James Pask

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James Pask

Metaphysical Teacher and Holographic Kinetics Practitioner

James Pask has a natural passion and love for bringing your mind and body back into alignment with your Spirit and we are always studying new and interesting things to tell people about.

james@rezinate.com.au |  Contact at 0411 752 825

Tools and Processes James employs:

Holographic Kinetics

A cutting-edge therapy designed to make changes to the metaphysical which then translates to the physical. Involves past life regression therapy, ancestral RNA healing, releasing trauma from this life and more.

russian and dna cellular healing

Based on the work of Grabavoi, be prepared to start talking to your organs and body systems for repair.

Universal Nature Principles

Based on the indigenous understanding of the source field and the cross over off Mental, Physical and Spiritual bodies – to make changes in the visible world.

Mindfulness Techniques

Building awareness and alpha flow in everyday life to think, decide and act with more presence.

Kinergetics and Kinesiology

Energy meridian work and muscle testing to restore body functions back to their optimal charge.

Body Code and Emotion Code

Based on Dr. Bradley Nelson’s work using the Body Healing library matrix to target and correct energy imbalances.


Removing limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind through a cutting-edge technique as recommended by Dr. Bruce Lipton (cellular biologist) in his book “The Biology of Beliefs”..

Energy Meridian Work

Using the ancient Indian knowledge system of the chakras (energy meridians) to link any mind-body effects of stress, conflict, and indecision.

Body Anatomy Diagnosis 

Based on the energy principles behind the illness, understanding why things manifest physically to affect the body and working on emotional corrections for healing.

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “James Pask is an amazing individual and a very compassionate healer. His readings are incredibly accurate and very comprehensive and his Reiki sessions are fabulous for the soul.”

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Thanks, Debbie for the Reiki treatments recently. I came to you stuck in a place that was extremely difficult to shift by my self. I have tried many natural therapies over the last twenty years and rarely do I come across practitioners that are as skilled as you are. After our session, I felt immediate relief from a deep place, with our practitioners this may have taken many sessions. Your insights gained from our session were spot on and immensely helpful, my confusion and anguish have been transformed into clarity and peace. I can’t thank you enough and will be definitely recommending you to others.”

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Hathor is doing really good! Her cough started to diminish since the first day of the session, she cough less and less as days pass, and yesterday was the first day without a cough. She seems happier and much more playful, she reminds me now the way she used to be in her early years of life. She is not eating as much, just the right amount.”

    2016, Animal Clearing Client

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “We were three years into taking on a new business and were really struggling. Operating the business out of our home was tough especially as any new business opportunities we seemed to attract were sketchy at best and consistently failed. We were operating week to week with four employees and it was stressful, to say the least. We were willing to try anything and when Debbie suggested James visit we agreed. James cleared our business but also our home. It was an extraordinary experience that profoundly moved us.

    The change was instant. It seemed that light and life were abundant in our home and the heavy stress had gone. The next day was Saturday. We rarely get friends spontaneously dropping into our home but that weekend 20 individual people dropped in as they were ‘just driving past’. It was crazy.

    Monday the phone began to ring with solid new business opportunities. That was two years ago and we haven’t looked back since. Thank you, James. You saved us!”

    Business Clearing Client

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “Hi, James! After our session yesterday, I certainly wasn’t sure what to expect. Although think I am in a state of spiritual awakening, still am very much a believer of what my mind can comprehend or can be logically argued. However, when I went to bed last night I felt my back and hip pain was less than I expected especially as I had done some heavy duty work in the garden that morning. During the night I got up once and was a bit amazed that pain was probably 50% of normal. I woke and got up to about 20% of normal and right now after sitting in the car for 6 hours (normally a killer) have almost no pain. Not sure what’s going on but looking forward to next session on Wednesday.

    Cheers, Best wishes and a huge thank you”

    Holographic Kinetics client

  • James & Debbie Pask

    “I contacted James for a healing session on my dog, Kimba, as she was licking her back legs to the point where all the fur was gone and it was down to raw skin. We had her to the vet and tried creams, and were also told to place the cone on her head to prevent her from licking the area, but after having the cone on for 2 weeks, at a time over several weeks, Kimba would start licking again as soon as the cone was removed. I had a feeling that there was something else going on that may have been energetic in nature. James did the session via distance, as I am in Melbourne and he is in Coffs Harbour. James did this via what he described to me as a surrogate healing. What came up in the session was that Kimba had taken on a negative energy from our neighborhood whilst trying to protect myself and my daughter from harm. It was literally insider her and she was trying to get it out and the only way she knew how licking etc. James removed this energy from Kimba and she has stopped licking. Kimba is much happier, and slowly returning to her old self, her wounds are healing and her fur is growing back. Thank you for saving our dog, Kimba!”

    Melbourne, Australia - Animal Clearing Client

Qualifications & Experience

  • Interspecies and Animal Communication – South Africa – with Anna Breytenbach (see video on Spirit the black panther)

  • Family and Systemic Constellation Therapy – Matt Dilges

  • Sensory-Motor Art Therapy – for therapeutic healing (overcoming trauma)

  • Certified Holographic Kinetics Practitioner – based on Steve Richards Aboriginal Dreamtime modality

  • Holographic Kinetics – teacher of several courses on behalf of Steve Richards (creator/founder) 2015 – 2017

  • Philosophy I and Temples of the Soul Training – with Tom Brown Jnr

  • Seven Levels of Quest – Trained with Malcolm Ringwalt in the 7 vision quest journeys to self-mastery

  • Mentoring Calls/Lessons with Malcolm Ringwalt – “storms of chaos”, “rivers of law”and “oceans of grace”

  • Frank Ansell – training with “Ngangkari” Aboriginal healer from Alice Springs

  • Russian Genome Healing Course (based on Russian miracle workers – Dr. Arcady Petrov and Gregori Grabavoi)

  • Body Code and Emotions Code – Self paced study and member access based on Dr. Bradley Nelsons work

  • Kinergetics I & II & III – work of Phillip Rafferty

  • Meditation Teachers Training Intensive

  • Psych-K Certified Facilitator – transforming limiting beliefs

  • The Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays

  • Spirit Dance Chakra workshops

  • Professional Reading Training

  • 7 years of Intuitive & Psychic Development Classes

  • Crystal healing workshops

  • Abundance Mastery Training

  • NLP and Hypnosis training

  • Many years’ training and study with Don Tolman – the Wholefood Medicine Man


Get to know James

What drives me? 
Gifting people with the amazing knowledge of self-healing through non-traditional methods; using the readily available physical and spiritual nutrition of the Earth to resolve core health issues within people.

What animal most represents me? 
The Wolf. He has an innate connection to both people and teaching how to live in synchronicity with the earth.

My element is EARTH. 
The earth is our ultimate Mother!

How can you work with James?

James works with the metaphysical world. Everything that is alive and has a Spirit, you, your family, your land, your animals, your business and your house. James will draw from a multitude of different healing modalities and indigenous wisdom to make changes to the invisible world so that it can alter the visible world (or physical).

You can choose to connect with James via private sessions, online spiritual programs, webinars and resources such as meditations and books or you can email James for more inquiries and questions at james@rezinate.com.au

12 Month Living Spirit Program

Ready to start your deep dive into your own healing and spirituality?