Rejuvenate Your Inner Being by Getting Rid of Spirits

Life is one large energy grid and everything that is alive has a spirit in it otherwise, it would be dead. This energy grid holds positive and negative energy; which means it holds positive and negative spirits. The negative energies, bad vibes, and some spirits may be detrimental to your happiness, success, and general inner well-being.

Sometimes, through our actions and behavior, we may attract these negative elements of life without noticing it. These negative energies may also pre-exist in your home that you have moved into or around your area or neighborhood. Whatever the case may be, the next logical and rewarding step is getting rid of spirits and the negative energy from your space. 

Let’s take a brief overview of how a bad spirit or negative energy can affect your life before we talk about performing a cleansing ritual:

A bad spirit in your home or workplace can directly or indirectly affect your life. These bad forces are mainly concentrated in your home or work environment because that’s where you spend most of your time. Your life is generally lived in your home and at work. The best way to live a happy life is to make sure that you are comfortable with your home and work environments without these negative energies influencing you.

Getting rid of spirits: What are the signs?

I have at some points in my life, experienced nightmares or thought that I saw shadows move right in front of me. It could have been my mind playing tricks on me. However, if it happens frequently, then it becomes a cause for concern.

What are the tell-tale signs that warrant a spirit removal ritual?

  • A strange feeling in your home or office.
  • The movement of things in your space without anyone touching or moving them. This, according to many people, is a clear sign that there is an unseen force in their house.
  • Unexplainable dreams that are usually out of the ordinary.
  • Home pets (dogs/cats) react to things that cannot be seen.
  • The people in your home talk to unseen beings.
  • Shadows that appear from nowhere and sometimes, they briefly take a physical form.
  • Electronic devices turn on and off without being touched by anyone.
  • Knocks on the door when nobody is there.
  • Feeling drained in your home life or working life for no particular reason (negative energies and past thoughts from previous occupants weighing you down).
  • A ‘toward death’ feeling or traumatic emotion from these unseen forces that are stuck or trapped in time in your house.
  • Feeling eerie or bad vibe in your home.


As a result of these energies, you can become extremely impacted by their presence as like attracts like and you will seemingly ‘take on’ this negative trauma. If the negative energy is a spirit with trauma at its death, you can start to mimic the issues yourself such as illness, accidents and more. It is kind of like a record playing with a song, and that song is giving you a theme or scenario to dance to. This ‘death song’ is very unhealthy for you.


Cleansing ritual

The people around you can also contribute to the negative energy that you find in your home or office, so with so much potential impact on your energy and life, it is critical that you get rid of spirits or energy in the household that is detrimental to your health!

Imagine not cleaning your house for several years. The dust and dirt would be horrific. If you don’t energetically clean your home, the metaphysical filth that builds up can be so toxic.

A proper cleansing ritual needs to be done by an expert. Getting rid of spirits can be done in several ways, however many can be ineffective in that since they don’t get to the root of the cause and/or might only work temporarily.




To see a full suite of the different ways to cleanse a house, we have listed them on our Space Clearing page here.


I have been taught how to cleanse a space using ancient wisdom combined with Quantum Scientific Theory and over time, have pieced together the most Holistic process I know to perform a Metaphysical Clearing so that ALL negative energies (getting rid of spirits, demons, negative energies, black masses and more) are cleared and the ROOT CAUSE of the issue is cleaned permanently. If we relate this to spilling a mess on the carpet, you can just spray a nice scent or cover it up with a rug to inhibit the issue OR you can scrub the mess completely out so that it never happened in the first place. My clearing technique offers the SCRUB out approach so it’s 100% managed and cleared for good.

How does my process of getting rid of spirits work?

It is important to use one of the most effective techniques for spirit removal. It involves going back to the original time when the spirit or negative energy got trapped in that time. What follows is a special and unique process that erases what happened back then. In essence, the incident never happened.

