Nothing is more natural than the gift of life.

Natural Fertility Healing and Energy healing with Debbie Pask are designed to help you fall and stay pregnant.

Unless there are genetic complications, every woman is naturally designed to be a giver of life. But sometimes it doesn’t seem that way, especially if couples try to conceive later in life. So what do we do when we can’t conceive?

We try to force the hand of nature. We use acupuncture and fertility management drugs. If these fail, we consider IVF – an invasive and unnatural process. All designed to ‘manufacture’ life, by planting the seed surgically. It’s expensive and it doesn’t always work. 

We offer a real alternative for natural fertility treatments and management. Our healing natural fertility treatments are far more natural than IVF, and in over 50% of cases has led to conception, followed by full-term pregnancy.

It costs a fraction of a typical IVF treatment, and typically takes three sessions, instead of several rounds of invasive IVF treatments. But best of all, it doesn’t force the hand of nature. If you’re struggling to conceive, and you’re looking for a natural alternative to medical intervention – We’re here for you!


“I would highly recommend Debbie’s fertility services. I first saw Debbie whilst I was struggling to get pregnant, I had been trying to conceive for 3 years, I had been through a number of medical procedures, fertility drugs, saw a Naturopath, had acupuncture but nothing seemed to work and no doctor could help me with the emotional side of it which I really struggled with. The first time I saw Debbie, she helped me so much by releasing negative energy from my body and giving me practical advice on what I needed to do and eat to help me conceive, all very easy and practical and within 4 months I was pregnant and had no morning sickness and the healthiest happiest baby. I cannot thank Debbie and James enough for their Reiki, advice, and support through this time.”

– Kim, Sydney 2011


Get the 41-page Fertility ebook and Workbook:  UNDERSTANDING ENERGY IN FERTILITY created by Debbie Pask that will give you a complete plan, both theory, and exercises to get you pregnant naturally.


Fertility Healing Embraces the Natural Gift of Life

Get the 41-page Fertility ebook and workbook: UNDERSTANDING ENERGY IN FERTILITY created by Debbie Pask that will give you a complete plan, both theory, and exercises to get you pregnant naturally.


Meet Debbie Pask

“After years of helping women conceive naturally with energetic healing and teaching, I have finally combined my wisdom into a simple book so that everyone can benefit.

I am very passionate about teaching women to believe that the body is naturally designed and wants to be pregnant. It is simply your job to allow the receiving and to support your energy to allow for natural fertility.”





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Understanding Energy in Fertility eBook



A package of 3 Healing treatments for 1.5 hrs each valued at $200 each. This includes the fertility energy healing treatment alongside a crystal to take home and bush flower essences for conception.


Once pregnant we suggest twice of follow-up healing sessions valued at $180 each to support your body to carry the baby.


“It is with pleasure that I write this unsolicited testimonial for Debbie. I first saw Debbie in mid-2011 after 5 years trying to conceive and 5 unsuccessful rounds of IVF. Initially, I sought Reiki treatments but very soon I also joined one of her meditation classes (which I continue to this day). Debbie helped me to identify some areas that I needed to work on energetically and some blockages that I needed to clear. With her expert healing & guidance, along with regular acupuncture and the marvels of modern medicine, I continued my journey. Fast forward to February 2013 (after 2 more cycles of IVF) and I am holding my12-week old twin boys in my arms. I marvel every day that my dream to become a mother has come true x 2! I feel truly blessed.

My pregnancy was trouble free! – no morning sickness, blood sugar or blood pressure issues – and I carried the boys to 37 weeks which is quite an achievement in a twin pregnancy. Both boys arrived safely weighing in at a healthy 2.3kg and 3kg. My recovery from the C-section (both babies were breech) was textbook and I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight just 3 weeks after the birth!” I know in my heart what a profound impact Debbie had on helping me to manifest the family that I longed for. Her kindness, understanding, and expertise helped me to maintain hope on a very long and painful journey when I otherwise might have given up. She is practical, down to earth and has an amazing gift that she shares willingly and generously.

I would encourage any other women traveling the same fertility journey to consult with Debbie. She is the “real deal” in an industry where many are not. I am so grateful that life ensured Debbie and I crossed paths. I look forward to continuing learning and developing with the help of Debbie’s classes. Here’s to making some more dreams come true, though let’s be serious, nothing will ever top my beautiful boys!”

-Kelley Johnson, February 2013

“An extraordinarily gifted healer, Debbie possesses a unique gift in facilitating healing for women in fertility and pregnancy. I have experienced some extraordinary Reiki sessions with Debbie during my pregnancy, her insights to the pregnancy are always spot on. As an Australian Bush Flower practitioner I had self-prescribed myself a range of flower essences for balancing my reproductive system and in particular, my menstrual cycle which had become increasingly painful and I suffered heavy bleeding every month. I had great success with She Oak essence and my cycle was restored to balance. My husband and I wanted children but were forever saying ‘we’re just not quite ready yet’ until we decided that there was no ‘perfect’ time better than the present, particularly as I was 35 turning 36 and my husband was 41. We stopped using contraception and a month later I still got my period – we were surprised it didn’t just happen. Around 2 months later I saw Debbie for a Reiki right at the time I believe I was ovulating. During the Reiki, I had an incredible sensation that Debbie had connected the nourishment of the energy of Mother Earth and her garden to my base chakra. I had the sensation that my abdomen was flooded with fertile energy and had become a fertile garden. Some two weeks later I found out I was pregnant. At this time a Chinese medicine practitioner told me that I should not be pregnant and that I was at risk of not being able to hold the baby to full term, Debbie was a shining light of positivity. She looked at me and told me adamantly that I would be having this baby. Time and time again this is what she would say to me. I am now in the 39th week of what my Obstetrician says is a very healthy pregnancy. Debbie has been the most wonderful healer during my pregnancy. She undoubtedly has a unique and powerful ability in the area of reproductive health and healing for women, which I have not come across in other healers before. Debbie comes with my highest recommendation!” 

-Cali Prince, Sydney 2011 

“…Hi Debbie, I just wanted to thank you for the support you have given me on my long journey to add to my family. I came to you broken, after 3 1/2 painful years of trying to conceive a second child. I had all but given up. We had tried 5 rounds of unsuccessful IVF and had 3 heart-wrenching miscarriages. A friend recommended I come and see you. I was highly skeptical having never had Reiki before but reaching desperation and willing to try anything I booked an appointment. Meeting you was the turning point in my life. I“ll never forget after our first session you looked me in the eyes and told me to stop trying IVF it wouldn’t work for me…I was devastated, I thought I would never have another baby – then as my tears started to roll you told me I would fall pregnant with a boy in a few months then quite quickly after that I would fall pregnant with a little girl. I left confused but optimistic, I so wanted to believe my dream would come true. 2 months later I fell pregnant with a little boy and as you know we just gave birth to our gorgeous little girl (2 children under 17 months)…you were right. You have become an integral part of my life and the lives of so many of my friends who I have sent to you, all of whom sing your praises. I am forever indebted to you for your wisdom and your gift of healing, my life is so much better for having you in it.”

Penny Valentine, May 2011