Energise your plans for 2016

How can you make the most out of the next 12 months? Here is my little methodology below; it is not about resolutions or loads of goals. I do this every year and it seems to work every time for me.

It starts with INTENTION

Choose 3 themes to focus on for 2016 (it can be 1 or 2, but keep it to no more than 3 in total)

e.g. Creativity – needing more creative expression in your life

e.g. Adventure – wanting to explore outside your comfort zone

e.g. Planning – wanting to get more organised in life

e.g. Career – wanting to make the next steps

e.g. Health – resolving a health issue or feeling more vital and energised

e.g Love/Connection – feeling more supported, connected and loved in the world

There are 100’s to think about – but choose what THEMES are important to you.

Then add in FOCUS

Where in your life can you inject those themes through actions – e.g. with creativity people often think it is blocked into chunks of personal time like painting or art etc. But stretch these themes into work (how can you do more creative {thinking/strategic/innovative}  tasks at work), into your life (cooking, gardening, designing, photography, writing, music),  into relationships (spending times with friends doing creative stuff together), into your communication (finding creative ways to communicate) and more.  

Try adding some of these ideas or actions into your diary to remind you to do them. I always colour code my diary into green (health), pink (fun), orange (learning), blue (work tasks) and yellow (travel)…

Reflect on HABITS

What 2 habits do you need to STOP doing to meet your intended themes…

e.g. I need to STOP saying “yes” to demands on my time (so i have the time to get my life organised and in order)

What 2 habits do you need to START doing to meet your intended themes…
e.g. I need to commit to exercise three times per week minimum ( to meet my health focus)

This is a good exercise to see what you were doing last year that worked against you achieving these plans.

every 3 months on your themes to see how on track you are and if you can see what challenges are holding you back. Once you pinpoint any blockages, work out ways to let go of these blocks in ways that are kind to yourself. This might mean therapy, coaching or some great D&M’s with people close to you for some feedback.

e.g. If my exercise plans fall over – do i need an accountability partner to exercise with or a personal trainer to support me? What do my friends and family see as my biggest hurdles to getting fit?

for staying energised about your THEMES

  1. Don’t judge yourself for supposedly failing at your attempts; try a different path to success if one doesn’t work out
  2. Seek support outside of yourself; we are not meant to do everything alone are we?
  3. Remember that you can meet your goals by energetically manifesting them (meditation, lucid dreaming, thinking positively) as well as logically manifesting them (doing the physical actions that bring you closer to it)
  4. Ensure your themes/goals are in line with your personal values; if one of your values is REST and RELAXATION – don’t attempt to meet your career goals by working 14 hour days!
  5. Review your progress and do some self work; if your themes tend to be the same each year and you never seem to grasp that thing or feeling – then perhaps start to seriously look at your limiting beliefs, blocks and trauma holding you back
  6. Make them exciting and personal – if your heart isn’t engaged, then using willpower to force your themes is a hard and clunky battle
  7. Lastly; expect some level of discomfort. Change always brings the unknown and will leave you feeling a bit vulnerable. Expect to feel uncomfortable sometimes.

Letting Go of a Bad Relationship

Have you been feeling like a whole bunch of stuff is coming up to deal with towards the close of the year? Relationship blockages, physical issues, career stagnation and more?

Having worked with thousands of clients over several years, one thing I see every year around round Christmas time, is a build-up of old (and bad) energetic attachments that need to be let go. We all experience it to different levels and if you have done a lot of personal development work to clear out old patterns, relationships or belief systems not working for you, then you will be having an easier go of it.

It starts creeping up a bit in October, but November and December seem to be the pressure months to make any changes. Think of it like a personal spring clean so you can start the New Year bright and fresh. The theme appears to be around the BASE chakra energy point which relates to your tribe (relationships/support), career/money and body. What is not working will probably manifest physically so be mindful of any body aches and think about what emotional blockage that relates to.