The trauma of the trapped spirit is cleared and the spirit is moved and cleared completely from your home and area, so it can move on and complete its journey through time. So, this does two amazing things – you get to cleanse your home negative energy and you gift this spirit with the freedom to move on.

Benefits of getting rid of spirits:

  • Getting rid of spirits (if they are causing the issues for you) can assist you with improving.
  • Depression.
  • Feeling of negativity or being watched.
  • Mood swings or feeling heavy.
  • Loss of concentration.
  • Having a detached relationship with friends and family.
  • Lack of sleep and much more.




James Pask

Clear your space by getting rid of spirits with Space Clearing

If you feel there are negative energies hindering you from finding happiness and success, it may be time to turn to a specialist in getting rid of spirits.

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Point Zero

What does it mean to be at ‘point zero’? Why do we want to go there and how can we get there? 

Point Zero is a place whereby your mindset and thoughts are operating like the inner observer or the inner witness. It means that you rely on having peaceful and free thoughts and perceptions of the world, rather than relying on external or physical experiences to drive your happiness or mood. Let me repeat that.

You cannot rely on external circumstances or outcomes to drive your mood or state of peace! 

Sure, we all want time off and some personal luxuries that are important to us. I wouldn’t reject a great holiday, a pay rise, a lovely cooked meal or those new shoes I was dreaming about. Maybe that surf I wanted to take or that beautiful person I wanted to end up with as my soul mate.

These are all ‘happiness enhancers’. However, if they control how you feel and how you judge yourself, then you are truly at the mercy of the universe, bobbing around in an uncertain sea that might change course at any time.

Things can go wrong, yet sometimes they go beautifully right. It’s 50/50.

See, when I was growing up, I thought that to be balanced and happy, you needed to sort through a bunch of stuff to get there. Get good grades at school, make some friends. Get through the trauma of my L plates and then P plates to finally get that dreamy driver’s license that meant I could be free.

Then when I went to university I just wanted to get that part-time job to have some spare cash, pass my uni degree and then feel super-smart. Awesome… Intelligence gets a tick…

But those Uni days left me a bit overweight with all the food and coffee I stuffed down my throat to get my good grades and work that job on the side which meant less exercise for me. I mean – have you seen that thick small typeface they use in textbooks that I needed to read cover to cover for my philosophy degree? Surprised I didn’t need glasses afterward.

So, being a little plump, I knew I needed to diet a bit and get that great body. How was I going to date unless I was super sexy?

Happy now?


I then needed to show my parents and my social network that I could get a good job, be a respectful citizen and earn money to pay back my ‘uni’ debt. Probably needed a better car to feel good about me too, and some trendy clothes to go clubbing in. Afterall, didn’t I need a hot young date on my arm to talk about my job and drive around in my car? What about my soul mate moment and my overseas travel experiences to expand my horizons and truly make me that evolved and culturally diverse person!

So much to do just to be a complete and balanced person at one with myself!

Woah – then what about a mortgage to show everyone how responsible I am and build a house full of great furniture? That makes me happy. No way, I needed to meet my future partner, get married and have that dream wedding day and then move in together –no wait, we are having kids now so what about a bigger home to make us all happy kids need a backyard after all!

That’s gonna be it, the house, the job, the lover, the car and the kids with a backyard! Woohoo… but wait, I cannot be happy until I have the BMW 4WD like Mike the next door neighbor. He even said he can get me a job with more money in banking. It’s long hours -but wait I’ll be happier with more money right?

Then we need a holiday to have as a family so that we can relax and truly be happy.

Now, for anyone who knows me personally, I don’t have the kids or the BMW -yet I think you get the idea.

All of us have variations on what we think will make us happy. It’s like the human ego is hard wired that way. We need to let go of this damaging program.

I totally accept that these life steps can provide growth and joy along the way and they can all be celebrated… They certainly enhance my experience living here on Earth.

