Spiritual Awakening in Today's World


“Spirituality” is bandied around a lot these days, but what does it really mean? What are the signs that you are having (or are ready for) a spiritual awakening? And if you are ready for one, what can you do about it?

The Common Signs You Are Ready for a Spiritual Awakening or Experience:

-You realized your thoughts create your reality and you’re ready to collaborate with the universe.

-You are tuning in to the world of energy and sensing things you cannot see; the mystic in you is ready to emerge.

- You realized there's more to life than your material body. It holds the key to unlocking your next adventure in life.

-You start to use your intuition and seeking a deepening of your inner soul.

-You're experiencing a major life challenge and need to adopt a new paradigm of thinking and being to get through.

-You're bored with the ‘mundane’ and seeking the magic in life.

-You see the universe as an exciting frontier and are ready to go to your next level of thinking.

It seems that many people are going through a Spiritual Awakening right now and opening up to the possibility that there is a new and mindful way to be in the world using mindfulness and intuition.

Here are 5 KEY WAYS you can super-charge your own spiritual awakening:

1. Access your intuition daily.

You have a constant supply of intuitive powers and to enhance them, try doing daily or weekly exercises to build your strength (similar to a weights workout for the body). A great one is a practice the ‘yes/no question in your life choices. Work with your body to find your physical response to ‘yes’ (mine is a tingling in the lower belly) and ‘no’ (mine is jerking back of the head).

2. Practice playing the ‘Witness’.

There's a 'witness' in you that pays attention to all things. The 'witness' has a higher source of intuition and wisdom, will see your habits and tells you where you need to change so you can be in harmony with your soul and higher self.

3. Spend time in nature.

When you truly connect with Mother Earth, you supercharge yourself with Kinetic energy and strengthen your auric field which you can get from both the mountains and the ocean that give off negative ions from electromagnetic devices (toxic positive ions). And whilst you are in nature, be quiet. Give yourself some space and meditate. Even try talking to plants, trees, and animals to hone your sixth sense.

4. Peel back the layers of your wounds.

Learn what is holding you back and how you can let go of any karmic or habitual patterns. The more we shed off (or death) the old limiting parts of ourselves, the more we can access our own spiritual awakening and rebirth those divine aspects of ourselves.

5. Spend time on your own and get to know who you are.

Learning and understanding ‘how you tick’ is wonderful. Play with some oracle cards or tarot cards to get inspired messages. Write a list of things you love doing that activates your energy and can make you easily decide for things that drain you. Say ‘no’ to the things you dislike and honor yourself by doing things you love. This truly does open up the heart – which is the resting place of your spiritual self.

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