Life Coaching Coffs Harbour

Visit our coaching practice in Repton (15 mins south of Coffs Harbour) for a Life Strategy Session.
Whether you are seeking to resolve a life challenge or build an opportunity, the old way of devising a rational and logical plan is often not going to deliver the level of brilliance that you need or deserve.
Our Mantra: Make decisions with your heart (intuition) and execute with your brain (logic).
True brilliance and real power comes from accessing the intuitive heart and creative ‘knowing’ that exists within you and working to stay “on path” with this energy.

debbie-pask  Work with Debbie Pask – to master your life path.

1. Set a big life goal or dream and work with me to make it a reality – using neural techniques and more

2. Solve a problem – whether that be a career change, establishing your life purpose, letting go of old baggage or a relationship – or any challenge that life is presenting you

3. Master Mindfulness – learn to stay at point zero – that centered place of confidence, happiness and meaning.


Life Coaching Coffs Harbour Sessions – Single

1.5 hour sessions valued at $150 each. If you have a specific goal in mind, try a package below.

Coaching Coaching Coffs Harbour – Packages

Master Mindfulness $250 per month (consistency is key; recom. min 3 months but no lock in fees)
2x 1 hour coaching sessions each month to stay in flow
Free program extras included – meditation exercises and mindfulness practices
Manifest your Goals $299 per month (focused result; recom. min 3 months but no lock in fees)
2x 1 hour coaching sessions each month to stay in flow
Free goal setting tools, templates and manifestation activities
Weekly email correspondence avail to stay on track
Solve a Life Challenge $330 per month (more intensive; recom. min 2 months but no lock in fees)
1x 1.5hour coaching session each month to set strategies and death off the old
2 x 30 minute counseling sessions throughout the month to manage stress, fear or pressure as you go + provide support to any transition
Free tools including release ceremonies, shadow work and more as required to support you
Career Transition or Life Purpose $380 per month (Fast track process; recom. min 2 months but no lock in fees)
2x 1.5hour coaching session each month to go through the life purpose process
Focused sessions with homework in between to drive you toward a better and happier working life
Free tools including life purpose circles, Astrology chart review and more as required to support you

Fees can be paid fortnightly or monthly (cost includes all tools and notes).

These powerful packages are designed for people wanting to find a deep place of inner strength and a clear sense of self. Our life coaching sessions and tools help you tap into the immense power of your own self to ensure you are living on-purpose and authentically; creating a happier and healthier YOU with stronger connections and increased ability to cope with the stresses of modern life.

Life coaching sessions involve a two stage approach:

Death – of an old pattern, way of thinking or being that no longer serves you
Rebirth – bringing in the new part of yourself, new ideas, new thoughts and patterns
We live in a time of expanding consciousness and we know, more than ever, that there is more to us than just the MIND and BODY. We have a powerful SPIRIT or ENERGY that runs through us and we can photograph this internal electricity as well as harness it. Considering our very DNA is changing as the sun gets closer to the Earth there are a number of ways we can act to be exceptional and to find a deeper understanding of our life path. Why? To give us purpose, a stronger sense of self, a free Spirit and the momentum to drive home projects that are in our hearts. This SPIRIT of ours also provides us with deeper connections to ourselves (health & wellbeing) and other people (beautiful, non-toxic relationships).

How do life coaching sessions work?

All sessions are tailored to the individual and we use a range of tools and processes to help you on your path, such as:
Medicine Wheel – native American Indian tool to troubleshoot issues and highlight lessons and growth taking place
Intuitive Scale – an intuitive/emotional rating tool to establish what your inner self ‘really’ wants (cutting through the mental clutter)
Psych-K – a way of altering limiting beliefs and placing new positive subconscious beliefs into your mind
Life Purpose work – process which takes you through your core identity, challenges, unique gifts and hence personal ‘soul’ purpose
Shadow Flipping – review your perceived negative patterns and how they can be integrated with you and lose their power
Our Coffs Harbour life coaching & strategy sessions work on a very personal level and help you to understand and harness the power of your own Spirit (life force). Our approach is earthy and grounded – giving you education and tools to create a stronger and more confident self.