However, the long list can be overwhelming typing it!

What if you don’t make the money to buy a BMW or what if your dream job is singing and not working in a bank? What if you get retrenched or fired from work, and your dream home has moldy leaks? 

What happens if you don’t quite meet your soul mate before childbearing years or maybe you just can’t have children? What will happen if your partner leaves you for someone else?

Maybe you get sick and cannot go on the skiing holiday, or you decide that big paying job is awful and you fall into a trapped depression?

Does that mean that your life sucks?

You are always going to add more to your list of achievements and milestones. Yet, you are always going to have life play out differently to your intended dreamy ideals. That’s real and raw.

I can see how life just gives people external things to focus and invest in. Then I can see that when it crashes, lose the job and the car cause you can’t afford it and lose your family because you’re working long hours. People capitulate and become lost. They are no longer in their center of power. Happiness is buried.

That’s where POINT ZERO comes in.

Doesn’t mean you don’t want these things or aim for them. That’s cool, set your goals. Just don’t allow them to become bigger than YOU. Because when things don’t go your way, you don’t want to be a rag doll pummelled by the universe. You cannot control the external circumstances, so don’t be an idiot and try to play the KING role where everyone and every thing bows to your kingdom. It’s never going to be real.

Here is where POINT ZERO makes its entrance. Be the observer. Witness what’s going on and stay centered in your own thoughts. Sure, you can be sad, angry or upset by events not rolling out nicely. I know I am. It’s your choice to be upset. It’s your choice to be angry. From a higher perspective. From a higher awareness. You are ON it and not IN it.

ON: Above or viewing at a higher level. Understanding and staying true to your inner self even if the event is crappy.

IN: Being wrapped up in it and not seeing outside of the red glaring drama in your life. It’s like being blinded. It’s far up in your face that you’re wrinkled mess or stress.

Which sounds better?

ON, right?

So, I learned after all of this to stay in the center and practice the lifelong art of being at POINT ZERO. Staying in a place that means I am content and peaceful no matter what I am doing. Washing dishes or skiing in Japan. I know what I cannot and what I can control. I have internal control over my thoughts and feelings.

Sure, I often lose my shit. Sometimes the drama creeps in like the sneaky flu. However, I catch myself on these days pretty quickly. My inner critic -the drama queen or judge, doesn’t stay very long before my observer kicks in and corrects my thinking. The more you do it, the better you become at handling life.

Point Zero stares in the face of your ego and says, make your plans amigo but remember who’s really in charge of deciding how much inner peace and happiness I have.

 Remember these rules:

1. You cannot control the external environment – truly you cannot. Though your ego thinks you can, so watch for it.
2. You can control how you think, feel and respond.
3. Point Zero means you are observing from a higher perspective, watching external events and making conscious choices how to react.
4. Cultivating Point Zero takes time, and the more you practice the easier it becomes (‘The Witness or Observer’)
5. Happiness isn’t having THINGS or meeting GOALS. Happiness is how you feel about yourself.  Goals give you opportunities to grow and can enhance your life experience yet, as a stand-alone thing, it cannot make you happy.

Happiness is a mental choice we make every day to feel connected and free to whatever is going on around us, easy or hard as it may be. And for you, I wish it to be easy. When it’s hard, command your inner point zero warrior spirit and go make war with your ego and be sure to win! Because every time you win, the next battle becomes easier. Let your ego be your faithful servant.

Point Zero is the best friend you’ll ever have.


Debbie Pask helps people to live a spiritual life and specializes in helping you move through major life transitions – whether that be career purpose, personal identity challenges, relationship conflicts at work or home, working through burnout/stress and more.

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The 2018 Numerology: What does that mean for us?

Last year (2017), we were in a number ‘1’ year and that was all about new beginnings. Starting fresh, and for some of us, going solo. We were asked to start new objectives, new habits (letting go of the old) and setting ourselves up for the next 9-year cycle. This often means a death (of the old) and rebirth of the new which can be quite intense for some of us.

