Journey To Oneness – 1/2 Day Nature Retreat


Reconnect with yourself and the natural world at our One-Day Nature Retreat

A mix of structured activity, free-form conversations, healing journeys, meditations and timeout in nature to connect in and deepen your intuition, relaxation and self-awareness and healing skills.

NEXT Event Date: FEBRUARY 2nd 2020  (10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.)
Frenchs Forest, Scout Hall Sydney NSW
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Product Description

The One-day Retreat activities will start in the morning until the evening.
-Immerse yourself in nature and develop your spiritual self with experienced guidance.
-Hone your natural intuitive skills and take a needed reset and some time away from the mobile phone, your busy working life, and noise pollution.

Activities include:

  • Fire Gathering
  • Sound Healing
  • Mental de-cluttering Exercises
  • Meditation and Reconnection Journey
  • Earthing Practice and Nature Immersion Activity
  • Medicine Wheel Shamanic Journeying and many more!


“Our retreats are both practical and imaginative – giving you structure and earthiness to apply ancient knowledge, to reconnect with the inner you and to restore, rejuvenate and heal.”

-Debbie and James Pask (Your Retreat Hosts)







“The best way you could spend your Sunday!!! Discussions, Meditations, Aha moments, great people, incredible sound healing. Whether your journey is about healing, powering up or powering down this day retreat is a must. Thanks, Debbie and James” -Gav Kelso

“The one-day retreats are such a fantastic way to take some time to really nurture myself. Debbie and James facilitate a beautiful day of healing in a beautiful place with great people. Sound healings, fires, great information and plenty of time and space to just drop in and be.” -Leander Seddon

“What a wonderful experience. We covered so much in one day but at a perfect pace. Debbie and James are both so knowledgeable and wonderful, it was an absolute treat. I came away a lot wiser, grounded and feeling so positive. Looking forward to the next one.” -Lauren Gordon

“Another AMAZING one day retreat with Debbie & James! Thank you for the opportunity to remove the walls around my heart and experience a healing day of quiet, clarity and grounding. I’m patiently awaiting journey to oneness #3!” xx – Fiona Pedersen

“The one day retreat was the best “self-care” money I have spent in a long time. Just the right balance of learning, being connected / in nature and lovely people. It felt more like a spacious and relaxing 2 days not one.”

“A great day to get away and reconnected with yourself and nature.”

“Hi As I get older my wellbeing becomes so much more important as I wasnt taught this from a young age. I have never been able to “connect with myself” on a deeper level or “show up to my life” -All of Debbie’s and James work guide me and give me the tools to have a relationship with myself, be a present Dad and partner, be a better leader, a motivator, an instrument of change in a busy world. I will be a client – a participator – and part of the Debbie and James Tribe for ever!!!! – Love their work :-)”



3 reviews for Journey To Oneness – 1/2 Day Nature Retreat

  1. June Retreat attendee

    “Amazing experience. Location just amazing- a beautiful place to have this experience. Made me want to learn and explore more. Definitely will be doing more of these if offered.”

  2. June Retreat attendee

    “Attending James and Debbie’s Journey to Oneness Retreat was amazing. The activities were well paced, informative, and life-changing. I had some deep insights on the day which brought about deep spiritual insight, understanding and healing. I would be very interested in attending another retreat.”

  3. Fiona Pedersen

    The first one day retreat- “Journey to Oneness” was so wonderful! A stunning & idyllic location, getting back to nature for the day, reconnecting with myself, being still, learning, meditations and enjoying a day of grounding, surrounded by like-minded souls. I can guarantee there is no better way to start a rainy Sunday morning in nature than with an exhilarating sound healing!

    Whoa! Amazing! I cannot wait to return for Journey #2! Thank you Debbie & James, I owe you both so much.
    Big Love, Fiona xx (…and only 1 hour from home, it was almost too easy!)

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