2 Key Things to Change – and How to Change Them

I would suggest you look at TWO key things in your life;

  1. Your top VALUES (what is intrinsically fundamental to how you live) – think about what are the key things (showstoppers) you need to live a happy life. For example, living near the ocean, connecting to nature, active social life, health regime, working in a career that has meaning, freedom, unconditional love, peace, feeling connected and loved, certain level of income, soul-mate relationship, family or travel etc.
  2. Your GOALS – what are your top 2 super-exciting goals that you would like to head towards? What are you heading toward personally or professionally that would make your heart sing?

List your top 5 value & your top 2 goals.

After completing the your list, answer these questions:

  1. What beliefs or perceptions do you currently have that hold you back from living this kind of life every day?
  2. Who in your life might be restricting your ability to meet your goals or values?
  3. What sorts of things (or habits) are you doing that prevent you from the goal or value you seek?
  4. Where do you need more support to help you achieve your goals and values?
  5. What really do you need to release from your life to free you up to bring these dreams in next year?

Think about these questions and make the necessary plans to LET GO of anything holding you back.

4 Ways on How to Let Go

  1. Reflect – the more we are aware of it, the more we can resolve it (sometimes the body just wants acknowledgement) or at least monitor the thought until it frees up
  2. Ceremony – our western brains don’t have many ways of letting go and bypassing the brain to do it. Try an indigenous ceremony by lighting a fire and burn up any old emotions or thoughts that need a nice little funeral and goodbye ritual
  3. Habit – Take one unhealthy habit out of your life and replace with ONE healthy habit as the first step in your commitment to yourself.
  4. People – if you are dealing with letting a relationship go (friend, lover, family member, colleague or so forth), check out my new online program “Letting go of negative relationships” that will super-charge your letting go results with a 4 step energetic process to cut chords.

Make next year count and start your letting go process whilst the energy is geared up for release!

What is Your Creative Gift?

Many of us don’t think we are creative, because we are bench marking ourselves against the “traditional” arts such as painting, music and design. This would be a false assumption!

Fact #1 We all have something we are incredibly good at – it may not appear as a more obvious creative quality, but it is there waiting for your attention and to launch out in full force.

Fact #2 Most of the time, this creative gift is very personal to us and we fail to look within deeply and honour that attribute for the unique skill it is.

Fact #3 When we utilise and respect this unique inner gift, we are accepting our full authentic self and this brings more confidence and courage in life and work.

So, how do we find our own unique creative self and bring it into it’s full expression?

  1. Understand where creativity lives
    Your creativity is one of your inner “yin” gifts. What is yin? It is that inner self, your spirit and your unique blueprint. The natural qualities you embody and live your life by. What people love about you and what you do well. Your creativity could be expressed in any of these ways if you just open up your heart and look…
    – Art and design (obvious) – but think beyond painting to interior design, jewellery making, hair design, makeup, clothes and fashion, sewing, designing cushions or t shirts
    – Music (obvious)
    – Photography (obvious)
    – Building/making things
    – Adventure and fun
    – Cooking and food art
    – Gardening
    – Marketing and Ideas
    – Hosting parties and events
    – Sports/body health – expression of the physical
    – Writing and Video blogging or making docos/short film
    – Solving problems – coaching and counselling
    – Travel and exploration
    – Dancing
    – Humour and laughter/joy
    – Theatrical and being poetic
    – Presenting
  2. Clues to finding it…
    i) You will love it
    ii) It will come easily to you
    iii) People will admire that quality in you
    iv) You read up about it, or learn about it or are fascinated with it
    v) Have an astrology chart reading with Debbie – your natal chart shows your key gifts and also challenges!
    vi) Ask people what they think you are great at…
  3. How to cultivate it?
    Whilst we have the “yin” creative gift within us – true confidence comes when we are free to express it into the world (yang) so we strengthen our experience of it. Repetition gives us further wisdom and confidence to improve.
    i) Hang out with a group of others who have the same passions and do your stuff
    ii) Set aside time in your weekly schedule to bring out this inner creative skill – either at work or home
    iii) Acknowledge it and celebrate that skill – it will come more easily if you practice gratitude for it
    iv) Notice how you feel when you are doing it – time will seem to stand still as it’s a right brain (non logical) task
    v) For those super switched on peeps – find a way to commercialize it (sell it) so you are always doing what you love and what brings out your creative fire. That’s my role in the world – connecting people to their true creative self and making that your life purpose…Get in touch with me if you are keen to bring out your inner genius!
    With Light
    Debbie Pask
    [email protected]