How well did you go? Only you can answer that. I find that many people have this 2017 theme spill over into the new year and some remaining loose ends need to be tied up and sorted before you go again.

Are you feeling the crunch of the end of year clean up? If so, read my recent blog on Groundhog Day.

The Year of 2018

So, if 2017 was a ‘1’ year, then that means the numerology of 2018 is a ‘2’ year.

But it’s not that simple. It is also a number ‘11’ year as the numbers equate to 11 or 2.

What do they mean?

Number 11 is a master number, so this year can signal a time to tune in and access your own personal mastery. It can help you to bring the spiritual (energetic dream) down into the physical realm. It is about being visionary, leading and inventing or dreaming up ideas and projects.

Being a double ‘1’ means you have double power and focus.

Ooh-what might you do with this extra power?

Use your inner strength and lead yourself to something unique and purposeful. The energy of the year will propel you along naturally! Watch out for feeling ungrounded, superior or aimless. The vision needs a strong project plan to anchor it. Idealize this vision and then give it substance and action.

Questions to ask yourself about what the number ’11’ includes:

1. What amazing skill and gift do I naturally have that I can master and broadcast into the world to reach my greatest potential?

2. What are the two paths can I walk (side by side) that are complementary and exciting for me? Or maybe they are two significant goals or habits?

3. What dreams do I have that are ready to bubble to the surface? How can I triple their effectiveness? Do I need to dream bigger?

4. If I have my dream in mind, what resources can I call upon to bring it to mastery?

The numerology of 2

Now, let’s discuss the number ‘2’. The Numerology of ‘2’ is a beautiful and collaborative number. It asks us to work or partner with others to bring about our plans. So when you have your ’11’ dream or vision ready, get busy finding the people to work with. This could be paid work or a joint venture. This might be you mastering the Art of receiving or asking. Perhaps, you are changing your old ways of solo efforts and you are ready to play with the other kids in the sandbox? It’s not the year to make it a one person journey.

The numerology of 2 implies sensitivity and receptiveness. Listen more and connect more with what is really going on or being said. Use your intuition and softness to drive forward as logic and driving energy might just be the poison that kills your vision. You are in the second year into the swing of your 9-year cycle so things are still birthing and ironing out.

What to be mindful of?

Watch out for feeling moody, critical or indecisive. The team effort needs a positive and creative mindset to ensure success. Don’t get swallowed up in the emotion of number 2!

Questions to ask yourself for the mastery of the number ‘2’ includes

1. Who do I work best with and what resources can I pull together this year?

2. How can I tune into my psychic and creative abilities more often?

3. What habits do I have to reflect on and transform that keep me alone?

4. What sort of partnership do I need this year – love, business, social or other?

5. How can I ask for what I need, minus the guilt?

Got any more questions on the numerology of 2018?

Get in touch!


P.S. Want to kick-start your year with some support and personal coaching? 

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How To Master Work-Life Balance?

It seems the more ambitious you are in business, the messier your personal life can get. True statement? Yes it is… if you fail to have a serious strategy in place to master the art of work-life balance.

There is nothing wrong with being a passionate executive or business owner. In fact, I am one of them and often review my strategies to make sure I am on track with personal well being and work-life balance. And even if you are not work focused, if you are working to make money in any form, these ideas still apply to you.

My top tips for shifting your mindset around work-life balance so you stay healthy?

1. You are the creative hub at the center of your world.

That means work is a creative expression of you. Your friends and social connections are also a creative expression of you. So are you children, your partner, the way your dress, your hobbies and your health. Remember to stay in the center of your world and not let any of those external things above GROW BIGGER THAN YOU. You are always bigger than your work, so if you are spending all day and night there or it is chewing up your spare time in thoughts, stress, worry or tightness – then it has become your master. Time to change the power balance.

