Understanding Energy in Fertility Ebook


Get pregnant naturally using the energetic principles in this ebook. Designed to inspire and educate, it provides your own personal journal and plan to start your fertility journey.

This is more than an e-book, its a personalised workbook to journey your way to conception.

BONUS: Golden Egg Fertility Meditation (Value of $4.95)

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Product Description

Contents of the Energy and Fertility Ebook

Chapter 1 – You have the ‘right’ to be pregnant
Chapter 2 – Nobody wants to talk about it and anger at other women is really normal!
Chapter 3 – Don’t believe everything you are told
Chapter 4 – Understanding energy in the body
Chapter 5 – Pregnancy & Fertility: aligning the energy of your womb
Chapter 6 – Activities to stimulate the Sacral Chakra
Chapter 7 – Resolving bigger issues in the Sacral Chakra that might be holding you back
Chapter 8 – Your New Mindset & Approach
Chapter 9. Create your happy pregnancy experience today – workbook

Additional Reading
Chapter 10 – What miscarriages really mean?
Chapter 11 – It takes two to tango! What can my partner or husband do to help?
Chapter 12 – Further reading
Chapter 13 – FAQ’s

Medicine Wheel – a troubleshooting tool for resolving blocks


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