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Mindfulness Meditations to energise your business life

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Designed for the conscious business person, choose which track you need daily and practice the art of mindfulness to super charge your business life and success.

About Zen Business

Zen Business is a meditation album using guided vocals embedded on a rich sound platform. Designed by a business person for business people.

Each track is customised by business topic and has accompanying music to engage and awaken a specific energy centre in the body relating to that topic. These energy centres (Chakras) are an ancient oriental system of energy flow and wellbeing. The music inspires an opening of that energy point so that both vocals and music blend together for the ultimate meditation experience.

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Product Description

Product Description

Mindfulness Meditations Music Tracks, their composition and their meaning. You will be posted out a copy of the Zen Business Audio CD in full hi resolution format.

1. Start the Workday – Base Chakra theme

Super-charge your energy for the day ahead and start with a calm, clear and motivated mind. For grounding and strength, this meditation guides you into a mountain landscape which energises and prepares the body for heightened awareness. Choose your theme for the day and gain a clear focus on your top priorities.

Music instruments: Bahai Bass Drum, Djembe, Mallet Bowls & Tibetan Tingsha Cymbals.

Base Chakra relates to vitality, earthing, career, material, community, tribe

2. Abundance & Receiving – Sacral Chakra theme

Great for bringing in the flow of support and resources. Align and replenish your energetic flow with a meditation landscape that involves sinking your entire body into a golden water pond. You will feel the infinite support of water bringing the support you require to help with abundance on all levels – people, financial, emotional, physical or spiritual.

Music instruments: Tibetan Singing bowls, Indian Tabla, Persian Santoor, Indian Sitar, Orchestral Tambourine.

Sacral Chakra relates to connection, creativity, inner child, emotional support, flow, relationships and boundaries.

3. Strength and Power – Solar Plexus Chakra theme

Recharge and renew your inner fire. Designed to power your central engine and strengthen immunity. Great for repairing the adrenals and any tiredness.

The visualisation involves a trip into the desert to receive purification and then lays your body on a rock to provide a solid energy flow through you central core system. The sun will revive you and reset your inner flame.

Music instruments: String section (Synth pad), Turkish Saz, Indian Sitar,

Bamboo Flute, Japanese Taiko Drums, Shakers

Solar Plexus relates to identity, power, will, strength, purpose, energy, self- esteem and vitality.

4. Creative Flow – Heart Chakra theme

Open up the creative spark of life within. Get the inspiration you need for creative projects & strategies in life and work. The heart centre is the most powerful in the body and houses your inner spirit. Cleanse yourself of any stagnation with a powerful visualisation that takes you into a giant lotus flower to rebirth that spark of life within. You will feel a letting go of old ideas and a fresh new creative flow.

Music instruments: Acoustic Guitar, West African Kora

Heart Chakra relates to love, joy, excitement, positivity, letting go, life force (prana), life purpose and passion and creative energy.

 5. Release Conflict – Throat Chakra theme

Let go of any negative energy, arguments or business blocks. Free up any attachments you are holding on to. Working deeply on the throat energy point, this meditation guides you into the fire to purify and let go of any tension you may be holding on to – whether self-created or an outstanding conflict with another.

With a wise fire chief and a journey into the lower earth, this meditation is self-therapy at its best.

Music Instruments: Tibetan Monk Ohm Drones, Tuvan Throat Singers, Jawharp, Persian Santoor, African Udu, Liquid Frame Drum (Synthesis)

Throat Chakra relates to communication, expression, will, truth, authenticity, releasing conflict, releasing old habits and creatively expressing the true you.

6. Release the Workday – Third Eye Chakra theme

Unwind from the busy thoughts and stresses of your work day. Brings you back into your body and out of the thinking brain with a meditation on a mountain with the sun setting. Both calming and releasing, you will see all of the busy-ness of the day being cut free from your 3rd eye energy point whilst you are getting recharged on the mountain side. Go to bed clear and clean from the crazy day.

Music Instruments: Ambient Chimes, Bamboo Flute, Gasong Drum

Third Eye Chakra relates to intuition, insights, strategy, vision, clarity and the ‘way’ you see the world.

7. Super Charge Your Sleep – Crown Chakra theme

Get a deep and nourishing sleep to repair your senses. Talk your body into a deep rhythmic pattern with a guided meditation in a tree trunk. Feel yourself being rocked to sleep by mother earth in this dreamy and deepening visualisation.

Music Instruments: Hang Drum

Crown Chakra relates to your higher self, soul connection, relaxation, etheric body, spiritual balance and insights.

We hope you find these meditations new and refreshing for the business world and beyond.

Relax and Enjoy

Debbie Pask x

About the Artists

Debbie Pine sized B&W


Debbie Pask – Meditation vocalist and mindful mentor

Debbie comes from a corporate board level advertising career where she learned the

art of meditation to de-stress and overcome health challenges and burnout. She now

works as a Mindful Business Mentor to help people balance the yin and yang in their

business life, to find balance and life purpose. Learn more about the programs and

tools Debbie offers beyond her meditation album Zen Business.

(Click here to find our more about Debbie Pask)


josh-wermutJosh ‘Schoix’ Wermut: Mixer, Sound Designer, Composer, multi-

Having worked under famed Beatles engineer Richard Lush on hundreds of projects for TV, Josh, then a 23 year old, began forging a name for himself as a freelance producer, immersing himself in London’s Urban and Dance scene, and working with such names as Seanie T (Roots Manuva), Estelle (Kanye West). Josh returned from the UK to base himself in Sydney were he continues to work in both the Music and TV arenas. To date, Josh has worked with an eclectic array of recording artists including Daniel Merriweather, Steve Spacek, Mark Pritchard, Jade Macrae, Tyrone Noonan, Luke Dickens, Aya Larkin, Tina Harrod, Human Nature, Disco Montego, Thirsty Merc, Nikka Costa……..

Josh dedication to music and audio and broad understanding of it’s architecture combine to allow him to adapt to any project to create a truly moving soundscape. Josh’s compositional TV credits include Bondi Rescue, Guerilla Gardiners, and Recruits 1 & 2.


Bek_WermutBek Wermut – Music Therapist

Bek Wermut started playing piano at the age of five and later went on to learn percussion and guitar. She completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in music and psychology in 2000 and went on to study music therapy in 2005. She has done extensive training in the use of rhythm for healing and wellness, and puts this into practice on a daily basis in her work as a music therapist. She also performs on various instruments with some of Sydney’s finest musical acts.


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