2.Remember to spend time between an ‘intuitive or creative’ state and a ‘logical’ state at work.

The reason we often find it hard to find our work-life balance is not just because our job might consume our time and hours – it is because we are addicted to ONE type of output state – deliver, deliver and over-deliver. The ‘logical’ state. We run on achievements, ticking our task list off and smashing through the churn. To have any kind of flow state – we need to balance those high energy outputs with creative thinking time, intuitive dream states and more of a connecting social feeling. Doing guided meditation is a great option. We need to do what performance athletes do and take recovery times in between high output frenzy states. This allows us to recoup energy, and give us the fuel and power to sprint our race tomorrow. We become more productive this way. Those intuitive states allow us to feel a whole lot more balanced. Our work-life balance evens out when we apply this concept.

3. Add Meaning, Heart and Purpose to your working life.

If you don’t have a heart connected purpose to what you are doing, then you are definitely losing the race… When we connect properly our ideas and vision – with the heart and blueprint we have within us, it seems our energy increases and we aren’t then just investing time in a ‘JOB’ but more in a life purpose or deeper life contribution. This not only revives the heart but we feel more fulfilled in several areas of life and hence we are not out of balance with our career or work. Our work-life balance remains intact, at least somewhat.

You can see these mindset shifts create a better work-life balance mentality overall.

Have a think about your individual situation and see what you can do about creating a better work-life balance state.



Watch the video below for my 3 Effective Work-Life Balance Hacks
The one I mention about transitioning from work to home life is a common issue people tell me they have.



Debbie Pask helps people to live a spiritual life and specializes in helping you move through major life transitions – whether that be career purpose, personal identity challenges, relationship conflicts at work or home, working through burnout/stress and more.

The 3 Top Energy Tips to Keep You Well in Winter

Do you have what it takes to sparkle this winter? The seasons affect us in different ways, however, there is a common understanding that winter is a time for energy withdrawal and inward reflection. Does this mean we become hermit-like and anti-social? -No!

However, it does mean that we all get a chance to lose our old leaves, to tidy up the deadwood and get ready for a new season coming up, that is spring! So, what would be the best way to use winter to your energetic advantage?

Here are my top 3 energy tips to keep you well this winter:

1. The intention is everything.

Make a list of all the things within you that need to have a ‘funeral’ (beliefs, habits, old painful events). We don’t realize how powerful our intentions are as spirits in this universe and that w can symbolically and ceremonially ASK our inner self to stop attracting those experiences that feed that outdated belief.

By remembering who and what you are, and then making your own list of items to death, you are placing a stake in the ground and commanding some attention. Be dramatic and give it a proper Fire Ceremony of a funeral. Burn up your list and watch it slip away. Then, don’t be lazy! Start writing your weekly or daily thoughts and look out for these old thoughts popping up in your psyche. Once you see them, call them out and place them in the ‘naughty’ corner until they start to realize who is in control and respect your intentions.

2. Boundaries around your energy are keys.

As people around you are shedding their shadows and outdated beliefs, so you need to be mindful of not taking on board or holding anyone’s energetic baggage. Colds and flu are really just the body’s way of letting go of energetic ‘gunk’. So if you see someone who is sick, they are likely to be releasing their issues. So my advice is to say silently to yourself: “that’s not my stuff and I choose not to take it on. My body does not need to catch this illness.”

Make a clear boundary around you, not sharing their physical detox. This especially applies if you are in the same house, family or social structure. Make this your new belief pf not being susceptible to colds and flu that are making its rounds. If you are the martyr type of person that feels they need to look after everyone, maybe try and change this limiting attitude and put yourself first this winter. if you feel responsible for others, you will literally “collect their cold”.

3. Cleanse your house.

That means your physical body (guy) and also your home space. These two places are where you are most likely to find your energetic gunk.

Let’s start with the body.

