Liz Patrick

Liz low res Fertility Energy Healer

Areas of expertise

Energy Fertility Healing

Mothers & Infants Counselling & Energy Work

What drives me? Mums and Bubs

My Quirky stuff:
Most indigenous cultures use animal totems (symbolism) to align their gifts with. I connect deeply with this idea and use this to develop my working style.

THE DOVE – as a sister to the Phoenix, Dove is the feminine version of rebirth. The peaceful beauty of compassion, love and promising lightness and connectedness.

Liz Patrick’s Qualifications and Experience

  • Registered Nurse
  • Qualified Midwife
  • Diploma Holistic Counselling and Life Care
  • Certificate in Holistic Life Coaching
  • Certificate in Meditation
  • Reiki levels I and II
  • Workshops in: Energetic Healing Techniques, Past Life Regression (Dr Brian Weiss), Infant and Family Health, Yoga
  • 3 years of Meditation and Intuitive Development –Debbie Pask
  • Personal Mentoring by Debbie Pask: Reiki Master/ Healer

Liz’s Story

Liz worked as a Registered Nurse for over 25 years in Multidisciplinary areas including Accident and Emergency, Operating Theatres, Maternity Units and Specialist Rooms. Liz’s life path has also led her to explore different healing modalities. She believes that we all have within us the knowledge of what we need to help heal ourselves from within.

“My experiences working within the often limiting boundaries of conventional medicine led me to the conclusion that if a more holistic approach was adopted it would maximise our health and well being.

I love to give guidance and support to clients to assist them to get in touch with their true essence from a mind, body, soul and spirit perspective where by they ultimately become empowered.

I am particularly passionate about the belief of the preciousness of motherhood and the need to support women through their fertility journey into motherhood and beyond. Babies are our gift to the future.”

Fertility Energy Healing Crows Nest and North Shore available, contact us [email protected]