When Healing Does not Work?

You probably already know that there are many doorways to healing. Energy Healing, Kinesiology, Counselling, Coaching, Acupuncture, Art Therapy, Chiro, Physio, Indigenous healing, Theta Healing, Polarity Healing, Bowen, Russian Cellular Healing and the list goes on…

But when all of these healing styles cannot quite nail your problem and you feel completely and utterly stuck, lost and hopeless – what is the answer?


I prefer to call it the VOID. Nobody really can explain the VOID 100% to you, as it is different for each person. However it is probably one of the most transformational processes you can go through. If you have been in it, or are currently in it – that means you are getting the biggest lessons of your life. It’s probably hard as hell, but learn to enjoy this experience as you’re getting a super-charged evolutionary leap in the story of your life.

So, what does this mean? What is the void? How do I know when I am in it or about to be in it?

Take a look at this diagram.

When life throws a huge hurdle at you (health burnout/melt-down, loss of loved one, painful divorce or relationship split, financial ruin, serious illness, lost in life purpose/career,  abuse or trauma of some kind), you most likely fight and scream the entire way. Our logical brains have been programmed to cope and to work around this hurdle to stay balanced. To find rational ways to move forward. To use grit and power to push through. This won’t work with life’s biggies!

Sometimes there is no rational response. There is no clear direction and there is no “10 steps to” fix this issue. This requires a complete letting go. You can see the slippery slope down into the VOID in the picture. This is actually the hardest part. The fight not to slip into the pit or void at the bottom layer. Why? Because the pit looks like a black deep scary place. You are not sure where it ends or whether you might climb out again. You fear losing your attachments. Like the eye of a hurricane, the VOID at the bottom is actually sort of calm and relieving after a mental battle of slipping. It’s like sighing a deep breath and letting it all go.

In metaphysical terms (beyond the physical i.e. energy) – the VOID is like a death and rebirth of your Spirit; a re-setting or sorts. A shaman’s death says you travel through the darkness of your fears and only then can you come out the other side – healed and whole.

In physical terms, it means that you make NO actions, NO decisions and NO efforts to resolve or fix what is seemingly broken in your life. You let go of all attempts to rationally understand and you adopt the attitude of “It’s ok not to know”. This is not a victim mode of being, rather it is the willingness to let go of anything no longer serving you, to sit and reflect with your inner self and to honour the cycle that you are in. The idea is that you don’t need to know what’s on the other side. There is a higher purpose or game at play.

This is really hard for people that like control and certainty. Nobody experiences the VOID in the same way and the length of time you sit in it varies. Anything from a day to 6 months! Whilst I can speak about the concept, I cannot tell you what furniture exists in your void or what exactly it will feel like for you.

Western society teaches us to have all of the answers all of the time. Indigenous cultures show us that sometimes life demands we use a more creative and freeing process to resolve our challenges. The VOID is just that. Sit and face your fear and don’t analyse right or wrong, good or bad, which way to turn or what to do. Just “be” with it. Being in the VOID does NOT mean giving up. It’s honouring to yourself to get the perspective and time and space – and being “willing” to want a change or better outcome but not controlling how this might come about. Reflection and acceptance is the key.

In my experience, everyone I know who has sat in the VOID, comes out a richer and more wiser person. They find their answers in unexpected ways. And the climb backup on the other side of the pit/void is super sweet. You are armed with inspiration, knowledge and a process for always (always!) being able to cope with life’s hurdles.

