The Different Styles of Meditation

Many people get caught up in the word meditation and what is the best way to meditate. I think the best way to understand meditation is to first ask this question?

What is meditation designed to do?

Quite simply it is to silence the logical inner chatter and bring about a more intuitive and expansive mindset whereby we can be more creative, more present and still. Why? Because in this deeper state of awareness, we navigate life a whole lot better. We solve challenges better and we enjoy the experiences in the moment to a greater level of richness.

How does one go about meditating?

There are lots of fancy names out there for meditation; transcendental, breath meditation, kelee meditation, body awareness meditation, zen meditation and loads more. When you break it down, meditation fall into two main types;

  1. Vipassana – which is all about clearing the mind of judgment and becoming still and aware of the moment unfolding around us. We lose attachment to these thoughts and attempt to create space and stillness. In my opinion, this is a harder meditation to master as just asking ourselves to be still and aware can be hard to master when we have the monkey mind challenge! Therefore, it is easier to start with the second type of meditation and then move on to this one after.
  2. Samata – which all is about creative focus and visualization on a particular story or object. Whether it is a sacred diagram, symbol, guided landscape journey or color or word… we learn to apply our technique of creative focus to engage the thoughts to exclude all other thoughts or inner chatter creeping in. Once you master this (and this is what I teach people to do), you can then apply the focus skills to the vipassana style and you will find it much easier to hold… Samata style can also be a moving meditation such as tai chi or surfing, in that the person is holding a creative focus in their mind and their body. We must remember though to have no logical outcome parked up ahead to reach, otherwise, our meditation becomes taken over by the end goal and we cannot stay in the present moment of awareness and stillness.

Meditation is the key to developing your intuition and skills of tuning into your higher self. We must navigate the mind chatter to arrive at a place where we can receive messages clearly and insightfully. Without these skills, connecting to our Spirit is tricky and it can be hard to decipher whether we are listening to our inner spirit or our inner critic or ego.

Want to be more intuitive and creative and spiritually minded? Master the art of meditation and watch the messages flow.


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  1. I find this article very informative. Vipassana is quite popular in my country. They offer various sessions for beginners, advance and gurus for free.

    Thank you for such a well written informative article.

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