Are your ready to mindfully reinvent your self and feel more spiritually connected?

Come to be healed or simply just take a break from your everyday life and work. Experience a spiritual and mindful getaway in a dreamy and one of Australia’s beautiful travel destination- Byron Bay, New South Wales.

…Because this is not just your usual getaway to escape.

This 4-day spiritual and mindful personal healing journey will help rebuild your resilience, rejuvenate your body and senses, and create a better relationship with the ‘inner you’, as well as, reconnect with nature while cultivating a deeper sense of direction with like-minded individuals.

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MARCH 7-11 AND MAY 16-20 2019

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Our 4-day spiritual retreat focuses on your individual spiritual healing and needs. We keep our groups small and exclusive, as we include a mix of personal healing sessions (included in your fee above), alongside experiential activities and spiritual education and practices to assist you to get CLARITY, HEALING, and REJUVENATION.

We aim to invigorate the mind, body, and spirit with our unique program.

The 4-day retreat program summary:

DAY 1  Energy Releasing Day:  Shift that old baggage out and get healing.

DAY 2  Grounding and Nature Connection: Reconnect to your senses to find peace and space.

Day 3  Recreation and Dreaming: Find out what matters most to you and commit.

Day 4  90-Day Wellness Plan Program: Prepare your personal plans for when you return home.

Our full spiritual retreat program is outlined here which includes Sound Healing, visits to sacred nature spots, Medicine Wheel journeys, Fire Releasing Sessions, morning yoga, live music and more.


James and Debbie Pask

With a combined 40 years experience in the spiritual and coaching field, Debbie and James have a passion for taking people through transformative energetic journeys. They have been running the healing 4-day retreats since 2016, and have a unique program that is partly holiday (deep rejuvenation) and partly a spiritual journey (deep self-reflection to move past challenges).

Expect to leave our retreat with a strong internal shift and a new perspective on life.

Debbie is a Transformation Coach and Spiritual Teacher who will help you get clear on your life or career direction and facilitate the medicine wheel journey work and deep meditations. She also heads up the shadow work and will teach you how to wrangle that monkey mind and find your intuitive voice! She will assist you to develop your 90-day wellness plan before you leave the retreat.

James is a Metaphysical Healer and Teacher who works with you on a deep level to transform any trauma you have stored in mind and body, plus he facilitates the animal totem session and the nature restoration and communication sessions. He will also show you how to set up a new contract with yourself to re-design your dream-weave (your inner story) for a happier and connected life.

THE RETREAT HAVEN Byron Bay, New South Wales

A dreamy and magical coastal town sitting in the southeastern Australian state of New South Wales. Byron Bay is a popular travel destination likewise a haven of alternative lifestyle, natural therapies, and healing.

We decided to host our Healing Holidays Spiritual Retreats in Byron Bay, New South Wales, to make the experience even more memorable. Combining one-of-a-kind travel and enlightenment experience that one could ever ask for.

We are holding our retreat at any of these available venues depending on the available time.

  • Tin Horse Ranch, Pearces Creek
  • Wybalena Organic Farm, The Pocket



“Thank you for a great retreat and time away from my regular life. This was embracing and time well spent with total strangers who were warm, welcoming and kind. I really enjoyed the space the air, the food and the whole experience. For such a short time it felt like I’d been away longer and that really recharged my batteries.”

Amanda, Sydney

A wonderful experience which challenges you, makes you speak from within, and feel at peace. Highly recommended!

Jess Rolley

Rezinate created a wonderfully safe and supportive environment for me to develop the tools necessary to further understand myself and find my purpose, James and Debbie worked together perfectly and explain guide and unlock a greater understanding of myself both spiritually and practically.

Julia Cartwright

“A chance to get back to nature and rejuvenate whilst being supported to improve your life. Fabulous. Fabulous. A beautiful mix of personal recharge, inner journey work and great fun people.”

Mark B, Sydney