So, if you are someone you know is teetering on the edge of the VOID, give yourself or them permission to slip in and let go of the mental battle. This is probably one of the most valuable healing tools you have to move past a really hard situation. Healing truly does come from within your god-self – so find your inner warrior and go surfing the VOID if you are stuck. You are never given a challenge you cannot master!

Death & Life – a true and personal story by Debbie Pask

I thought long and hard about sharing this personal story, so get ready for a curvy ride ahead. The story starts with me being on a wild boat ride on Sydney harbour whilst my Dad is dying in hospital taking his last few breaths.

For many of you who know me, I have spent years doing spiritual development and inner work. One of the main hurdles in my life (aside from a major corporate work burnout) is the relationship I have/had to my father. My Mum and Dad split up when I was around 17 with pretty hectic circumstances. Needless to say there were major family rifts, Dad’s girlfriend pouring acid on our family car and some nasty events that went down. At that stage I was quite a fiery and independent person and Dad and I pretty much clashed to the point of no return. I felt this man had treated my Mum very poorly and was not a nice character overall. We had a falling out then at 18 years old which lasted until his recent death, on Sept 29th 2014 (James’ birthday unfortunately; what’s the likelihood of that!).

The day before, September 28th, was my nephews birthday and a few of our male family members had been given a present of a jet boat ride on Sydney Harbour. These are the type of rides where you get drenched and thrown into a 360 degree spin on the harbour. For some reason, although I was not booked to go on that crazy ride, I felt I would wind up on that boat ride that day. I did and I was not dressed for it either! Just before the boat started to take off, my family received a call from the hospital my Dad was in (he had been ill I was told and going downhill) to say he had just hours left to live. My brother in law jumped off the boat and asked me to take his place with the kids on board whilst he and my Sister rushed to the hospital. Of course, I had not had contact with my father for years so was not across his full medical condition. I did not realise he was so close to death.

So I suited up for the boat ride and jumped in with the boys on Sydney harbour. As the boat started to pick up speed and then perform the series of tricks and drenching 360 degree spins, I felt my world slow down and become very still and very calm. Here I was out in the sunshine celebrating life with my nephews and husband, on the water and surrounded by excitement. Yet – somewhere in the world my father was taking his last breaths and slowly losing his physical vessel. I thought about the 17 years I had known him and those memories felt far away. I thought about how there is so much death and rebirth around the world. Devastation and celebration. I thought about how people can drift apart and fall out with one another. I thought about how for such a long time I have not had the comfort or support of a father figure. I thought about how sad it was to have such a dividing gap between parent and child. And I felt calm, clear and peaceful. Why?

Because I had spent years doing work on this relationship debacle. I have communicated in spirit with my father, understood my lessons and gifts from the experience and let go of the need to foster anger or hate or disappointment. I had meditated on it. Burned letters of pain. Looked for the gifts that shaped who I was and celebrated that. I had done so much inner work that there was nothing left to say or express anymore. Even if I had wanted to say something more, I could easily talk to his Spirit after death. After all, everything is energy. In my & James’ experience, physical death here is nowhere near the end of the story. We have seen our own evidence of the soul’s journey into new life and new energy. I am personally convinced about life after death so not really that frightened of the ‘other side’, although I am certainly not ready to go yet!

All of this inner work and integration of the shadow aspect of our relationship had been resolved from my end. And all of the events that occurred in relation to my father had been let go. This is not the same as condoning bad behaviour either. In my mind, he did behave very badly. But it was not about me and I certainly didn’t know what karma he had to play out so who was I to hold grudges?

I had decided that my father was not necessarily the kind of person I wanted to be friendly with. He had some personality traits that were undesirable in my mind and he certainly treated my mother badly and still did up til the end of his life. I did not feel he stepped up and took accountability for his actions or his role as a father. He certainly didn’t give me a good starting impression of the divine masculine energy. But he was young, only 25 or so when he had me (and I was the 3rd child). He was around 43 or so when his split with my mother, so I guess that age can be tricky as marriage breakdowns are emotional wild after 20 years together. The emotional angst can get in the way of treating people properly and he obviously had karma to unfold around family stuff.

