1.5 hours Animal Clearing with James Pask


Does your pet or an animal need some expert care and attention to heal?

  • A surrogate is provided for this session.

James Pask will surrogate your animal into a person (a third party) using Holographic Kinetics – a technique that has been shown to clearly communicate and establish the healing needed to remove any issues or trauma of the timeline of your pet and get them feeling better both emotionally and physically.

“Thank you for booking a coaching session with me! You have just honoured your Mind, Body and Spirit with a session to supercharge your life. Please read below some details about our cancellation policy and terms.”

Contact James Pask via email at james@rezinate.com.au or call /text him 0411 752 825 to arrange a time for your session once you have paid online here.



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Product Description

1.5 Hour Pet or Animal Clearing with James Pask

  • A surrogate is provided for this session.

Your animals and pets can be assisted using this unique healing modality to resolve behavioral and physical challenges. It could be a recent trauma or event, or an old habit that you need to help your animal resolve. You can also work on your animal when they are sick or have a physical ailment.

Does your pet or an animal need some expert care and attention to heal? 

Perhaps emotional distress and disturbance? (especially if that animal has been rescued or been somewhere else before) Physical issues? Visible signs of stressed behavior or clearing of a recent or past trauma that your pet might have experienced?…



Cancellation Policy

We know that you value your time and also ours, so we have a couple of rules around appointment cancellation. We are however flexible and will always take into account your individual situation before applying any cancellation fees as we understand that life and Spirit are ultimately flexible!

  • Less than 48 hours notice of cancellation will incur 50% fee (we will refund the 50% asap if paid upfront)
  • Less than 24 hours notice will incur the full fee (obviously any emergencies beyond your control will be credited for a future session)




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