Knowing how you are unique and what you're here to do means that ALL life decisions are so much easier. You’ll find that overcoming fear uplifts your spirit and leads to a peaceful mind. You’ll begin a transformation process that results in personal contentment and a more successful career that is true to your path.

Debbie Pask has created a UNIQUE LIFE PURPOSE FORMULA that enables you to regain control of your life and confidently make decisions that drive personal and spiritual development. You will no longer have to second-guess your actions. YOU OWN YOUR LIFE!


Most people eventually ask themselves this key QUESTION...

What am I here to do? Those who have already begun the transformation process might even ask themselves:

How can I access my brilliance for my life purpose to flow in the right career direction?

Yet where do you start? Of course, there are career advisors, as well as well-meaning friends, family, and colleagues who try to coach you and help you inch closer to your purpose.

These can be a stab in the dark, or worse, bad advice. Instead of planning a forward trajectory for transformation, they could attempt a logical analysis based on where you have already been in your career.

This doesn’t help redirect you to your true life purpose, and can actually lead you further astray.

So, why take a chance on a half-baked approach on your life path? It is time to get serious. It’s time to book a spiritual coaching session to get back on track. 

Whether you refer to it as your soul signature frequency, your blue print, your X factor or simply your life purpose – spiritual insight helps you to quickly make wise decisions that have a powerful positive effect on your spiritual energy and improve your performance in the workplace.

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Work with Debbie for spiritual coaching that will define your unique career blueprint and allow you to fall into flow with your working life.

Her process works for all people looking for more direction in their lives, from young people just leaving school to CEOs at major business enterprises.

The proven process works across 4 layers – starting at a deep personal level and ending at a logical action path. The life purpose package consists of 2 powerful coaching sessions and 2 supporting videos to give you the insight, thinking, and methodology necessary to follow one of the most critical paths you can take in life.

Debbie will work with you (you are involved at every step) to design the step-by-step plan unique to your life and life path. The guidance contained in each session and supporting video take any confusion out of your career decisions by using several tools, including Life Purpose Circles’ 4-layer process, a review of your unique natal Astrology, investigation into your life challenges, and your X Factor.

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By the end of the process – you will receive:

  1. Life Purpose essence statement
  2. Real world 'TRAIN STATION' statement
  3. Clarity on what industry to align with
  4. Personal Brand Sheet that summarises who you are and what you stand for
  5. Career Astrology chart recorded session
  6. Action Plan to follow your career to the next phase

Debbie has been working as a life, spiritual, and business coach for almost 20 years. Her passion is to coach people through major life transitions and she specialises in bringing life purpose to light and designing career blueprints.

Expect to tune into meaning (heart space) and logic (head space) to find the ultimate answer that rings true for you.

Once your sessions are complete, you have the option to carry on with spiritual coaching from Debbie to further strengthen your ability to make clear and decisive career-related decisions. You’ll enhance the lessons from the coaching sessions and learn more about the information covered, including astrology charts, mindfulness, and metaphysical healing.

 With Debbie’s guidance you’ll be able to uncover and overcome any mental or spiritual blocks that prevent you from moving forward along your life purpose.

If you are ready to begin your life purpose journey, you can get started right away with all the pre-work questions and an overview of the 4-layer process and video training.

What do the 2 Sessions and 2 Videos contain?

Session 1

A personal Natal Astrology Chart reading with Debbie to review your talents, personal direction and mission. This session will also include a discussion of the process and answer any questions you might have, e.g., manifesting the transformation, so the life purpose process is mapped clearly. This is a great session to bounce ideas and to get intuitive feedback from Debbie who has done countless sessions with people throughout the last 15 years.

Session 2

Tying it all together, this session will bring all components together, establish your next course of action or how you could take this information and integrate into the world right now. This could be using an astrology career chart to complete a career change or correct the course of your current plans.

Video 1

Overview of the Life Purpose 4 Layer Process and how it works plus some examples of how to apply it, for example, mindfulness techniques and astrology mapping.

Video 2

Your own personal branding template and questions to complete that will harness the power of your X Factor and uncover your personal message to stand in your truth.

Debbie Pask

More about Debbie Pask

Debbie is a transformation and performance coach specialising in mindfulness, purpose and value, and personal, business, and spiritual coaching. She combines her background in board-level advertising with her philosophy degree and extensive training in eastern philosophy, meditation, and mindfulness. As a result, she has a unique, holistic approach to personal growth, business coaching, and spiritual development.

Debbie left her advertising career behind her to try her hand at entrepreneurship. She successfully developed and sold two companies before becoming Co-Founder and owner of Zenful Business (business coaching) and Rezinate (personal coaching).

Debbie divides her time between coaching and teaching and writing inspirational books for professionals who want to fully develop their conscious awareness for a more intuitively connected (inner wisdom) approach to doing business. This includes spiritual, metaphysical, and energy healing and development, which builds self-confidence and self-trust in business dealings.

Debbie is passionate about using her experience as a life coach and spiritual healer to help people find their Life Purpose. She is then able to act as a guide, helping people develop on a holistic level so that they can have a more satisfying life – and a fulfilling career.

  • Rezinate

    2020 was a year of considerable challenge and also a year of tremendous growth and awakening. I have been lucky enough to be supported by and still am by so many amazing humans. Debbie Pask from Rezinate/Zenful Business has been one of these humans. She has supported me in my business and spiritual journey, for which I am truly grateful.

    I can highly recommend Debbie for 1:1 Business Coaching and her Spiritual Business Masterminds Group!

    Preeti Parmar ,

  • Rezinate

    Deb, thank you so much for your Zenful Business Book! I got so much out of how far I read, that I knew I really, really, really wanted to take my creative side more seriously, and do whatever it takes to move that out of just something I do for my own enjoyment.

    Linda Bizon ,

  • Rezinate

    Debbie has been in my life for over 5 years and she has been life changing, she has guided me through the toughest times of my life and the happiest times. I can honestly say that my life would not be as meaningful as it is without Debbie providing me with the tools and guidance needed to help me make decisions. I have learnt so much from Debbie from a personal perspective but also from a business perspective, I am truly grateful for her gifts. Thanks 😊

    Zoe Koskinas ,

  • Rezinate

    Debbie is AMAZING!!! Her services were a gift from a dear friend and I have to admit it’s the best and most relevant gift I have ever received. I went to Debbie with only one desire and that was to break out of my current career and find the career that would fulfill me; the career I’d be passionate about. I couldn’t pinpoint what I truly desired in a career and I had no idea how to get there, or where to even begin. I was lost. From the first 10 minutes of my initial session with Debbie, I was so energized and excited by possibilities. In a world of so many “No’s” and “I can’t’s” and negative self-talk, Debbie is an oasis of confidence, empowerment, and love. She not only helped me focus my career goals and feel amazing about them but she helped me realize my full potential and why I had been holding myself back from achieving it. Only A few months, and a few sessions, after my first meeting with Debbie, I am solidly on my ultimate Career path, as well as on the path to achieving my true purpose. She is an intuitive, strong, wise, empowering and supportive Professional who not only leads you to discern your career purpose but also strategically and realistically helps you achieve it!
    It’s clear she has found her calling, now you just have to let her help you find yours!

    Kristen Leigh Conklin , Photographer, Artist and Humanitarian, United States, 2017