Life Purpose – 1 Day Workshop

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Are you looking to get focused, clear and passionate about your career or business? 

This One (1) day Workshop will deliver you a clear sense of meaning and purpose for your career PLUS give you the practical plan to go about building it.

Facilitated by Debbie Pask, Performance Business Coach and Life Purpose guide. You will go through a 2-STAGE process that starts with the inner spiritual work and finishes with a roadmap of actions. Read our client reviews below of past workshops.

Start heading toward your life purpose.

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Product Description

Debbie Pask talks about the Life Purpose Workshop


  1. Establish your life purpose
  2. Map that to a chosen career path
  3. Create your own career vision blueprint and more…

We have a proven process that maps your own life blueprint to your career blueprint – using a double strategy that is dynamic and guaranteed to move you forward.

Run by Debbie Pask, who has a background in both corporate advertising, business performance and energetic healing work, this workshop is a first of its kind and unique in that we combine energetic principles of soul purpose alongside savvy commercial business modeling.

  • Find out what really matters to you.
  • Establish your x-factor or unique gifts that create brilliance in your work.
  • Work out a way to make money doing something you love.
  • Reconnect with your current career and increase your success.
  • Transition with ease and grace to a new more rewarding job.

Combine PASSION + PRACTICAL TOOLS to build your vision within 24 hours leaving you with a clear and solid life direction on your path towards opportunity and success. This is not fluffy nor is it just logical. It is a hybrid process to ensure you are completely aligned with your business purpose.

This One-day Workshop is designed to bring out the inner business love within you and use practical tools to build your vision within 48 hours – leaving you with a clear and solid life direction and next steps. e.

Cost $195 per person

What is included for $195?

  • Pre-workshop review of your Astrology natal chart to review career alignments and personal challenges
  • Pre-workshop questionnaire to get some background information from you
  • 1 day of activities 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    Part 1 is the intuitive life purpose energy work – your blueprint established.
    Part 2 involves practical modeling and activities to build your next 1-2 years.
  • On the day, 1-on-1 time with Debbie (with any activities to complete – Debbie will help you arrive at the right outcomes)
  • All materials provided:  Workbooks, pens, vision board etc (you need to bring your own pics)
  • PR vision board activity that clearly defines your personal value and station, helping to further reinforce your goals

This value-packed Workshop will deliver a customized outcome for your career blueprint.

What does it look like?

The day will be a combination of both practical and meditative activities and teaching. The work will be very much about your own individual self and journey and will increase your confidence, happiness and sense of self as you get closer to your purpose.

Who is it suitable for?

Anyone looking to get clear on life purpose, maybe you have no idea or a maybe just a feeling?
People feeling stagnant in their career at any level of seniority and who want to reconnect
Business owners looking to create more abundance and gain a clear understanding of their value
Start-ups looking to identify their value and “why” statement
Those soul seekers looking to be heart connected to your work to make life much more interesting!

For further information contact Debbie 0419 251 655 or

Register your interest and we will advise you of the future dates coming up.


6 reviews for Life Purpose – 1 Day Workshop

  1. Attendee from March 2014 Workshop

    It contained many practical exercises to assist individuals to identify and clarify their life purpose. There was also practical business planning information for when you have worked out your “thing”. I was impressed with the workshop. I did enjoy the small group format.

  2. Attendee from March Workshop

    Lost. Miserable. Working too hard? Join Debbie on Life Purpose course to unlock the real you and to learn how to not work a day in your life and get paid for it!

  3. Attendee from March Workshop

    Deb is the real deal, gifted orator, compassionate communicator, clarification guru and creative inspiration. Go to her! You will not regret inspiring yourself to such an incredible level.

  4. Attendee from March Workshop

    Fabulous day full of relevant resources coupled with Debbie’s personal attention. Helping us all to clarify and crystalise our visions and the steps we need to take to get there. Empowering!

  5. Attendee from March Workshop

    Debbie’s workshop was insightful and inspiring. I feel ready to embrace my life’s purpose now more than ever.

  6. Attendee from March Workshop

    I feel inspired and motivated after today to take the leap into starting my own business. I feel confident that I’ve found my own personal and unique angle that will help differentiate my business concept.

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