Chew the Hay Session-Equine Therapy Coaching

with Debbie Pask (Transformation Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Deep Energy Healing)

 Horse Wisdom Sessions for the Soul 

Learning with horses is not a new development in the healing treatment sector as animal therapy has been used dating back in modern forms to the 1960’s. Equine assisted therapy incorporates a range of treatments that involve activities with horses to promote human physical and mental health.

Rezinate’s “Equine Therapy Coaching”, is commonly known as horse therapy for anxiety but it’s not just for anxiety as we use this assisted therapy to improve clients with their rehab, PTSD, occupational therapy, physical and emotional healing. Our horse therapy programs help many adults, and teenagers heal, learn and grow through our therapeutic equine therapy workshops.

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A Word from our Expert Equine Therapy Course Trainer - Debbie Pask


"Hey, I am Debbie Pask. I have achieved over 12,000 client healing and coaching sessions and my training is 'Phoenix style' - moving you past blocks, confidence issues, head-space challenges and more. My equine therapy sessions and workshops are a game-changer for all ages, that it be adults, teenagers, or the elderly, as it is suitable for anyone who is wanting to develop positive change.  

My passion for horses and people has finally come together in a unique horse wisdom coaching offer. Onsite at our property on the Sunshine Coast, our equine therapy session combines our gentle horses and my background in energy healing, spiritual development and equine assisted learning studies, to offer you the chance to work through confidence issues, boundary issues, personal shadows, any inner mental or emotional conflict, through a deep and connective experience with myself and my horse herd."

 Come and CHEW THE HAY for some animal therapy and therapeutic horse riding with my horses Cruiser, Kallie and River - based in the Sunshine Coast QLD Australia


How Does Equine Therapy Work?

Horses are incredible mirrors for us. Learning with horses can show us what we don't know about ourselves such as unclear boundaries, anxious thoughts, difficulty in expression and fear of connecting with others. Plus, they are masters at emotional regulation and can sense your heartbeat and emotional state from several meters away. They offer a TRUE embodied experience.

With equine assisted therapies expect to feel:

✧ Grounded and tuned into your body

✧ Clarity on what is blocking you

✧ Calmer and more connected to life

✧ In flow with the energy around you

✧ Safe and free to be your true self


What type of equine assisted learning therapy services and courses are available?

  • Equine Assisted Learning (emotional and social skill development).
  • PTSD horse therapy(reset the nervous system and headspace).
  • Horse therapy for anxiety.
  • Teenager assisted learning and activities.
  • NDIS assisted learning and activities.
  • Rehab activities to co-ordinate and feel the body.
  • Horseback therapy (not horse-riding therapy lessons).

What do you get for the cost of our equine therapy services?

1. We connect first via phone or Zoom for a short discussion upfront to set intentions and establish what you need from the equine assisted therapy sessions.

2. You show up at my horse paddocks on the Sunshine Coast, ready for your horse wisdom treatment - wear closed in shoes and let go of any expectations of oneself.

3. Our equine therapy session will be part meditative, part horse experiment and then a debrief and takeaway on what you learned or how you feel about yourself.  

4. Debbie will provide you with some powerful take away activities and reflection questions to set you on your path post session.


P.S. The Horse Therapy Training Sessions and Workshops can vary from more of a therapeutic energy style to simple horse connection, communication, behaviour and experiential learning.  

Hope to see you soon for an Equine therapy session,
Debbie Pask

*Sessions are held LIVE in the Palmwoods / Sunshine Coast area of Australia

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Thinking of doing your Equine Therapy in a Group Setting?

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4-Week Foundations Course


Debbie Pask

More about Debbie Pask

Debbie is a spiritual teacher, energetic healer, transformation and performance coach specialising in shadow work, mindfulness, purpose and value. She has a background in board level advertising, a degree in philosophy and has been trained in Eastern Philosophy, Meditation, Spiritual Coaching, Energy Medicine, Constellation work, Equine Therapies and Mindfulness.

After leaving her board role in 2003, Debbie built and sold two companies (a boutique consulting firm and an online tools website) and is the Co-Founder and owner of Zenful Business (Spiritual Business Coaching) and Rezinate Pty Ltd (Personal Healing, Transformation and Coaching).

  • Rezinate

    After an epic equine therapy session with @rezinatelight this week, I am feeling more like me.

    I shifted the anger and sadness out of my body, being held beautifully by Debbie through the uncomfortable and confronting moments.

    I am so grateful to be able to up-level and learn from the moments in my life that have torn me apart.

    I have found a team of people who not only help me heal but are teaching me and encouraging me to take the next steps 💜🧡💜

    Walking up a mountain, hugging a tree and taking in the beauty of the world was really what my body needed to integrate the work that was done💫


  • Rezinate

    This is a fantastic recommendation!

    John Doe , CEO, John Doe Corp

  • Rezinate

    This is a fantastic recommendation!

    John Doe , CEO, John Doe Corp


Frequently Asked Questions

Equine assisted learning is all about sharing horse wisdom as a way of living in a more authentic and peaceful way.  Through this wisdom, we learn (through the horse) all about boundaries, connection, kindness, relationships, feelings and more. Exploring these in a very grounded and experiential way helps to embody the lessons and integrate them. Plus it is emotionally safe and subtle, which allows people to go deeper and feel comfortable. Horses have no judgement, they just accept what is.

As per above, we do three types of group sessions targeting teenagers (skills building for navigating life with a young mind), veterans (coming back to balance after a stressful time in combat) and every day people looking to improve their horse communication and connection whether they own a horse, contact horses frequently or work in the horse industry.

Absolutely. Equine experiential therapy is based firmly on the idea that all deep learning and change occurs in the ever present now – in the body and in real time.  Therefore, after an initial chat, the key session component is the live interaction with the horse or horses at our Sunshine Coast location.

There is no other cost, unless specifically outlined. In some workshops we suggest taking notes in a journal of your own to track your progress.

Yes, NDIS can fund treatments if you have an approved funding/plan with NDIS directly. The cost can be invoiced to them for your treatments and you simply approve it when it comes in. The two types of services via NDIS are CORE and CAPABILITY. We can work under either of those. The parent/s or an adult may stay for the session if preferred.

We don’t cover physical rehab courses but we do cover spiritual rehab courses. Please call to discuss further.

Yes, the horse wisdom program is designed by an expert to teach your teenager the social and emotional regulation skills that will assist your teenager to feel more confident in their expression as the live interactions with the horses are non-judgemental and powerful. The parent/s or an adult may stay for the session if preferred.

Not at all. Our horses are trained and are safe. Before we start, we have a horse safety chat and an awareness talk so that you can feel confident knowing what to do and how to be around horses. We are not riding or practicing riding skills, instead we are connecting into a deep relationship to the horse and discovering what is unknown about ourselves and looking for pathways to change.

No, we only do these courses on the Sunshine Coast with the horses as the horses don’t travel. Plus, they love the Sunshine Coast! Debbie Pask runs all kinds of other teaching and training courses in many places- both online and physical on the Sunshine Coast.

For courses on the Sunshine Coast, our Equine assisted learning is available for children above the age of 7. In our business we have found that this age onwards works well as it starts to build a filter and awareness of their own outside of the immediate household.  

The courses are held centrally on the Sunshine Coast, in the suburb of Palmwoods, which is just off the highway at the Nambour exit. We don't offer traditional horse-riding therapy, rather intuitive sessions that reflect a mix of equine assisted counselling, equine horse therapy and equine mindfulness therapy.