Available in person: Sydney and Coffs Coast 

Are you looking to let go of old belief patterns holding you back?

Science now proves that certain beliefs within the sub-conscious mind can create an “autopilot” that behaves badly and interferes with conscious goals and dreams. If you have read Dr Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief” you will gain an insight into the science behind how this works. It’s captivating stuff.

So we know we have 3 types of conscious-ness

1. Super Conscious = Spirit (all knowing)

2. Conscious mind = goal setting and dreams (lead pilot)

3. Sub-conscious mind = habits, beliefs and conditioning (autopilot)

The subconscious mind is responsible for many of our goals falling over as it simply has a mind of its own due to past experience, culture and parental conditioning.

What is Psych-K?

Psych-K is a cutting edge process that identifies any negative/limiting scripts within the subconscious mind (which controls your automated responses, values and beliefs) and re-programs in positive scripts that support your goals. The conscious mind creates goals and dreams but they can be thwarted if the sub-conscious mind has an old limiting belief that counteracts your goal. Debbie Pask and James Pask are both Psych-K practitioners working in Sydney and the Mid North Coast.

In Psych-K – you become the co-creator of setting new and empowering belief statements that will support any changes you want to make in life. Read more about Psych-K and where it originated from.

What does a session involve?

Establishing Negative behaviours and challenges
Creating new empowering belief statements
Reprogramming the new beliefs using the “New Direction Balance” or “Resolution Balance”.
Creating Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Goals that speak directly with your Subconscious brain

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Psych-K Sydney and Psych-K Coffs Harbour sessions are available with Debbie Pask or James Pask