The Numerology of 2018 and what does that mean for us?

Last year (2017), we were in a ‘1’ year and that was all about new beginnings. Starting fresh and for some of us, going solo.

We were asked to start new objectives, new habits (letting go of the old) and setting ourselves up for the next 9-year cycle. This often means a death (of the old) and rebirth of the new which can be quite intense for some of us.

How well did you go? Only you can answer that. I find that many people have this 2017 theme spill over into the new year and some remaining loose ends need to be tied up and sorted before you go again.

Are you feeling the crunch of the end of year clean up? If so, read my recent blog on Groundhog Day.  

So, if 2017 was a ‘1’ year, then that means the numerology of 2018 is a ‘2’ year.

But it’s not that simple… it is also an ‘11’ year as the numbers equate to 11/2. What do they mean?

11 is a master number so this year can signal a time to tune in and access your own personal mastery.

It can help you to bring the spiritual (energetic dream) down into the physical realm.

It is about being visionary, leading and inventing/dreaming up ideas and projects. Being a double ‘1’ means you have double power and focus.

Ooh – what might you do with this extra power? Use your inner strength and lead yourself to something unique and purposeful. The energy of the year will propel you along naturally!

Watch out for feeling ungrounded, superior or aimless. The vision needs a strong project plan to anchor it. Dream it up for sure and then give it substance and action.

Questions to ask yourself about the 11 number include?

What amazing skill and gift do I naturally have that I can master and broadcast into the world to reach my greatest potential?

What 2 paths can I walk (side by side) that are complementary and exciting for me? Or maybe they are two significant goals or habits?

What dreams do I have that are ready to bubble to the surface? How can I triple their effectiveness? Do I need to dream bigger?

If I have my dream in mind, what resources can I call upon to bring it to mastery?


Now let’s discuss the 2. The numerology of 2 is a beautiful collaborative number. It asks us to partner or work with others to bring about our plans. So when you have your ‘11’ dream or vision ready, get busy finding the people to work with. This could be paid work or a joint venture. This might be you mastering the Art of RECEIVING or ASKING. Perhaps you are changing your old ways of solo efforts and you are ready to play with the other kids in the sandbox? It’s not the year to make it a one person journey.

The numerology of 2 implies sensitivity and receptiveness. Listen more and connect more with what is really going on or being said. Use your intuition and softness to drive forward as logic and driving energy might just be the poison that kills your vision. You are the second year into the swing of your 9 year cycle so things are still birthing and ironing out.

Watch out for: feeling moody, critical or indecisive. The team effort needs a positive and creative mindset to ensure success. Don’t get swallowed up in the emotion of number 2.

Questions to ask yourself for mastery of the 2 include:

Who do I work best with and what resources can I pull together this year?

How can I tune into my psychic and creative abilities more often?

What habits do I have to reflect on and transform that keep me alone?

What sort of partnership do I need this year – love, business, social or other?

How can I ask for what I need, minus the guilt?

Got any more questions on the numerology of 2018?

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