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$80.00 / month for 11 months with 1 month free trial

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Product Description

The Living Spirit Online Membership Program visit the webpage

Every month you will gain access to a lesson (see monthly topics below) that provides video education, audio meditations and activities to explore. Plus, there is a powerful reflection question to apply to your own life.

+ Video modules to inspire thoughts and learning.
+ Audio recorded meditations or healing journeys to practically apply a lesson.
+ Powerful reflection questions and or activity to try out so you can assimilate the lesson.

The 12-Month Module Program involves the following lessons and topics:

1. Who and What You Are?
2. ​​How You Create Your Reality
3. How your Past Lives Affect You In This Lifetime
4. You and Your Ancestors
5. How to Manifest What You Want
6. How to Connect to your Spirit
7. How Others Affect You and How You Affect Others
8. Connecting and Living From Spirit
9. The Knowing Field, Matrix, Dreamweave and Dreamtime
10. Living Spirit; Rise Above day-to-day Stresses
11. Everything is Alive and Universal Language of Spirit
12. Being a Conscious, Awake and Aware Human Being

Program Reminders and Policy:

Monthly payments of $80 paid in advance for a month ahead

  • You can pause your program access at any time.
  • You can cancel the next month payment at any time.
  • You get access to a private Facebook group to ask questions at any time.

If you refer a friend who joins the program, you get a month free of access. If you refer two, you get two months free and so forth. Refer 12 and you have a free year of access.

Terms and Conditions:

– First Month is FREE (30-Day TRIAL)
– $80 / Monthly Subscription (for the next 11 Months)
– You can cancel the next month payment at any time.


5 reviews for Living Spirit Online Membership Program

  1. Makensi (verified owner)

    This module really helped to reflect back to me some of the actions and feelings I have been feeding in my own relationship that could be brought to surface for me to take self-responsibility for rather the projecting onto another. Great to know!

  2. Gurudhan Khalsa (verified owner)

    Thank you James and Debbie for the journey and your vision. The course as a whole was a nice step by step of balanced understanding. I especially loved the animal stories shared in the final session, they seemed to open possibilities I have not experienced or given thought to before!

  3. Gurudhan (verified owner)

    James and Debbie, you do a great job of explaining the context for teachings and I continue to find the meditations quite powerful. Thank you! (Month 6 Reflection)

  4. Leander (verified owner)

    So having a little moment of excitement as I realise I can actually look at whatever issue is in my face at the moment and use the activities/ meditations etc in all the modules to clear/ change it in this life, past lives and down ancestral line – yay! 😍 so useful & practical – thanks James 🌈🌻
    – Leander from The Living Spirit Community Facebook group

  5. Melissa

    This online program is great! James is an excellent teacher. Living Spirit does an amazing job of teaching how the Universe operates and how we operate within the Universe. The complex concepts are delivered in a very clear and simple manner. I definitely recommend this program!

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