If you’re looking for a fresh way of addressing an old problem (whether it be physical or emotional), Energy Healing will work on a deeper and more internal level to create the shift you need.

What is an Energy Healing Session?

Energy Healing session is an intuitive process that shortcuts the rational, left brain process and works on a deep level with your Spirit (infinite consciousness) so that you integrate change and healing from the inside out.
Science has now proven that our body is not solid and that we are energy molecules vibrating at a
very quick speed and therefore appear to be solid.

Energy Healing helps people with:

✓ Creating better relationships with lovers, friends, and family

✓ Providing a stronger and more confident inner self, creating life strategies to enhance well-being.

✓ Resets the body and mind when they are feeling off-beat.

✓ Clearing blockages for physical, mental and emotional.

✓ Answering questions about life challenges.

✓ Letting go of past trauma or conflicts.

How does Energy Healing work?

It involves placing the hands on particular meridians and hotspot points of the body (known as chakra energy points) and activating the universal light and life force energy that already exists in you. This allows the body to recharge its batteries and heal itself from the inside out. Energy healing aims to clear away stuck energy and create a strong and flowing channel through your body to open up your heart center, creativity and intuition.

Our Energy Healing Session combines:

Auric Cleansing | Harmonic Chimes and Crystals | Shamanic Journey

*Sessions always involve a mini reading/ analysis of what the healing suggests and these deep insights can be quite life-changing as they bring to the surface important life lessons.

Get to know James Pask

Metaphysical Teacher & Holographic Kinetics Practitioner

James Pask has a natural passion and love for bringing your mind and body back into alignment with your Spirit and we are always studying new and interesting things to tell people about.

Debbie Pask – Energy and Performance Coach

Debbie works with Coaching and Energy work to get you aligned and transformed.











Energy Healing is used for helping people overcome energy blocks that affect them physically: health issues and diseases , emotionally and mentally: stress, fatigue and anxiety.


“Thanks Debbie for the Reiki treatments recently, I came to you stuck in a place that was extremely difficult to shift by myself. I have tried many natural therapies over the last twenty years and rarely do I come across practitioners that are as skilled as you are. After our session, I felt immediate relief from a deep place, with other practitioners this may have taken many sessions. Your insights gained from our session were spot on and immensely helpful, my confusion and anguish have been transformed into clarity and peace. I can’t thank you enough, and will be definitely recommending you to others”

-Richard Prince

“James Pask is an amazing individual and a very compassionate healer. His readings are incredibly accurate and very comprehensive and his Reiki sessions are fabulous for the soul.”

-Kanchi Williams