But holding compassion for someone is very different from spending time with them. You can love and care for someone but decide not to take on their crap. Not to enter into the firing line with them physically. Not to be a friend or connection. You can choose to express what you need to say to someone in a non-physical way to get it off your chest. Life is energy – so that balance can be created in so many ways; it’s not the confrontational forced way we might think it is. Nobody really needs to hear your pain – you just need to let it out in the way that feels good and real to you. Expressing yourself does not need to be heard by the person you feel angry toward. Expression is about YOU getting the therapy you need. You cannot change how someone feels or thinks, you can only do the work needed for yourself. It’s none of your business what anyone else thinks about you. I love that quote!

So my father didn’t die that day, he passed the next day on my husband James’ birthday. So James and I had a glass of wine together in celebration of James’ solar return and my father’s death. Two very different men. Thanks to James I got a great experience of what the divine masculine is. And thanks to my mother I got a fantastic experience of how one parent can be so amazing and no nurturing that you can almost forego the other.

So in my mind there are a few rules…

Rule #1 – If you have an outstanding angst with someone, clean it up. Do your inner work and let it go. Accept that these negative experiences shape you and help you evolve. Try and figure out your lessons and be grateful. You don’t need, nor are you responsible for the other person’s issues. The choice whether to still connect physically with that person depends on your values. In my case, my Father’s values were too far from mine that it was not authentic for me to pretend to have a relationship.

Rule #2 – Expressing your feelings can be done privately or publicly. If you can’t get an audience with your offender or you don’t want one, you can just as effectively release the pain by doing your own ceremony and ritual. Scream therapy, burning letters of emotional angst, talking out loud to their Spirit, punching pillows, humming, singing or dancing it out. That’s what indigenous tribes do.

Rule #2 – When there is a death of someone or something, it is ok to mourn that but look for the life and celebration all around you. It is everywhere – from a new flower in spring, a puppy dog, a new baby or a milestone in life you just passed. Maybe even a revival of new health.

Rule #3 – The Spirit world does exist. Our physical bodies are just a space suit that is temporary. Your Spirit exists eternally and you transform to the next place upon death. It’s scary in some ways but not in other ways.

Rule #4 – Always find a way to have love and compassion for those people that have wronged you. This does not mean you need to have a friendship with them or be best buddies! In fact, most times this would be an abusive thing to do. People can be catalysts for change in our life but staying in a relationship with someone who messes you up is not useful. Make peace with Spirit but choose honouring and sensible decisions around the physical.

Rule #5 – Think about the people you do love in your life and hold them close, for they are the ones that will celebrate with you when you have something good happen. And they will also celebrate with you when something sad happens because they know that you are getting a good chance to make some evolutionary leaps and growth. Everything happens for a reason, understanding that and having support from soul friends does take the sting out of the crap times.

Farewell Dad; may your Spirit rest in peace.

Two Types of Fear

There are lots of different fears that can hold us back; fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of intimacy, fear of embarrassment, fear of getting hurt, fear of rejection, fear of pain etc.

I have given a lot of thought to these things over years of sessions and i reckon they all come back to TWO major fear types.

1. Fear of the UNKNOWN

2. Fear of JUDGEMENT (from self or others)

The first fear, fear of the unknown, is a control issue. Fear of not knowing what will happen next or risking something with no guarantee can be scary for people. Resigning from a job with no future job lined up. Leaving a relationship and not knowing how you may support yourself as a single person (financially or emotionally). Going for a new career that’s in your heart but not knowing whether it will work out. Being able to surrender is the opposite of fear of the unknown or control. It simply asks that we let go of any controlled idea of what needs to happen and just lets the path unfold without force or pressure.  It requires having a bit of faith in your path and Spirit. It asks you to let the old go so the new can come in. It’s truly beautiful to witness and experience.

