Grace: Why We Need This To Live A Mindful And Happy Life.

This old fashioned word is making a comeback!

I heard the word ‘grace’ bandied around occasionally when I was growing up, and it always felt religious or old fashioned- something a stuffy old lady might say at a high tea party.

However, this word has really rebirthed itself recently and I feel it is important more than ever to understand what it means and see why it is so critical to master in our modern day world to be at our best.

The actual definition of GRACE is this:  courteous good will or smoothness and elegance of movement.

I would like to focus on the second definition. That, being smoothness and elegance of movement – wow! what a concept, hey?

Why are Grace and Elegance so fundamental to our life today? Well, to blunt, we often lack it!

We are rushed, busy, jagged, sometimes unhealthy and often not present in the moment. We have to face loads of challenges daily. (Other people’s energy, financial issues, relationship challenges, work stress, physical fatigue and health issues) and we can either choose to do this with grace and elegance or none at all!

Managing our personal challenges with grace means that we hold our center and we are composed in our mind, our body and most of all, our spirit. Grace gives us smooth movement and flow and it allows us gentleness, poise, and strength.

We should be chasing the idea of Grace and mastering it!

So how do we go about this?

Here are my TOP 5 TIPS:

1. Connect to nature more, it slows us down and is a shining example of grace. What does connecting with nature involve? Sitting in natural landscape and just paying attention to the incredible ecosystem going on around you… ex the phone, other people (unless they sit quietly next to you) and your worldly duties!

2. Eat well. It sounds obvious but use the 80/20 rule when eating as it makes a profound difference to how you feel and how you manage your life with grace. 80% ex-sugar, alcohol, refined grains and fried foods. 20% of the time, be indulgent if you like but remember that food with sugar in it throws you out of grace as quickly as a swift kick in the guts!

3. Self-reflection. We need to be evolving beings that can look at our life from a higher self-state and recognize the patterns playing out. We need to commit to doing the work on ourselves and finding a clearer and more focused way to find our inner self. Our journey inwards brings us closer to grace.

4. Compassion. This word means that we view the word without taking on the stress or burden of other people, or without feeling like we are the victim. Practicing compassion means we see with eyes that aren’t categorizing our life experiences into right or wrong. Rather we see life as a classroom of learning and course correction without feeling caught up in being a saint or a victim!

5. Respect is key. Everything is alive. We need to respect that all things in this world are living beings – that includes people, animals, trees, flowers, rocks and more… We need to allow everything external to us its own unique expression and pulse without us feeling like we are more or less than. When we are all equal and connected to the one source, we truly value everything around us as if it were our own arm or leg. This feeling is the smoothest place you could ever be in!

Moving towards our own peace, our own elegance and our own state of grace are our life work at Rezinate. We designed a 4-Day Retreat around how to get closer to this place; out in nature, doing self-wor, learning how everything is alive and practicing deep compassion for yourself. Pure bliss!

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