The Numerology of 2017

The Numerology of 2017

In numerology the year number (2+0+1+7) indicates what types of experiences are delivered and of course, every year has a different number and hence meaning.

2017 is a #1 numerology year which is quite significant in terms of cycles. The #1 stands for a NEW beginning and a NEW start. 2016 was a #9 year and that was meant to symbolize an end of a chapter, a wrapping up and a completion. Many projects and relationships might have ended or at least came to their completion in whatever way that was meant to be.

Did you have a job, a relationship that came to an end (whether that is negative or positive)?

Perhaps you really figured out your own inner confidence and what you will and won’t accept any more in life. 2017 will be the year to cement that. Maybe you completed a book (I did!) and felt like your long standing project was finished. Old habits might be gone forever or perhaps you are seeing the world in a new way, with new eyes.

So, have a really good reflection on what wrapped up (or is still finalising) in 2016, then turn your attention to the meaning of 2017! Let’s find out more about the #1 year so you can see what type of energy it holds and how you might work with it effectively.

  • 1 is all about new direction and forging a new path
  • It is quite masculine in nature and can indicate a going it alone path – or at least not letting anyone stop your forward progress or hold you back
  • Start new things and create a vision that will last the next 10 years. That sounds big! Don’t get overwhelmed, but what you start now has a 9 year cycle ahead of you. What BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) do you have in mind?
  • New starts can also be about meeting new people, finding new hobbies and new ways of being in the world
  • What new habits do you want to cultivate that are good for you?
  • Do you need to refresh your career path? (check out my life purpose workshop for that!)
  • Perhaps you need a new role in your current work?

Is something big or important ended in 2016, take time to grieve that loss sure, but remember that this now leaves a HUGE vacuum for 2017 to provide something or someone new into your life.

With Light

Debbie Pask