What Does 2012 Hold for Us?


There has been a lot of speculation about what 2012 means for mankind here on Earth. The Mayan Calendar does show an ending to a cycle of life that has spanned for thousands of years. This ending of the calendar is sometime in 2012 (Dec 21st is a very popular date amongst researchers). Similar to the year 2000 when we all thought that the Y2K bug would take down all of our computers and technology would grind to a halt, 2012 is certainly shrouded with fear and mystery as to what it holds for man. We have seen films like 2012 which show natural disasters killing us all off and YouTube clips from Indigenous elders claiming we are radically shifting energy and consciousness to the point where we might all “ascend” and leave our physical bodies. Some people believe aliens will descend upon the earth and take us away to live in different planets. Many scientists claim that solar flares will knock out technology for a bit of time during 2012. Many alternative economists and journalists say the world banks will collapse. If you have not heard any of these theories yet – you have not had your ear to the ground. 

Hmmm… what to believe or feel? Everyone will have a differing view on this one; even James and I think slightly differently about what will really happen in 2012. We do know that energy and consciousness is changing and building toward a big shift in humanity. But what does this mean for you?

If you are interested, here are my thoughts. Stay posted for James’ top tip for 2012 next week. 2012 is indeed the “Year of the Crown Chakra”, which is located in the centre most point on top of your head. The Crown Chakra represents a connection to your Spirit or Divine Self. It helps to connect you to a bigger plan and purpose outside of yourself. Think of universal love. It is an opportunity to fall into line with your life purpose and to expand your thinking and self. You are much more powerful than you think. Your Spirit is eternal and life-giving. You can breathe life into ANYTHING you choose to.

There are 4 counterparts to the soul (as my beautiful teacher Avril would say). The Mental. The Emotional. The Physical. The Spiritual. We are all pretty familiar with the first 3 counterparts. But what about Spirit? How are you feeding and nurturing this energy to become more aware and more conscious? This 4th Counterpart of YOU needs to be fed this year. If you don’t give it attention, you will struggle to get through 2012. Life will feel harder and clunky. If you are not linked to a higher and more humanitarian purpose this year – you will feel like a part of the puzzle is missing. This does not need to be in your career but can be just how you treat people, treat yourself and the passion you follow in life that nourishes the soul.


  1. DEATH & REBIRTH OF YOU. What OLD parts of you need to die and go this year to be free, connected and centered. Perhaps it is judgement? A job that no longer honours you? A lover that does not treat you like the God/Goddess you are? The old scared you? The resentful you? The stressed you? Figure out what you need to release, write it down and BURN it up. You don’t want to re-read that stuff. Just energetically see it leaving you like a balloon drifing off into space. Key tip. Send it off with love; not hate.

  2. CLARITY. Gain it and flow with it. Clarity is power because when you are clear what you love doing and who you love being with, decisions become simple and single minded. Any duality leaves you and you are free to fall into sync with your Spirit/Soul/Self/Blueprint. It has many names! Call it what you will. So; go sit down in nature, still the mind and set your goals, dreams or habits that you feel really excited and inspired by. Happy is not a good enough feeling. You must feel excited by them!

  3. CONNECTION. Broaden your own energy and connect into a higher power. Join a group or community activity that lights up your soul and brings love into your heart. Connect with like minded people who energise you (not drain you). If someone at work or home drains your energy, spend some time away from them connecting with other people, nature or animals (my 20-year-old ginger cat always brings me back to myself) that resonate with you. Remember – like attracts like- so you will bring into your experience what you are reflecting outwards.

  4. TRUST YOURSELF. If your gut instincts tell you to sell your shares because the economy is unstable – go with it. Dare to take a risk. You gut level feelings are your best guidance chip. The more you meditate, practice mindfulness and use your creativity in life (inner child right brain stuff) - the better your intuitive self grows. Your decisions become clear and synchronistic events occur in your life. This is a great space to get into. The phone calls and you know who it is. You’re shopping and thinking of a person and whoa – you run right into them. You go to a bookshop and the right book drops off the shelf into your hands as if by magic… that is magic.

  5. Last but not least - DON'T BUY INTO FEAR-BASED THEORIES. Life is one BIG school classroom and if you have chosen to be born into a time where big earth shifts are happening; remember that you chose this time and need this level of evolution. Nothing stays the same. Everything is temporary including your body. The grass grows. Seasons change. The only eternal thing is your Spirit and energy.

My theory is that it’s very exciting to be living now in 2012 where possibilities and opportunities are boundless and YOU have a chance to have more energy and power at your fingertips that ever before. What we think and want manifests much more quickly than it did 10 years ago. We are all on the cutting edge of consciousness. Now if that does not give you a big smile and a happy heart… you need to try the last 4 tips above to get yourself in the groove.

You are more powerful than you think.


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