How to connect to your Higher Self

A lot of people ask me this question ‘How can I connect more to my Higher Self?’ I think it is a great question, and loads of people expect a long spiritual ‘to do’ list showing how to separate more from the daily life of the physical and material world and escape to a higher and better place of thinking and being. That somehow, this is a more noble and serious quest for our own personal truth and clarity.

Of course, meditating and spending the time out of normal daily life to reflect upon the mystery of our existence is a lovely way to feel part of something greater. And it certainly develops a strong connection to our spiritual self. We need those moments of spiritual quests to give us the insights and space we need. However,  many people don’t realise that connecting to the higher self really does require a CLEARER pathway of expression through our BODY and our MIND into this three-dimensional world we live within.

Our body and our mind are wonderful channels of expression that we, as humans, have been given (gifted) to explore this physical dimension and place. We have been supplied our very own unique spacesuit to live and breathe in here. So, the mission to explore this spacesuit and what it can do will bring us closer to our higher self in so many ways. What use is a voicebox without a throat to sing from? What use does a heart have without a body to pump blood through? What use is a Spirit roaming around on earth unless it can manifest into the mental or physical world?

Our physical vehicles can clog our ability to connect with the higher self or open up a channel for communication. Our mind can be cluttered with thoughts and negative emotions and therefore block messages coming from our higher self. Alternatively, if our mind is clear and peaceful, we can hear the stirring of our core passions and personal truth. Our mission should be to have a clear body and a clear mind so we can tune in, listen and synchronise our mind and body to the wisdom of our deepest intuitive Spirit within.

What does it take to have a clear and non-toxic body?
Here are some good starting places;
– we listen to our body daily and ask it what it needs; food, exercise and so forth
– we place good quality fuel in it so that it doesn’t need to work so hard and become distracted by digesting toxic matter (this certainly slows down spiritual connection)
– we move daily to get a rhythm and flow as movement is life
– we tune into and engage our senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell
– we are kind to our bodies and rest when tired
– we use our hands creatively by doing the activities that bring us joy

What does it take to have a clear and non-toxic mind?
Learn to train your mind into a place of peace;
– practice observing your thoughts and notice the patterns occurring without judgement
– spend time alone, so you can gain your own balance without always carrying anyone else’s energy
– be mindful of who you spend time with and make decisions to surround yourself with friends, colleagues and family that empower you (not drain you)
– work out what your top and most important values are and make decisions that support and honour these values (this keeps your compass pointing north)
– work out where in life you are judging yourself and seek ways to develop  a better and kinder relationship to yourself with no judgement and negative self-talk
– spend time understanding your neural pathways, thought patterns and how the mind works so you can work with it, as opposed to being a slave to it – it is after all one of our most powerful assets