Renew yourself and experience rapid and profound transformation within yourself at a cellular level as James Pask takes you on a healing journey.

Healing techniques based on the ideas and principles presented by The Russian “Miracle Workers”

 Both Grabavoi and Petrov have written literature (which we have studied and read) and also passed on their healing techniques to several people & trainers in the western world. We were lucky enough to have a taste of this healing training to incorporate some of their ideas and techniques to enhance our healing work. This type of regenerative organ and body system healing is the latest in consciousness science and has delivered some amazing results around the world. James Pask will take you on a healing journey and assist you to heal yourself at the foundation of your being, at the level of your chromosomes and DNA; using some of Grabavoi’s & Petrov’s techniques alongside his many other indigenous healing skills. Learn how to ‘embody’ your organs and systems and allow them to communicate messages. Not only will James communicate with your cells and organs directly but will use his Holographic Kinetics work to muscle test the areas which need the most help. Each organ, chakra, body system and metaphysical auric field has valuable information to share with you about yourself. It also has a ‘blueprint of optimal functioning’. Once James assists you with pinpointing what is out of harmony, he will then help you to create repair and healing – returning your body to the desired blueprint and operating system.



Learn to communicate with your Spirit, your Higher Self, and your Soul Body to support the healing and reprogramming of your organs, systems, chakras, chromosomes, telomeres and stem cells for health, vitality and regeneration. Most importantly experience the instant joy and expansiveness within these parts of yourself as you transform them.



-Communicate with every part of your physical body and metaphysical body giving them a voice.

-Help heal your organs and systems at the DNA level and also from your Higher Self.

-Reprogram and direct your stem cells for energetic regeneration and repair.

-Align our spine through consciousness & feel the difference instantly.

-Heal your genetic lineage – ancestral memories and programming holding you back.

-Release and resolve mountains of emotional baggage.

-Awaken your intuition and psychic abilities.


Go on a healing journey of embodying your organs, your cells, your heart and your mind to enable them to express any trapped emotions and release anything holding you back. Correct imbalances, sickness or disease in your body – as well as any psychological challenge holding you back from all that life has to offer. You can also embody your chakra energy points to express their blocks and then restore them back to their natural power and flow. Hear what your chakras have to say and what you need in your life to be truly happy.


“James Pask is an amazing individual and a very compassionate healer. His readings are incredibly accurate and very comprehensive and his Reiki sessions are fabulous for the soul.”

– Kanchi Williams

“Hi James! After our session yesterday, I certainly wasn’t sure what to expect. Although think I am in a state of spiritual awakening, still am very much a believer of what my mind can comprehend or can be logically argued. However, when I went to bed last night I felt my back and hip pain was less than I expected especially as I had done some heavy duty work in the garden that morning. During the night I got up once and was a bit amazed that pain was probably 50% of normal. I woke and got up to about 20% of normal and right now after sitting in the car for 6 hours (normally a killer) have almost no pain. Not sure what’s going on but looking forward to next session on Wednesday.  Cheers, Best wishes and a huge thank you!”

– Grahame, Holographic Kinetics Client