Your True Nature 2-Day Eco-Retreat


Let go of all the business and busy-ness and get back to the natural rhythms and mechanisms of nature. Nourish your soul and learn powerful meditation and mindfulness practices using spiritual healing energy.

What’s in the Sunny Coast Nature Retreat?

Our 2-day nature retreat on the Sunshine Coast is more than just a relaxing holiday. It re-establishes your connection to nature, while simultaneously reuniting you with the sacred energy of Mother Earth. Our very nature depends on our connection to Mother Earth, but the tumultuous modern world ensures we are connected to everything EXCEPT Mother Earth. Our eco-retreat is your opportunity to rediscover your inner self. It’s a spiritual getaway that allows you to explore your relationship with spirit and the earth.

It takes you on a healing journey that reveals your life’s path and answers the big question: What is my purpose in life?

Teaching methods embrace the wisdom of indigenous cultures along the Sunshine Coast and elsewhere in Australia and around the world. You’ll learn how to connect to the rhythms of nature, tap into the frequencies of the earth’s energy, and gain clarity and guidance from the natural world.


The Glasshouse Retreat (QLD) will take place in Crookneck Retreat

Crookneck retreat is located at the base of Mt Coonowrin (Crookneck), which is on the Glass House Mountains’ National Heritage List. It also backs onto a national park, giving the property the diversity of native fauna and flora while nestled amongst a 10-acre orchard farm, which includes Macadamia, Pecan, Mangoes and Native bush fruit. Glasshouse is a hinterland town on the Sunshine Coast Region of Queensland, and is named after the famous Glass House Mountains of the area. Colloquially it is often known simply as "Glasshouse". This spirit renewing short holiday runs for 2 days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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How to get to the Glasshouse Nature Retreat?

CrookNeck Retreat is about 1 hour from Brisbane CBD. Follow the Bruce H/way north and exit Steve Irwin way (Glasshouse Mountains Road). Exit left at the Glasshouse township, follow the road over the railway and turn left onto Coonowrin Road. At the end of Coonowrin Road turn right onto Old Gympie Rd and follow approx. for 2 km until you reach CrookNeck Retreat.

Holiday accommodation for your stay on the Sunshine Coast

1. If you live in the surrounds, the best option might be to simply sleep at home.

2. If you want to stay onsite to fully immerse yourself in the nature there, you can set up camp at the retreat space ( for $80 per night (including dinner and breakfast).

3. If you want to stay onsite in oneness with nature, but don’t fancy camping, you can rent dorm-style accommodation at the retreat space for $131 per night (including dinner and breakfast).

4. Another option is to arrange accommodation locally in a nearby Airbnb or hotel.

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A message from James Pask...

"The Sunshine Coast eco-retreat is life-transforming. Your experience will help you to connect to your humanity and your life purpose so you can live authentically. In my teaching you’ll learn about the amazing techniques, healing journeys and quests I’ve undertaken. They’ll help you as you go through your healing journey, rediscovering and reconnecting to your true nature and the natural world around you.

You’ll feel the profound awareness that comes when you experience oneness with earth energy. Join a small group of people who are on their own journey of spiritual healing and learn how to access peace, stillness and healing through the rhythms of nature and the quantum field."

Spend 2 Days on the Sunshine Coast with James, using meditation to disconnect from technology and life clutter. Training exercises will help you develop your intuitive thinking, keep you centred, and enable you to access your peaceful mind. Learn how to communicate properly with the natural world and answer some deep questions about your life direction.

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“Thank you for a great retreat and time away from my regular life. This was embracing and time well spent with total strangers who were warm, welcoming and kind. I really enjoyed the space the air, the food and the whole experience. For such a short time it felt like I’d been away longer and that really re-charged my batteries.”


“My meditation & vision pulled me to the South, of faith, trust, humility, innocence and child within; the element of Water, gifts, lessons, understanding, intuition, consciousness-wisdom energy... Evolvement, Integration. What are my lessons and gifts? Such a powerful experience at this incredible retreat... Thank you Rezinate Light & your divine selves Debbie & James Pask”