Have You Given Your Mind A Job Description?


We live and breathe by using job descriptions in the workplace to keep focused, to be clear on our responsibilities and also to work with others to stay in the flow. We see this job description as intrinsic in keeping clarity of direction and purposeful intention. Yet, on a personal level, we don’t invest the thought or time to create a life job description to tell the mind and ego what to do, how to focus, and how you want your personal world to flow.

Life Job Description

Most of us realize that our subconscious mind is what ultimately drives us. It processes over 40 billion bits of information every day (compared to the conscious mind which can cope with around 40 things) and decides what to focus or not depending on a fallback program. Obviously, the subconscious mind does the basic survival stuff.

Making sure that your heart is pumping and oxygen is flowing. It helps us to avert danger and stay alive when under threat. Learning the road maps you drive to work and can switch into autopilot when you get stressed with other life stuff. It has a clever RAS (reticular activating system) that acts as a beacon homing device and if it knows something you want, it will look out for it.

A great example is when you are looking for a new car. If you decide on a red-colored Toyota Camry car, then your RAS will see a stack of them on the road because it has a little program to follow. But, are we effectively programming our RAS with the deeper things in life we want? Many of us simply are not. This is not taught and certainly not learned through school or work.

Are we setting clear intentions and establishing a focused chat with it to tell it what you Do and don’t want?

That requires you to get very clear with your life objectives and the story that you want to create, then translating into a clear job description for the MIND.

Prepare to let old stories go which are negatively impacting you, and create a new contract or new job description that you will tell your subconscious and conscious mind.

Then, you are truly being effective and flowing with your life, just as you would with a new job where you have a clear job specification. We find this a powerful and transformative exercise.

Our 4-day healing holiday spiritual retreats have a specific exercise and template on creating this new contract and therefore job description for your mind and life.

We do several ceremonies and exercises to let the old outdated patterns release and then establish the new job description and lock this in using universal principles and indigenous wisdom. The spiritual retreats are designed to support your new life direction.

Our hope is that you will take away the tools and experiences that help you manifest a more mindful, happy, and restorative life experience. It gives you exactly what you need to reboot and invest in yourself. If you are interested in our 4-day spiritual retreats, please click this link 

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