The Zenful Self Program

Mindfulness at work creates a calm, strategic and innovative mindset. So, isn’t it time to MASTER that state within?

Seeking more flow and consciousness in your business life? Debbie Pask explains how this program can help.


 For who is this E-Course for?

The evolved and conscious business person who is ready to acquire new skills, delve deeper into their intuitive strengths and get into a better state of flow.


Join our weekly program

Start with your 7-Week Program for just $90!

The regular weekly modules will inspire mindfulness, energy and balance in your business life. It will teach you the conscious habits that underlie a happy and successful working life; and it will open up your natural gifts of vision, gut instinct and hearing your truth.

Developed by Debbie Pask, who has a background in Corporate advertising and energy mastery work, this program tackles the Yin (feminine/intuitive) components of business life and the Yang (masculine/rational) components so that you can fire at your best consciously and effectively.

 Our Zenful Self Online Program delivers weekly conscious snippets including meditations, mindfulness exercises, reflection questions, insightful readings, intuitive strategies and tools to create a new awareness and connection to your inner self.


Increased consciousness, new conceptual learning, innovation and spiritual practice.


Weekly modules to inspire mindfulness, energy and balance in business. Includes meditations, mindfulness exercises, insightful readings, intuitive strategies and the formulation of your own spiritual practice.


The program will provide you short insightful exercises or learning that are easy to do and will assist you to stay in a more intuitive, present and mindful state. Great for anyone who feels the effects of stress, is too busy to undertake hours of mindfulness work and who need a great support program to keep fresh, connected and vital.


Mindfulness weekly practices are purchased in blocks of 7 weeks.
As 7 represents the number for change. So start today for your first 7 week block to access world class mindfulness tools, meditations, readings, reflections and more.
If you love it you can keep going!

 This program is designed to inspire and super-charge your ENERGY in business so that you operate from a more holistic and balanced approach. There will be practical and intuitive based activities to ensure you have both left and right brain switched on.

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “"I have loved being part of Debbie's Spiritual Development Classes. Each week, we look at a diff. topic and each class has been a wonderful combination of information inspiration and personal transformation. Debbie has a gift of teaching, facilitating and inspiring growth and joy." ”

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Debbie adds value to my business by seeing things and hearing things from my team that I am unaware of or neglecting. She has an incredible gift for understanding what’s really going in people’s heads and hearts. I have never met someone so good at going from right to left brain as the situation or conversation demands. Debbie helps me strip away lots of noise and get clarity and focus. She is very good at helping me restore balance in my life. She gets to the heart of the matter very quickly, and provides a crystal clear action plan that you know is right."”

    Director of Cleverclicks, Global Online Marketing Company

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