovering the truth, becoming empowered, free sovereign beings. This is the time when we need to dig deep, connect with mother earth and listen to our spirit/our heart. To deal with our personal issues so we can heal ourselves and heal the world. This is a time to reconnect with mother earth, the natural rhythms of mother earth, her cycles, the natural universal order of things and to reconnect with your divinity. What to do? Tune into mother earth and your Spirit and ask where you are meant to be at this time

Have your own unique connection with the earth – try laying on the earth and connecting in (you may be guided to a place) Celebrate and connect with yourself regularly Thank yourself for being here at this time, you chose to be here at this time of great change, we all did together, together we can make the changes and create a world we all long for and so much deserve.


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