Healing Holidays Retreat

Byron Bay: Tin Horse Ranch

Are you ready to create massive shifts in your life? Are you ready to cultivate your inner landscape to transform the external world and step into the life you are meant to live?

We invite you to hit the pause button, for only a few days, remove distraction, and loosen the grip on your daily responsibility. Join us on this powerful spiritual healing journey where we explore the soul and understand the spirit, where we connect with nature and focus on some of the deepest, truest forms of healing available.


Embark on this 4-day spiritual healing experience with Debbie and James Pask to connect to your spirit, understand your deepest purpose and design your true story. In this immersive, intensive, and intimate event, you will be guided through a journey of transformation.

Full Retreat Package: $2390

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NEXT RETREAT DATES: November 12-16 2020

and March 25-29 2021


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What You Can Expect

Day 1: Immersion and Reflection Day Begin your spiritual and healing journey by releasing the stagnant energy that you have been carrying around with you. Discover what has brought you on this journey and what your soul’s purpose is in this life. Begin to unwind and slough off the heaviness of the outside world as you begin this sacred journey within.

Day 2: Shadow Releasing Day Explore what is blocking you and understand who and what you are in this world. Uncover how you create your own reality and how the universal laws play a part in your journey. Release the pieces that no longer serve you so you can move forward in your healing process.

Day 3: Grounding & Nature Immersion Day Reconnect with your deepest self and step into the new energy you are ready to embody. Connect with nature to form a deeper relationship with your spirit and the spirit of every being and entity around you.

Day 4 Integration and Post Retreat Application Day Design your new reality and create your new intention. Learn self-healing and energy clearing techniques. Develop a 90-Day Wellbeing Plan so you will return home with a strategy to fully integrate all you have learned and uncovered.

Meet the Retreat Facilitators: James and Debbie Pask

With a combined 40 years experience in the spiritual and coaching field, Debbie and James have a passion for taking people through transformative energetic journeys. They have been running the healing 4-day retreats since 2016, and have a unique program that is partly holiday (deep rejuvenation) and partly a spiritual journey (deep self-reflection to move past challenges).

Expect to leave our retreat with a strong internal shift and a new perspective on life.

Debbie is a Transformation Coach and Spiritual Teacher who will help you get clear on your life or career direction and facilitate the medicine wheel journey work and deep meditations. She also heads up the shadow work and will teach you how to wrangle that monkey mind and find your intuitive voice! She will assist you to develop your 90-day wellness plan before you leave the retreat.

James is a Metaphysical Healer and Teacher who works with you on a deep level to transform any trauma you have stored in mind and body, plus he facilitates the animal totem session and the nature restoration and communication sessions. He will also show you how to set up a new contract with yourself to re-design your dream-weave (your inner story) for a happier and connected life.

The Spiritual Retreat Haven: Byron Bay, New South Wales

A dreamy and magical coastal town sitting in the southeastern Australian state of New South Wales. Byron Bay is a popular travel destination likewise a haven of an alternative lifestyle, natural therapies, and healing.

We decided to host our Healing Holidays Spiritual Retreats in Byron Bay, New South Wales, to make the experience even more memorable. Combining one-of-a-kind travel and enlightenment experience that one could ever ask for.

We are holding our retreat at any of these available venues depending on the available time.

  • Tin Horse Ranch, Pearces Creek
  • Wybalena Organic Farm, The Pocket



"So much gratitude to @rezinatelight for such a wonderful insightful transformative and restorative experience. Two of the most compassionate passionate and knowledgeable healers I know @debbiepask and James Pask. 💙🙏🏼🦋 and to share it with such a beautiful bunch of people. So blessed.  Check out their Byron hinterland 4-day and one day Sydney retreats."

Sophie Nolan, Sydney 2019

The 4-day Byron Bay Hinterland Retreat.. What a beautiful peaceful location, fantastic food, and two amazing down to earth healers that truly help you release "old baggage" & awaken to your own personal inner strength! ~ Debbie & James Pask, Truly thank you !!

Izas, Byron Bay

"Perfect timing for me! What a wonderful 4 days. The retreat program is well thought out and the facilitators are brilliant. I loved every minute - including the ample free time to wander the amazing retreat property and empty out. Food was wonderful too! Looking forward to the next one."

Michelle McFayden, NSW 2019

"My meditation & vision pulled me to the South, of faith, trust, humility, innocence and child within=the element of Water, gifts, lessons, understanding, intuition, consciousness-wisdom energy... Evolvement, Integration. What are my lessons and gifts? Such a powerful experience at this incredible retreat... Thank you Rezinate Light & your devine selves Debbie & James Pask"

Nicole Armit, Brisbane 2019