We digest our emotions on to our stomach alongside with food. So when we get tricky, emotions surface, our gut flora and digestion can often become affected. So while you are clearing out old stuff, maintain or detox your gut so that it’s clean to process your energy garbage out.

Eat lots of fresh seasonal food. Stay away from sugar or any inflammatory foods as these affect your moods and energy more than you think. Eating fried or sugary food puts a massive strain on the body and inflames emotions to be much more intense.

Home space

In addition, make sure you clear and cleanse your home space. Your thoughts and feelings create energy residue which lingers in the space you live in. Old beliefs, arguments, stresses and more… They collect in energy in stagnant areas and in the walls.

The best way to give your house a clearing is smoke sage leaves (or dried eucalyptus) and ask for any old lingering stresses to go away and replace that with intentions you wish, such as positivity, joy, connection and many more.

Oh, and did I mention stay connected to nature?? Being earthed into our great mother truly is the best medicine…

You will be surprised at how these three simple ideas can positively affect your personal energy and keep your energy sparkle alive. Of course, if you are dealing with a big life issue or transition, come for a session for your soul and shift it out. Better out than in they say!

Peace out!

James Pask


James Pask Sound healing

James Pask has a natural passion and love for bringing your mind and body back into alignment with your Spirit and we are always studying new and interesting things to tell people about.

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Grace: Why We Need This To Live A Mindful And Happy Life?

GRACE. This old-fashioned word is making a comeback! I heard the word ‘grace’ bandied around occasionally when I was growing up, and it always felt religious or old-fashioned, something a stuffy old lady might say at a high tea party. However, this word has really rebirthed itself recently, and I feel it is important more than ever to understand what it means and see why it is so critical to master in our modern day world to be at our best.

The actual definition of GRACE is this: Courteous goodwill or smoothness and elegance of movement.

I would like to focus on the second definition. That, being smoothness and elegance of movement – wow! what a concept, hey? Why are grace and elegance so fundamental to our lives today? Well, to be blunt, we often lack it!

We are rushed, busy, jagged, sometimes unhealthy, and often not present in the moment. We face loads of daily challenges and face people’s energy and issues like financial, relationship challenges, work stress, physical fatigue or health issues. We can choose to do this with grace and elegance or none at all!

Managing our personal challenges with grace means that we hold our center and we are composed in our mind, our body and most of all, our spirit. 

We should be chasing the idea of Grace and master it! – Grace gives us smooth movement and flow. It allows us gentleness, poise, and strength.

How do we go about this?


1. Connect to nature more  

What does connecting with nature involve? Sitting in the landscape and paying attention to the incredible ecosystem around you, minus the phone, people (unless they sit quietly next to you) and your worldly duties. It slows us down and a shining example of grace.

2. Eat well!

It sounds obvious. but use the 80/20 rule in eating. It makes a profound difference in how you feel and manage your life with grace. Eating 80%, except for sugar, alcohol, refined grains and fried food and 20% of the time, be indulgent if you like, but remember that food with sugar in it, throws you out of grace as swift as a kick in the guts!

3. Self-reflection

We need to be evolving beings that can look at our life from a higher self-state and recognize the patterns playing out. We need to commit to doing the work on ourselves in finding a clearer and a more focused way to find our inner self. Our journey inwards brings us closer to grace.

4. Compassion

This word means that we look or observe without taking on the stress and burden or without feeling that we are the victim of other people. We should not see life experiences as right or wrong rather, we see life as a classroom of learning.

5. Respect is key

Everything is alive. We need to respect that all things in this world are living beings, that include the people, animals, trees, flowers, rocks and many more. We need to allow things around us show its unique expression and pulse without feeling like we are the greater being. When we are equal and connected to one source, we value everything around us like as if it were our own arm or leg. This feeling is the smoothest place you could ever be in!

Moving towards our own peace, our own elegance and our own state of grace are our life work at Rezinate.

