Monthly Webinar Wisdom Series with James and Debbie Pask


Grow your inner wisdom and metaphysical knowledge every month by joining our webinars. We provide cutting edge consciousness wisdom; we give you actions and we provide you with tools to deepen your spiritual experience.


Join our 1.5 hour monthly webinars, each with a different topic. This investment will arm you with guaranteed tools you can take away and apply in simple easy steps.
If you don’t love every minute of webinar value, we promise to return your investment promptly.
ACCESS the individual webinar/s you want below OR
CLAIM your access to the next 5 webinar series for just $99 .
And don’t worry, if you miss the webinar, you will receive a recording mailed to you shortly after. You will never miss out!


Product Description

Do you have a strategy for staying connected to your higher self?

Would you love an easy way to schedule in and access the spiritual wisdom you know you want and need?

Don’t have time to read those zillion books you have in mind?

We get you! Most of our clients tell us their spiritual connection and deepening of the inner self is really important to them yet, they rarely make the adequate time. In a busy cluttered world, where do you start?

There is an easy and simple answer. James and Debbie Pask have made it their life mission to study, practice and integrate spiritual and metaphysical wisdom to simplify these concepts into daily practices and easy to apply modern day teachings. With a 40-year combined experience in this field, Debbie and James can fast track your life experience.

Read more about Debbie and James.

BUY NOW $25 – AUG – Your Spirit explained – know who and what you are so you can affect the world around you
BUY NOW $25 – SEPT – Develop your own personal Spiritual code so you can attract the experiences you want
BUY NOW $25 – OCT – Communicate with the Spirit of the land, nature and animals around you
BUY NOW $25 – NOV – Self Expansion – understanding how to navigate your shadows and challenges to course correct your life
BUY NOW $25 – DEC – Your Medicine Totem Animal – how you can connect to cultivate success

BUY all 5 for just $99!


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