If your fears mainly come from here, try doing some exercises that relinquish control and start showing you it is safe to take risks. Start small and work your way up! Go do those surfing lessons you promised. Cut your hair short and dye it red! Take salsa classes. Ask a friend or partner to plan your weekend without you knowing what it is. Try out new clothes. Don’t make a TO DO list for a month. Leave that abusive relationship (or start making plans). Speak up at work and say NO to your boss if that is what serves you. Tell your Mum or Dad what you really think. Leave your crappy job. Go travelling solo. Launch the business of your dreams.

The second fear, fear of judgement, is more to do with lack of self love or worth. It means that we get held back out of fear that part of us is not good enough or is defective. We hold ourselves back from doing the things we want because we fear others will criticise us or reject us or isolate us. We fear that deep down we don’t deserve something or don’t have the skill or right to have it. When we feel truly valued inside and loved for who we are, we are free to go for our dreams. We back ourselves and don’t expect to be hurt. We learn that judgement is a shadow within others and they only judge us if they also have that issue lurking within. Otherwise they wouldn’t be bothered by it. So if you find yourself judging or critiquing others or feeling fearful of being judged, examine where in your life are you lacking self love or worth?

Working with judgement. Live by this quote “it is none of your business what others think about you”. Start reflecting or meditating on where you feel the most judged in your life? Career? Relationships? Health? Money? What could you do to show yourself love or value in this area. Think about where you criticise others the most – that will be where your fears lie for you. If you are hard on people around their financial wealth, then you have an issue (or poor relationship) with money. If you look down upon someone for being overweight, then you too must have body image issues deep down (whether you are deemed healthy or not). Start by doing some self love exercises. Give yourself a treat once a week – massage, breakfast out, long lunch break, flowers, new pair of shoes, night off cooking etc.

When we overcome our FEARS, magic happens. Go for it and see what you can do in 90 days!


Stress Resilience – Get Your Mojo Back

There is nothing more un-attractive than stress…

You feel tired. You look like crap. You have bags under your eyes. Your digestion slows because everything tightens up. You have a short fuse and find it hard to be present or find joy in the moment. Your garage door not working that day is enough to bring on tears. Your libido is low and you are probably stacking weight around your stomach. Need I go on?

We have so many busy distractions in our life and we are so consumed to “have” and to “do” that we really do forget that our precious Spirit and Body are dragging along behind the ego begging to have a moment’s break…

So why do we do it? I know exactly why… because we are trained to think that we need to accumulate wealth, to be safe, to be useful and successful in the world and to achieve all the major milestones that we are meant to (school, driving license, girlfriends/boyfriends, good body, university, job, money, car, house, marriage, family, wealth, better car, better house, better job role, great holidays, best flat screen tv and so forth). Or perhaps you don’t feel the need to accumulate but rather you feel you don’t have much self worth or your confidence is in the rubbish bin. Maybe you’re stressed because you are anxious or bored or having fights with your co-workers or neighbours. Maybe you are in a bad relationship that is draining you or your parents still make you feel like you are 10 years old. Or maybe you are in no relationship and you feel like it’s never going to happen… argghhh


I have a theory that we mainly stress out due to control issues. We feel like we need to control all of the above so that we can feel or be happy. That we need to achieve a certain something or life is stressful. The one thing you do have under control is your inwardly reflected state of mind. You ability to be mindful and present with every moment. You ability to stay balanced and nourished so that your resilience to tricky situations is strong and clear and calm.

That relies on you having two KEY things:-

1.   A strong sense of SELF & BALANCE across the 4 counterparts to yourself – mental, emotional, energetic and physical. That way you address life as a strong and powerful being!

2. Seriously cool stress coping strategies so that you can put them in place should the temperature rise.

#1 the 4 PARTS to balance – can you say you are balanced in these key 4 areas? 