We designed a 4-Day Spiritual Retreat around how to get closer to this place; out in nature, doing self-work, learning how everything is alive and practicing deep compassion for yourself. Pure bliss!



Read more about the Healing Holidays Spiritual Retreat

Do You Have A Clear Wellbeing Life Plan?

That’s a big question and it probably feels a little overwhelming to think about, especially if you are juggling many tasks and roles: work, family, children, social, fitness and more. It doesn’t have to be. It just takes a little thought, a little reflection and a commitment to yourself to think about how balanced you truly are in life.

Let’s look at the 3-Step Formula


STEP 1: What are my Quadrants?

There are 4 Key Parts of you to keep in balance. Let’s take a look:

Mental– your goals, dreams, plans, and mindset

Emotional– your joy, fun, connection, and love

Physical– your fitness, diet, and vitality

Spiritual– your mindfulness, intuition, beliefs, and connection to higher state/self


STEP 2:  Self-analysis and Reflection

Which quadrant (mental, emotional, physical or spiritual) do I give attention to?

What is it that I do to stay balanced in that area?  Celebrate that!

Which quadrant am I neglecting the most? What impact does that have on my life and wellbeing? Where is it stopping me from meeting my goals?

For example, if we fail to feed our emotional or spiritual quadrants, then our goals of peace, mindfulness or less stress will be difficult to meet. If we fail to give attention to our physical quadrant, then it is unlikely that any weight loss goals, personal vitality goals, self-care or recovering from an illness will be met effectively.

Many people struggle to feed the emotional and spiritual as these areas feel like ‘nice to have’ for the logical brains. Trust me, they are not a ‘nice to have’. They are intrinsic to life itself.

STEP 3: Action

If I think about that neglected quadrant or quadrants. What habits could I start that might feed and nourish that missing bit within? What actions (one is off or ongoing) could I take that would start to balance out those neglected bits and help me find the inner peace I need?

Schedule those actions and habits into your diary and pay attention by committing to doing them until they become autopilot. Over time, it’s useful to look at your life and see how these positive actions have the change that you want. We can’t always be superstars at all 4, but we can be efficient in choosing actions that suit two quadrants at once.

For example, I go horse-riding every week, which feed my emotional joy, physical exercise, and spiritual connectedness quadrant, as getting my soul fed by the horse and nature. Now that’s powerful! Exercising with a friend can help you to feed the physical quadrant, as well as emotional joy if you love that person and have a good laugh with them.

Remember that we sometimes might prioritize one quadrant over the other depending on our life challenges.

For example, we usually need to step back from the mental quadrant when we have a personal crisis and access the emotional and spiritual to replenish.

So, what could you do TODAY or NEXT WEEK that might pick up that neglected quadrant and give it the attention and love it deserves so you can have a happy, fulfilled and balanced life?

 The key is to give it some thought as you (your mind, body, and spirit) are the most valuable asset you have in this lifetime.


If you want more ideas how to remedy a quadrant, then email me or come along to my next personal development retreat where we go through your own wellness life plan and get clear and powered up about how you can live a better life. It doesn’t matter whether you attend a personal development retreat, whether you get a Coaching Session to work it out, or if you just take your own initiative.

What Is The Repeating Story In Your Head?

Intention is everything. This rings true in the physical and material world but even more so in the metaphysical world. Science is now proving that what we think (and feel) shapes and defines our reality. So, what are you thinking about will always deliver that very story to you.

The old saying ‘Be careful what you wish for’ does indeed have a basis of truth!

Many of us allow these scripts or stories (often outdated) to play out in our subconscious mind and don’t take the time to check in on them. We don’t garden the weeds out or prune them back. We don’t plant new flowers in our garden and we forgot which flowers make us truly happy.

When I ask clients what are their greatest and more important values, 9 out of 10 cannot immediately answer. If that is the case, then what springs up in our garden is not thoughtful or intended. Maybe they are weeds? We have forgotten to live a values-based life where we have powerful and passionate clarity about what we want and how to act to get it.

