Remove any funky energy and improve the energy frequency and vibe in your private space

Most people don’t realize that their home or office environment can be filled with negative energy from stress, arguments, negative energy or work colleagues. This energy might not belong to you, yet it lingers. It can be previous occupants creating this energy disturbance, or sometimes, even trauma that has occurred years before you arrived there. In some cases, there can be a rescue spirit needing to move on and this stagnant energy can create exhaustion and fatigue, pulling on your own energy stores.

Can you feel a heavy energy or unsettling vibe around you, or in need of fresh new energies and ideas for a room, work area or an office space?

Check the Clear Your Energy From Your Home page by James Pask  here


A home or office energy clearing will set up the right intentions.


– Access the energetic boundaries of your private space (land, air etc.) and work out what residual elements, trauma, third-party energy or other interference that might be disturbing your peace.

– Work out what elements or which area needs harmonizing and balancing. After the surrogate session, James will discuss the results of the session and what has been achieved.

– James may request some items be added or removed to ensure your personal space is filled with positive light and new energy.


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James Pask will surrogate the home or office space into a person (a third party) using Holographic Kinetics – a technique that has been shown to dramatically improve the energy vibration and space.



“James has been called into some well-known magazine and advertising companies in Australia to clear out the past (failure) energy of business that had not succeeded and as a result had gone out of business, recently. The new magazine company was taking over the premises from the previously failed business and asked James to clear our any old stagnant pockets of ‘failure’ so that the move would transition successfully.

I called James in to do a Space Clearing on a home that I had up for sale (listing) that was not selling (which is unusual in the Sydney market where I am located) He did his ‘thing’ and within 2 weeks it sold. Prior to that people would come to the open home and walk in and walk out for months and months. When James explained to me what was going on energetically with the home and the land, it made complete sense why it wasn’t selling. I was blown away when James picked up that someone had been killed there 15 years ago (which I never told him about as I had only recently been told by the old neighbor at the last open home) and that energy was affecting the sale. Thank you, James! – if needed, I will be calling you, again.”

-Kim, Real Estate Agent from Australia

“ I had James do a remote space clearing in my home as it just had not felt right for some time. In fact, if I think about it, it hadn’t felt good since we moved here. The family has been disconnected, fighting and my husband and I were at the lowest point ever in our marriage where we even discussed separating. James indicated that there was an energy in the house left by the previous owners that were contributing to our situation (they had moved out because they were getting a divorce)and all their fighting and disharmony had left a ‘break-up’ energy in the house – and it was affecting us. I didn’t really think much of it at first ( not sure how much I believed it to be honest ) but almost instantly after James dis the session, the energy, and mood changed in our house. I couldn’t believe it! It was like we were a different family (back to our old selves).
Thank you, James – we are all so grateful! ”

-Sharon, USA

I was really drawn to having a house clearing with James & Debbie, and the shift in energy is amazing. The house isn’t as dark, feels like there’s more free space, it’s calmer and has a much more peaceful feel about it. What came up in the session was totally relative to what had been playing out here.
James also taught me Holographic Kinetics when I first did the training.

He’s brilliant at what he does and is a beautiful soul as well.
Thank you, James & Debbie. Greatly appreciate your work and your beautiful spirits.

– Linda Bizon, 2017