A. Physical – body care, senses, goal

Activities include massage, exercise, eat well, personal fitness goal, rest, body ritual, dance, de-clutter your space (engage the senses)


B. Mental – personal goals and inspiration

Read for learning, inspired seminars, life coaching, personal achievement, learning a language, vision board (inspire the mind)


C. Emotional –fun/creative/engaging/joyful

Inner child fun, creative activity (paint, draw, cook, garden, sew, build something with hands, learn music), play music, go carting, shopping with girls, golf with boys, reading fiction or playing with your dog! (Not outcomes)


D. Energetic – connection, meaning, spirit

Fascination with nature , meditation, prayer, church (if you have a specific faith), connecting to other people you align with, discover your blueprint, find meaningful experiences, soul-ful fun, spiritual holiday, contemplation/present

What’s missing? They are all important!

#2 Coping Strategies:-

1. In his book “Untethered Soul” by Michael A Singer – he talks about  the fact that you have two choices when something upsetting or irritating happens to you. You can let it fester in the heart/lungs region which is where emotions lodge OR you can hold it there for a moment – take a big breath in and blow it OFF and out the back of your heart – choosing to let that thought/emotion go in an instant! I call it the “Heart in and Heart out breath exercise”

2. Anchor in a scent/essential oil that relaxes you. If you can connect to a smell that relaxes you – take a great big whiff of it when you feel stressed. The sense of smell has no filter before it hits the brain so you immediately get a change in yourself.

3. You have several body stress points that you can press on to calm you. Most notable is the one in the web of  the hand. See image below. Grab a hold of it when you feel overwhelmed and press for 2 mins.

Stress pt

4. Bush flowers – these are a favourite of mine and they work very quickly. We make up Emergency Essence or Inner Zen – which act to calm you down. Bushflowers work on the emotional water systems of the body and can create a profound change in state of mind when you feel under the pump. I have made my own mix called Inner Zen which helps with adrenal stress too.

5. Activate the ‘Creative’ right brain switch and let  go of the ‘thinking’ left brain activity. Stop what you are doing to feel stressed and either sit with your wrists and ankles crossed (that activates both brains) or do something that uses your senses (touch, smell, sound) to bring you back to your body. Make a cup of tea, do some gardening, go for a walk, listen to some music, work with your hands, get a quick foot rub etc etc. These activities are right brain and take you out of stress brain.

6. Use this great little mantra “It’s a first world problem!” Are you starving, homeless or about to be killed? If not, it’s a first world problem… If you are in danger seriously, then you have the right to be stressed and need to find some support.

Body Talk: Are you reading the signs your body is giving you?

Our body is communicating with us every day, giving us messages about what is happening on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. May of us ignore these messages and push through life trying to numb them down or block them out? I fall into this trap too sometimes, the secret is to learn the art of body talk. Here’s how…

Our body parts, organs, systems and senses all relate to different life areas. When a particular body part or system plays up, we can actually learn what that relates to and start to emotionally diagnose hot spots of stuck energy. It’s not important that you are an expert in the body energy link, but mroe importantly that you pay attention and start to reflect on your life if there is something that is out of balance in the physical.

For example, asking these simple questions…

If your body is feeling PAIN – where abouts in your life is “paining” you? What person, job or thing is starting to push your pain button? You have probably left something un-attended for too long and now it is a pain in the butt!

If your body is feeling aches – what area in your life are you ignoring that is niggling away? What needs a resolution?

If your body is itching – what or WHO is getting under your skin? Something is angering you deep down.

Can you see the link here? Going a step even further – if the issue is somewhere in your arms it is more likely to be emotional, and your legs are the mental layer. All body parts and organs mean different things.

Regardless if what is going on – the idea is to witness this pain, acknowledge it and ask for solutions and answers to course correct. This tells your body your respect and love it – and have a desire to work with it to heal. It is easy to get frustrated and give up, but if you imagine your body is a 5 year old child – would you really ignore it if this child were pulling your leg telling you they were sick. You would not demand that child still go to work and push through a pain or illness. Similarly our body wants the same respect – it would like you to step up on it’s behalf and sort out any issues. You are the only voice for your body.