I love doing values exercise with people as it creates so many ‘aha’ moments with people. I ask people what their top values are and hence what can’t they live without. The responses can be a concept or way of being such as freedom or honesty, or it can be something much more tangible like the ocean or listening to music. There is no right or wrong, and the underlying theme is that these top values must be so important to you they make life worth living. They help you to literally ‘breathe’.

In a limitless world with so much distraction, we need those set of VALUES to ground us and to help create our desired story, not the one accidentally playing out. If we have no anchor, then we become a ship sailing at night never reaching a port. Defining your values is like owning the deep part of yourself and then using this as your rock to keep you on course with your blueprint.

Find out what your values are and make decisions and take actions that bring you closer to that state or thing. Watch your happiness rise, your anxiety fall and your life change from a nightmare to dream.

This is one of the activities I do with people in their early coaching sessions (whether business or personal) and we also do at our mindfulness retreat in Bellingen. We are all about bringing your energy back into alignment and focussing on what really matters to you. Although you can set your values anywhere and anytime, our Healing Holidays mindfulness retreat delivers you a chance to hone in on what you love whilst in the heart of nature and mother earth; nothing is more incredible than listening to her breath and heartbeat to get you into flow and figure out what is really meaningful to you. So, are you living a heart led life?



Do You Have A Life Problem-Solving Tool?

We all face life problems to solve at one time or another. Some are biggies and some are less intense, but we all need tools and strategies to move through them.

Many of our big challenges need a ‘death and rebirth’ of sorts. Boy, that sounds intense! What do I mean by that? If you think about the world of technology and software, it is clear that often, a new version of the software gets released. Windows 6, 7, 8 and so forth. What the software engineers realize is that the technology becomes outdated and the bugs need to be ironed out.

Well, the same applies to us humans. Our brains can get stuck and our feelings get buggy. We start to trip up and overload. Sometimes we have a major crash and sometimes we just need a few new plugins. Regardless, we don’t often have a good process or ceremony for this in our western world. We just keep speeding along faster than light thinking we can outrun our challenges or they might get bored of picking on us and bugger off.

I can assure you that does not happen. The human brain and body is a huge mechanism and things like to hide. In fact, sometimes they hide and spring up later as cancerous lumps. That’s nasty stuff! Toxic feelings and thoughts gathering together at an addiction meeting and turning into a tumor.

Pretty much all indigenous tribes had a way of releasing these shadows (issues and tumors or old versions) through a ceremony. These rituals were mainly based on song and dance, but they also had problem-solving tools like the Medicine Wheel. I use this tool regularly in my work and own life, as it is centuries old and has a lot of energetic power through the ongoing use.

The Medicine Wheel is an incredible tool to assist you in finding answers and resolving problems intuitively and powerfully in big leaps. You receive intuitive life answers as you meditate facing the direction of North (fire), East (air), West (earth) and South (water), as each direction matches a specific area of your life issues.

Many people who have done a Medicine Wheel Ceremony with me, talk about how answers and solutions seem to drop out of nowhere into their head and heart to fix a difficult issue. The wheel is also great for releasing old baggage and old versions of yourself, so it has a wonderful result with clearing the old and making way for the new insights.

Who wouldn’t want an experience like that?

At our spiritual retreats in Bellingen, we journey into the Medicine wheel as a group and you are given a series of questions and exercises to complete. No matter how logical or skeptical you might be, one finds an amazing gift in this ceremony and the transformation is quite profound. You obviously don’t always need to come for a spiritual retreat like our Healing Holidays to get this experience, but it certainly creates a peaceful and uninterrupted space for you to let go and reinvent the new version of your software body.

Whether you are only at version 2.1 or coming into version 17.6 of yourself, getting yourself to our spiritual retreat and doing the medicine wheel is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.




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