Three Top Energy Tips to Keep You Well in Winter

Do you have what it takes to sparkle this winter?

The seasons affect us in different ways; however, there is a common understanding that winter is a time for energy withdrawal and inward reflection.

Does this mean we become hermit-like and anti-social? -No!

However, it does mean that we all get a chance to lose our old leaves, to tidy up the deadwood and get ready for a new season coming up, that is spring!

So, what would be the best way to use winter to your energetic advantage?’

Here are my top 3 ideas:

1. Intention is everything.

Make a list of all the things within you (beliefs, habits, old painful events) that need to have a ‘funeral’. We don’t realize how powerful our intentions are as spirits in this universe and that w can symbolically and ceremonially ASK our inner self to stop attracting those experiences that feed that outdated belief.

By remembering who and what you are, and then making your own list of items to death, you are placing a stake in the ground and commanding some attention. Be dramatic and give it a proper Fire Ceremony of a funeral. Burn up your list and watch it slip away. Then, don’t be lazy! Start writing your weekly or daily thoughts and look out for these old thoughts popping up in your psyche. Once you see them, call them out and place them in the ‘naughty’ corner until they start to realize who is in control and respect your intentions.

2. Boundaries around your energy are key.

As people around you are shedding their shadows and outdated beliefs, so yu need to be mindful of not taking on board or holding anyone’s energetic baggage. Colds and flu are really just the body’s way of letting go of energetic ‘gunk’, so if you see someone around you, sick, they are likely to be releasing their issues. So my advice is to say silently to yourself: “that’s not my stuff and I choose not to take it on. My body does not need to catch this illness.” Make a clear boundary around you not sharing their physical detox, and this especially applies if you are in the same house, family or social structure. Make this your new belief around not being susceptible to colds and flu that are making its rounds. IF you are the martyr type of person that feels they need to look after everyone, maybe try and change this limiting attitude and put yourself first this winter. if you feel responsible for others, you will literally “collect their cold”.

3. Cleanse your house.

That means your physical body (guy) and also your home space. These two places are where you are most likely going to find your energetic gunk. Let’s start with the body.

We digest our emotions via our stomach alongside food, so when we get tricky emotions surface, our gut and digestion can often become affected. So whilst you are clearing out old stuff, try and maintain or detox your gut microbiome (flora of the stomach) so that it’s as clean as possible to process your energy garbage out. Eat lots of fresh seasonal food – stay away from sugar or any inflammatory foods as these really do affect your moods and energy more than you think. Eating fried or sugary food puts a massive strain on the body and inflames emotions to be much more intense than they need to be.

In addition, make sure you clear and cleanse your home space. Your thoughts and feelings create energy residue which lingers in the space you live in. Old beliefs, arguments, stresses and more. They collect in energy stagnant areas and in the walls. The best way to give your house a clearing is to smoke sage leaves (or dried eucalyptus) through the house and ask for any old lingering stresses to go and replace that with intentions you wish – such as positivity, joy, connection and more.

You will be surprised at how these three simple ideas can positively affect your personal energy and keep your energy sparkle alive. Of course, if you are dealing with a big life issue or transition, come for a session for your soul and shift it out. Better out than in they say!

Oh, and did I mention stay connected to nature?? Being earthed into our great earth mother truly is the best medicine…

Peace Out!

James Pask



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