The other side of this equation is to know when it’s a mental/emotional victim issue that pretends it has a body issue? For example, that 5 year old child wakes up and tells you that they don’t want to go to school today and puts the “poor me” act on. You intuitively know this is a fake sicky – and you need to harden up a bit and get your child off to school. Same goes with the body! Your mind might try to tell you it’s too tired to get to the gym or out of bed for work. Is this your mind talking or your body? Perhaps you just need to get on with life and push through. Tell your body what you need?

The skill is knowing when or when NOT to pay attention to those messages and start to become the expert carer for your most important asset in life; your HEALTH.

Make the start todaty. Right now, pay attention to what part of your body is tight, tense, nervous, aching, paining, sore, un-even or just plain out of balance? Start talking to your body and asking it what it needs. It will start to answer you if you are patient. Considering you may not have spoke in a several years, if at all, be pateint and kind when talking. If it does not respond, have the patience to wait for an answer. That answer could save your life one day!

Are You Teaching Your Kids Mindfulness?

The WHO (World Health Organisation) is officially saying that we need 9 hours of sleep per night, not 8 hours like we initially thought. Why? Because of all the “screen time” (computers, phones, ipads, ipods) we are now being exposed to. We are being literally over-dosed with technology.

If we are being stimulated so much then how do we counter-balance with mindfulness and stillness?

We all know we are in a modern world which comes with many upsides like our technology advances and many downsides like stress, rushed activity and EMF (electro-magnetic frequency) surrounding us all of the time. We weigh up the dangers of our lifestyle every day and make decisions that we feel is going to be best for our family and children. That’s totally cool, but are we doing enough to really teach children about presence, visualisation, focus and mindfulness? Are we giving these little souls real life coping skills?

As adults in business and at home, we know the value of meditation, stopping to smell the roses, time out and general wellness. Even Google is now hiring a new role called “Head of Global Wellness”! In the adult world we realise the power of mindfulness and meditation to be powerful and vital. We all strive to build a stronger meditation practice and many of us learn tools to cope emotionally and feel better in times of stress.

But, are we teaching our kids from a young age to be mindful and to master this skill? We rush them to swimming, tennis, after school programs and so on. The parent that teaches their child true mindfulness, will be giving their child one of the biggest helping hands they can in today’s world. Learning how to stay centered, calm, focussed and internally present is indeed a highly critical skill. Learning how to be still and happy within your own body without being constantly entertained is key. I think any child growing up today with the level of technology and pace of life we have needs to have these basic skills to be “well”. At least Google thinks so…

One of my projects in the next 6 months is to create some meditations to help keep kids mindful and well, so please get in touch with us so we can keep you posted when we release the CD. In the interim, here are tips to help your child stay truly mindful and strong.

  1. Get your child to spend 5- 10 minutes a day where they study something in nature. In positive psychology they call this “fascination with nature”. Choose a bird or a flower and keep your eyes focussed on the beauty and detail of this living creature. Notice colours, textures and patterns. This simple exercise shuts off the left “logical” brain for a few minutes and engages the creative brain.
  2. Create a special 5 minute bedtime ritual and get your child to practice some deep breaths whilst you talk them through a few minutes of meditation. You can ask them to feel the sensations of elements – earth, wind, air, fire. You can also ask them to visualise white light flowing through their head and down into the feet, which is a great clearing exercise to let go of any negative energy they may have collected at school or with friends.
  3. Limit time on computers and devices and encourage your child to get outdoors more often or doing something where they play with their hands and touch materials and real living things, not just following a screen with their eyes.

For more help on how to get your child mindful, connect with us at Rezinate. Stay posted also for some great children’s meditations coming your way soon. Contact [email protected] to register your interest.